“What the ever living fuck am I watching?”

Hell-A Film by Full Sensory ScanThat’s really about all I can say about Hell from Full Sensory Scan. I was looking for sci-fi videos on FetishMovies.com and I stumbled into this odd, odd oddity. At no point in viewing Hell did I feel like I had any grasp on what was happening. Not a fucking clue.

From the film’s description: “Prepare yourself to witness BDSM on a scale so monumental that you will not believe your eyes.” Could someone please point me to the monumentally scaled BDSM? I’m really struggling with locating it. However, I did find the price tag in this soulless wank scene:

I wonder if she was planning on returning those boots after the scene wrapped. Also, I think this woman has a great body, but that odd green-screening makes her ass look really flat. Check the 00:19 mark again if you didn’t catch it.

Mind you, this is the beginning of the film! I have no idea who this sexy cat woman is, but I do know that she gets abducted shortly after climaxing. Is that when you’re most vulnerable to the aliens? Is that why they take us in our sleep and steal our eggs and sperm? Anyway, weird goes to weirder at the same time as the 1993 special effects creep in:

Then some other dated graphics happen and suddenly we’re watching a different woman halfheartedly squirm under what looks like the warming lamps at KFC. This is easily my favorite clip from Hell for two reasons. I’ll see if you can guess what they are after you watch this madness:

OK, what did you guess? If you noticed that an off camera voice tells the model to “keep your hands up” at 00:16 and you can’t figure out what THAT THING is, you’ve nailed it! Seriously, what the fuck is that thing that dances on her tits? This must be the monumentally bizarre BDSM moment. It has to be. That dead octopus thing is scaring me from here. Just kidding, but gross. And that robot…?

The last clip I have for you just further cements why Hell is listed in the WTF category.

There’s plenty more weird where this came from, don’t worry. Go watch all of Hell over at FetishMovies.com. Hit me up on Twitter @fetishmovieblog to let me know what you think.



It’s Sci-Fi Friday here at FetishMovies.com! While I’m not really a big sci-fi follower in my straight life, I’m all over sci-fi porn. I’m not sure how much of this is actual fodder for a wank, but I’m too excited to keep these unique clips to myself. I’m not judging, just processing.

The first clip might actually be one of the most memorably hilarious moments I’ve found in the last year of watching fetish porn. From Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainments Space Girls! spanking video, I present Amber Pixie Wells and Ashley Fires:

There is much more spanking fun in Space Girls! than this clip would tell you. Go check out the full film here on FetishMovies.com or see a few more clips from the gallery through this link.

For a slightly more horror-tinged latex-laced fetish film, The Asylum from GwenMedia balances just the right amount of sexiness and fetish-filled desire with eeriness.

However, due to an awesome cast comprised of , , Eve Ellis, and Charlotte Kelly, The Asylum is far more fun than unsettling. Click on the title for the full film, or take a few more peeks at the clips here.

And don’t forgot to check back on Monday for a tribute to the ultimate in bizarre sci-fi fetish films. It’s a little gem called Hell, as in “what the hell am I watching?”



Vanity aka VaniityDid y’all hear? There is a very unsubstantiated rumor going around that Justin Bieber hooked up with transsexual porn juggernaut Vanity. I don’t even care about most celebrity output, but I’m all over bad celebrity gossip, and this bullshit tickles me pink. It also makes me green with jealousy. Vanity won Best Transsexual Performer of the Year at the 2013 AVN Awards! The talking maws on YouTube seem to think that Justin’s supposed dalliance makes him gay. I’m not even going to break that down to explain what may make or not make a person gay because I don’t have time to tackle that. I do have time to tackle the more important issue here: Justin Bieber might have tapped the ass of infamy and you didn’t. Pass the tissues-you’re going to need them one way or another.

Here are a few highlights from a few Vanity flicks to support my position:

Seriously, Vanity is the epitome of sexy. Her sensuality and fierceness transcends what most mortals could dream of. You’d have to be something heavenly to draw attention away from that janky suburban townhouse set in the above clip from Vanity Superstar. Am I wrong?

Of course, I’m not wrong. If your nipples aren’t getting a bit tight and your skin isn’t getting a little flushed at the sight of Vanity, you must be a fucking corpse. She’s what Mick Jagger means when he sings “She could make a dead man come.” Hell, even pegging and TS film veteran Christian XXX looks willing to drop dead for her in that clip from Transsexual Activity 2. ( I actually had to stop watching this video at work because I was getting too hot.)

I’m not here to debate any rumors, but I’m just saying that if people were going around saying that I hooked up with Vanity, I’d work that hell out of that one. And if I hadn’t hooked up with her, the rumors would simply light a fire under my ass to go about doing so. I’m very anti-warbling while sucking cock/big clit, but for Vanity, I’d probably do my best to give Roxy Jezel a run for her money in that department.

As your friend in pornoland, I’d be happy to curate a longer Vanity show for you, and to keep speculating about just what (or who) may have gone down between Vanity and JB. However, I’ll just leave the fun to you. If you want more Vanity, you can stop by her personal web site, Club Vaniity.net. You can also follow @Vaniity on Twitter.



