Porn and Fetish Star Cheryl Dynasty in Rick Savage Japanese Schoolgirl Medical Fetish Scene

Cheryl Dynasty

My bondage video path has only crossed once with Asian porn star, Cheryl Dynasty, but that crossing created some memorable footage.  She was visiting New York City for a few days and she got to telling me how porn had enabled her to act out some of her favorite fantasies.  I asked, “Are there any you haven’t had the chance to explore yet?”  She said, “Sure, plenty.  In one of them, I go to a perverted doctor for a complete examination and he does all kinds of sick and disgusting things to me.”  I told her, “I know just the guy to play the doctor role.  Me.”  We decided to kill 2 fetishes with one stone by having her wear her Japanese schoolgirl outfit on her visit to see the evil Dr. Savage.  I’m sharing some images here from that shoot.  You can see the video footage on my studio,, here on  The title is Rick Savage Japanese Schoolgirl Medical Fetish Scene.

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