Does anyone have a cigarette for me? I’ve never watched a porn video that made me feel drained as if I’d done the fucking myself. I could use a Scotch and a nap to go with that cigarette too. Hot damn! I literally just finished watching‘s Men on Edge Featuring Blake, and I am so far from disappointed. I’m also full of ideas and on the hunt for a pretty boy I can edge and tease until his sanity is in question.

 I’m quite intrigued by Blake, the het-identifying sub who hadn’t much experience with BDSM. How did this guy end up at the mercy of Dom Van Darkholme? Talk about a crash course into this perverted wonderworld. I’m terribly jealous of Van, but watching him torment his men has been educational for me, to say the least. And I was overjoyed by Van’s repeated denials of Blake’s orgasm. Throughout the movie, Blake begs for permission to come, is edged by Van, and then denied like a man with a 383 credit score at a Bentley dealership.

Of course, I have a few scenes to show you, but I will say that it’s a tough call as far as what to share. As you can see from my tweets at the bottom of this post,  I was in motherfucking rapture for the duration of my watching. And it all kicked off with one of my favorite things to do to a sub-cutting off their clothes so their genital safety net is no more.

And it only gets better when Blake begs to come-through that cherry red gag. The sound of muffled begging could lull me to sleep. Read the rest of this entry »

Y’all, I’m warm and flushed and feeling a lot of feelings about this video. I was originally going to watch Bound In Public Featuring Alexsander Freitas And Ned Mayhem at home because I knew it was going to make me hot. Even as a person who works in an office where gaper jokes abound and a coworker sings “Don’t you squirt, child” to the tune of that Swedish House Mafia hit, I still feel sheepish about watching especially appealing porn at my desk. Getting horny at the porno office is only slightly better than getting horny at any other office (ahem, Medicaid application processing firm).

I should back up and explain why I wanted to watch this particular film. It’s a simple explanation: Ned Mayhem is really foxy. Last year, when I was at Momentum Con in DC, I noticed this one really cute guy in a sea of fierce-as-fuck ladies. I remember sitting near him in a session and wondering how this rare, attractive guy wound up at an event for “making waves in sexuality, feminism, and relationships.” Then I found out that this was Ned Mayhem, who, along with Maggie Mayhem, was one of The Mayhems, the progressive, sex-positive anti-porn-y porn queer nerd fuck duo. I’d heard the name, but I hadn’t seen the person at that point. Then it all made sense. Smart dude, good ethics, vested interest in fucking. So when I found out that Mr. Mayhem had starred in one of the all-male humiliation-heavy gangbangs for (a studio), I feverishly wanted to consume it. Gangbang? Further, an all male gangbang? Forced cross-dressing? Glory holes? Facials? A suspended public fuck, plus Alexsander Freitas‘s big ol’ curved cock? The only thing missing from my boner list is the stoner metal soundtrack and some tickling.

So, I already had the sweats about this film going in, and hot fucks, did it deliver. But then it occurred to me-I might feel a lot less comfortable with this film if the main performer were female. This is one of the most degrading videos I’ve ever watched, and it threw my libido into overdrive. It’s not nice and at times, it’s a little disconcerting to watch, especially when Ned, the kidnapped business man, is ordered by director Van Darkholme to “Go around and beg for people to stroke your cock.” Then again, these performers are adults who signed up to make this movie, and I’m an adult viewer getting off to it.

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Hooray for Monday! I know, it’s Wednesday now, but I watch fetish films and live tweet my reviews on Mondays. Somehow, I didn’t pop this one up this past Monday, so here it is.

To be perfectly candid, I have no past with damsel in distress videos. For all of the bizarre, freak-nasty shit I’m into, damsels in distress never came across my radar. I mean, I like the idea of tying guys to train tracks and watching them sweat it out, but I didn’t realize that fantasy was essentially what damsels in distress are. I only became more curious about the genre after watching ladies literally twist and contort in restraints during my trip to Munich, Germany for BoundCon. Most of the models I met remained clothed while they were confined in rope. So, in effort to be better informed and knowledgeable about all things uncommonly arousing, I spent my Monday afternoon my American Damsels‘s Costume Party Peril.

Unlike most of the videos I watch, Costume Party Peril actually has a plot-a very campy and fun one. A rich, British heiress (Goldie Blair) hires a beautiful bodyguard (Alexis Taylor) and her assistant to make sure nothing shady happens at a costumed fundraiser event. Of course, even at a 5-person costume party, a case of mistaken identity ensues involving an evil American heiress imposter, played by Amber Michaels.

I do sincerely love watching victims squirm around, particularly when they’re being taunted by a Dom, or, in this place, a free person:



Here’s another highlight from Costume Party Peril: The Wedgie Pick. The Farmer’s Daughter, the assistant bodyguard, does this in seeming self-defense when the bad guys enter. Not surprisingly, this is not a technique you’ll learn in any personal defense class.

The next clip is absolute camp and really made me bust out in laughter. You have the heroes of the film bound together and insulting one another through their gags. All of the other words throughout the film are totally muffled, but there’s no mystery here. I mean, what other phrase sounds so clearly like “redneck?”