If there’s one thing that really fries my ass about living in Philadelphia, it’s the pervasive rudeness exhibited by my fellow city dwellers. In porn, we often get to explore our deepest fantasies. And I’m so happy to find a video that touches my fantasy of hearing someone say “thank you.” Mistress Persephone deserves such enthusiasm, don’t you think?

I’ll have some more clips for you later today. In the meantime, you can certainly check out every whack Mistress Persephone lays on her slave in Syren Hairbrush Scenes.

Enjoy! XOXO OTK,


Isn’t a Bondage Weekend just the kind of pleasure you need this Friday? I love to watch pretty subs writhe around, anchored in tight rope restraints. Julie Simone Productions does it again.

See more at the Bondage Weekend free gallery right here.

Julie Simone is no stranger to the world of kink, and she knows how to dominate beyond the boundaries of the dungeon. With over a decade of fetish industry experience in the realms of domination, modeling, performing, photography, and film-making, Julie Simone’s boundless talents and brains have earned her the honor of being an inductee into the AVN Hall of Fame for 2013. Julie is truly one industry vet who strives to make films that her models are proud to participate in. As she told FetishMovies.com‘s own KayV, “Mutual respect is what it boils down to, really. Working with the performers to create scenes they’re genuinely into and helping them fulfill their fantasies is really rewarding and makes for better films.” (You can read KayV’s Julie Simone interview here.)

Speaking of rewarding, am I the only one who finds this slapping and bondage scene between Julie and Ashley Renee from Ashley Loves Julie immensely, well, titillating?

Not only can Julie craft a hot scene with stunningly beautiful models, but she also knows how to stitch fetishes together into steamy layers made to arouse the viewer. Slick strap ons, bountiful tits, and latex hoods are fused together in this kinky clip from Julie Simone’s Strap On Bitches:

Dive deep into Julie’s world at FetishMovies.com and JulieSimone.com, and tell us if you really want to come up for air again.


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I’m going out watching Santa spank some naughty ass. 

Take a look at the entire free gallery from Christmas Thrashings here.

Watch the movie entire movie on FetishMovies.com.

Remember hearing about James Franco and Kink.com?  Yeah, that’s happening.Kink via Xbiz

Kink, a documentary directed by Christina Voros and co-produced by James Franco, is set to premier at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013.  The film is about Kink.com, a studio that we can’t get enough of here at FetishMovies.com.  You might remember all of the hullabaloo after Franco went on Conan O’brien’s show last year.  Some folks were all worked up over a mainstream actor taking interest in the world of kink, giggling and whatnot.  He loves the armory and is totally jazzed about the film.

Sundance describes Kink as a “story of sex, submission, and big business.” (via Xbiz)  You can find some photos of the project here.

You might also be interested in checking out the clip below from Sex And Submission – Featuring James Deen And McKenzie Lee.

What better to give thanks than with a Fetish Thanksgiving?  We’d like to show our appreciation by giving you a few free clips from this festiveFetish Thanksgiving feast of butt play and domination by Irene Boss and Domina Gael.  These two dommes tenderize, baste, and stuff their submissive man-turkey for their delicious feast.  His ass gets stuffed with an array of vegetables and even a baguette.

While we love watching is lubed up ass get stuffed like a dead bird, we don’t recommend trying it at home!  These folks are professionals and the inexperienced are likely to have an accident while engaging in anal play with an object lacking a flared base.  Stick with butt plugs with nice protruding rims and dildos with whopping sets of testicles.

Please enjoy these free BossDVD . com goodies.  You won’t be sad about it.




Enjoy your holiday and don’t forget to take advantage of the Black Friday Event on FetishMovies.com. You’ll be able to watch all movies for FREE from 4-10am EST on Friday, November 23rd!

Via goodspanking.com

Chelsea Pfeiffer is currently our featured star, but she is far more than just a performer. She is a spanking video producer and co-owner of Chelsea Entertainment with her husband. Realizing her love of spanking as an adult, Chelsea specializes in girl-spanks-girl entertainment. You’ll see Mrs. Pfeiffer using a variety of implements on her female bottoms including her hand, paddle, hair brush and lots more. In these free clips we get to watch her spank the naughty behinds of Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Elizabeth, and January Seraph. You don’t really get to see January as a bottom anymore, but we have her right here looking great and getting spanked by Chelseas Pfeiffer!

Enjoy these free spanking clips!

The Amelia-Jane Rutherford Stories

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Rubber enthusiasts, rejoice!  Rubber Perversions 2 doesn’t just feature pretty girls in PVC waist cinchers.  Rather, Lady Ina and her slaves go full throttle with rubber catsuits, full face hoods, fucking machines, medical play and other bizarre acts.  Lady Ina also gets her rubber pussy  fucked with a transducer – the probe used during an internal ultrasound.  We get to watch on screen as the probe slides in and out.

Watch Lady Ina enjoy her fucking machine session in the free clip below:

Click here for more free clips.

Click here to pay-per-minute to watch all of Rubber Perversions 2.