Video: UnderWater - Liquid Goddess
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Studio: Urge Alliance
Galas has a large lung capacity. We just found this out. She can hold her breath for a very long time and masturbate underwater. Her eye makeup runs down the side of her cheeks as she is held under. Her hand furiously works its magic on her pussy as she creates ripples and waves throughout the bathtub. The water is seeping into her ears now. Her nose is held shut so she does not drown, and she can feel the incredible head rush as she reaches her climax underwater. Galas IS Aqua Woman.

Veronica has come to the end of her day. Like usual, she relaxes for a heavy masturbation session. It relaxes her. Today she takes it in the bathtub and she really lays out spread eagle for us. Slowly fingering herself while submerging herself in water gets her going as she follows up with a heavy dose of vibrator to the clit. When she is under the water, it is like no one is in the room with her. It makes her feel alone and secluded so she can cum all over the inside of her legs.

Stars: Veronica, Galas