And finally, before the big rescue, is the big argument between all of the good girls.

I enjoyed watching the Costume Party Peril, but I am still getting to know about this bondage sub-genre. I would love to hear from people who enjoy DiD. What do you like? What makes for good DiD? Tell me!

And for those of you on Twitter out there, you can read my live tweets about Costume Party Peril using with hastag #CPP. (Sorry-I didn’t consider when I was tweeting that CPP means a host of other things, particularly C Plus Plus. Argh.)



I’m not doing a very good job with my porn reviews. I’ve been traveling so much lately that I just haven’t been watching porn. I’ve seen some hot play live and in my face, but I’ve truly been behind in my obligations to you viewers in guiding you to the finer fetish videos on the web. So, now that I’m staying put in Filthadelphia for a little while, I’ll be sure to give you a deep peek into one high-quality fetish video each Monday. You can read the review and check out clips here on the blog, and can also read my live tweets as I watch the movie. And what a way to celebrate a new tradition than to review Severe Society‘s Slut Bottom Chris Meets the Prostate Assassins!

Full disclosure: I love FemDom videos in general, especially when it comes to pegging. Want to win me over? Fuck a dude in his ass and show me documentation of the debauchery. There. I admit my bias. I simply love to watch a sub being put in their place, especially from the inside out.

And man, does Slut Bottom Chris know his place! I expect nothing but high quality and balls-out domination from Severe Society Films, and Prostate Assassins really does deliver the “extreme strap-on action” it promises. Watching this movie made my own ass hurt. However, I know better than to feel sorry for someone named Slut Bottom Chris.  You don’t get a name like that for nothing. It’s only fitting that Chris gets his asshole fitted out on camera by a bevy of commanding ladies, including Aiden Starr, Kiki D’aire, Eden Alexander, Caroline Pierce, Leena Sky, Sandy Skarsgard, Megan Coxxx, and, of course, Mistress D Severe.

One of the best things about Prostate Assassins is that there is no cutesy, anal soft-balling or namby-pamby “regular” dildos in the entire film. Every cock used to bang out Chris’s back is a hefty, stretch weapon. Just wearing one of these monsters in a harness is a workout alone.

Speaking of workouts, try to get this clip out of your head the next time you go to the gym:

I know deep pegging may not be everyone’s thing. Maybe the above clip just doesn’t sit well with you. So, here are a few more:

I’m a totally happy cunt who thoroughly enjoyed this offering from Severe Society. Even if you don’t want to watch this film, it’s worth putting it on and listening to the audio. I’m not going to wreck those surprises for you. You can pick up a few ideas from the #SBCMTPA hashtag on Twitter.


Dee Viant



Chelsea Pfeiffer is currently our featured star, but she is far more than just a performer. She is a spanking video producer and co-owner of Chelsea Entertainment with her husband. Realizing her love of spanking as an adult, Chelsea specializes in girl-spanks-girl entertainment. You’ll see Mrs. Pfeiffer using a variety of implements on her female bottoms including her hand, paddle, hair brush and lots more. In these free clips we get to watch her spank the naughty behinds of Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Elizabeth, and January Seraph. You don’t really get to see January as a bottom anymore, but we have her right here looking great and getting spanked by Chelseas Pfeiffer!

Enjoy these free spanking clips!

The Amelia-Jane Rutherford Stories

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Few things in fetish can match the raw sensuality of a talented Mistress who has a regimented agenda and a willing submissive on whom she can carry it out. Well crafted fetish movies that bring a scene like that to life are equally sensual. Imagine having the feeling that you can smell the leather, feel the sting of the paddle, or the crack of the crop, and you can sense the palpable tension as a submissive and his Mistress engage in an intense psychological drama, acted without a true script.

Domination – Volume 3 is an opportunity to observe just that kind of relationship. In it, Mistress Alexandra, a British Dom with a well honed skill set, takes slave Lucky from bondage to milking, with some buggery along the way. She is attentive to the viewer, so in some ways this is like a tantalizing walk through of a scene. However, that does not mean that the movie lacks action, nor does it feel slow as it unfolds.

Scene 1 features a careful session that begins with slave Lucky already snug in a spandex sleep sack. Mistress Alexandra intensifies the session by giving him the knotty business with a tighter wrap in rope. Not missing any details, she also makes sure that his cock and balls are framed appropraitely as well.

Scene 2 is none too delicate on the ass. The talented Mistress applies a paddle with authority. She also addresses her goal of incorporating some feminization by ensuring that the submissive man gets to wet his whistle with a vibrator. He has to suck hard, or else.

Scene 3 features some buggery. It’s hard to say for sure, but if someone were to rank how thorough a domination is, having anal play involved would be a necessary aspect of a high score. The Mistress gives the submissive a decent reaming in this one.

