I love this video so much, I don’t even know where to begin. Electrical Debauchery Diabolique simply delights me to my core. Domina Irene Boss torments her sub, he winces, and she the cuts loose with a sonorous, gleeful laugh. CBT, stockings, a metal dental gag, electro play, violet wands-there is nothing I don’t love here. It’s like Irene Boss set a Dee Viant trap and I fell right in.

Seriously, friends, my face muscles are fatigued from smiling and laughing during my review of Diabolique. The last time my face hurt this much from enjoying a film, it was 2005 and I was in a San Francisco movie theater watching Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Hearing that sub plead for mercy (or simply more sensation) through the gag is heavenly. Irene Boss so clearly into what she’s doing. I know that sounds silly-of course, she is!-but I don’t care much for videos that are highly stylized and feature middle-of-the-road playing. That isn’t fake laughter coupled with a forced smile coming from Irene Boss. It’s genuine. Furthermore, the Domina’s play style appeals to me because I don’t really identify with the icy, unhappy FemDom stereotype. Play is fun, and it gets me off to see people having fun. I love the part around 32 minutes when the Boss teases the restrained sub’s stocking-covered legs with her own, and threatens to make him look at Dian Hanson’s Leg Show magazine while she canes him. As a caning lover, I wish this footage were part of EDD. Clearly, her sub wasn’t the only one getting teased then.

My only complaint about Electrical Debauchery Diabolique is that I wanted more closeups of the action. Overall, the video quality and sound are perfectly fine, but I like to get very close when it comes to pleasurable agony. I wanted to see the sweat beading up on this grimacing, twitching sub. That’s my one letdown. I’ll live.

I’ve watched this video several times, and sometimes I listen to it in the background while I’m doing other tasks. What a relaxing soundtrack to busy days! Frankly, I love Irene Boss’s style and I love her jovial domination. Simply, Domina Irene Boss is a woman after my own heart and I’m happy to turn you on to her if you aren’t already a fan. Have a look below to get a taste of what delights me so deeply:

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