Scene 4 is the “icing on the cake,” in a figurative sense. It almost seems that it would have been better to let this movie end with an unfulfilled submissive. That said, if someone prefers to have a milking to finish off his fare, Mistress Alexandra performs a well executed one here. She walks the submissive through it word for word until she delicately wrecks his orgasm halfway through.

Check out the whole movie here on to watch this Mistress work her craft in Domination – Volume 3.

Editor's Pick Volume 6 - Megaboobs in Latex

Welcome to this week’s edition of Editor Picks! Every week we comb through our massive fetish movie library and bring you the best of what we’re into that week!

This week we bring you Megaboobs in Latex, or as its called in its native German…MegaTitten in Latex. Ah, those German’s can really speak my language! Released by none other than Marquis Media, easily the most recognizable and famous name in fetish content the world over, we’re given a massive amount of content, as well as the biggest Titten’s ever captured on film!

There’s no plot here, just massive pairs of tits non-stop!

Eliza Fire has my favorite scenes in the movie! While she may not have the largest breasts in the movie, she has the most personality and the most visual appeal! Trust me, when you get to her scenes it’s likely that you’re not going to need much else. She spends the first scene marveling at her beautiful breasts and overall stunning appearance, teasing herself and the viewer as she plays with herself. When she appears again later in the film, she’s lying on a couch for another dose of high-intensity and tattooed-covered joy! They say red is the color of passion, and she certainly is passionate all over!

Tina Angel and Spantaneeus Xtasy are the real stars in this movie! They start the film off right with a giant boob battle where they compare size and are forced to fight for the biggest pair by smothering the other! There are no losers, only winners, as you’re treating to their lovely mounds bouncing around, exposed waiting for the whole world to see! At another point, we see them oiling up their lovely mounds as they playfully help each other out. I think its safe to say you’ll need to make sure you have an extra dose of minutes to double-check that one!

The entire movie ends with some behind the scenes footage where you see the models strolling around town in skin-tight latex outfits with their massive breasts hanging out for all the world to see! Thrown in as well is a great bonus scene featuring Tina Angel in a futuristic latex outfit as she rubs her beautiful breasts while lying on the floor!

The film was done at the same time they were photographing the accompanying book, “Megaboobs in Latex”, which also includes scenes from Megaboobs, another amazing big-tit movie that has Minka…but that review is for another day.

So head on over to Fetish Movies now and start watching it! Heck, we’ll even give you 30 Free Minutes if you’ve never signed up before so you can get off like crazy and watch most of the entire thing!

Editor's Picks - Volume 5 - Slave Dolls Volume 2

Welcome to this week’s edition of Editor Picks! Every week we comb through our massive fetish movie library and bring you the best of what we’re into that week!

This week we have Slave Dolls Volume 2, released by Elegant Angel and the 2007 AVN Award Winner for Best Hard-Edged All-Sex Release! With psycho-dramatic sexual depravity, Slave Dolls Volume 2 picks up where the previous one left off! Featuring the incredibly sexy Katsuni, we see her tied down and forced to suck and get fucked! Hell, there isn’t much better in life than seeing her get fucked in a chair!

But it isn’t all just pain and pleasure in this BDSM video! Adrianna Nicole has a beautiful scene where she pleases herself in a white room with a rose. It’s a nice break in all the hardcore sex. So lets get back to the hardcore fucking! Tiffany Mynx gets a good pounding in this one as her heavy tits heave and ho as she moans and groans in ecstasy! Tori Lane may actually have my favorite scene in the entire film as this gorgeous redhead is bound and then gagged with a cock in a dark dungeon! Oh, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the final scene with Venus as we find her wearing nothing more than gas mask in the desert only to meet an escaped convict chained to a wall and releasing him to fill his sexual urges!

The film is amazing on countless levels, and has some incredibly interesting visuals that were not only unlike anything when it was released, but helped set a new standard for how its handled now. Its an incredible watch, and I can’t recommend it enough!

So head on over to Fetish Movies now and start watching it! Heck, we’ll even give you 30 Free Minutes if you’ve never signed up before so you can get off like crazy and watch most of the entire thing!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Editor Picks! Every week we comb through our massive fetish movie library and bring you the best of what we’re into that week!

This week we have Ponygirls Part 1, released by the awesome folks at Marquis Media in their Ponygirls Series! I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of turning a woman into nothing more than a horny plaything for you to ride!

We see the life of ponies in everyday life as they frolic in meadows, but are also as their mistresses force them to practice jumping in sweltering hot weather. Later on, the good little horses are allowed to eat dinner. Meanwhile, the bad little ponies are forced to eat from the trough! Eve Ellis, who was practically made for the part of the well-behaved pony, was flown in from the USA. Mistress Louva, an imposing apparition, who was able to live out her dominant vein to the full, was jetted in from Paris. Natasha as the wild, little black pony had to be “tamed” by the lady of the castle, Bianca. Breathtaking costumes and properties in a great location – PONYGIRLS is a new standard for fetish films!

Sex Circus Extreme

Welcome to this week’s edition of Editor Picks! Every week we comb through our massive fetish movie library and bring you the best of what we’re into that week!

This week we bring you Sex Circus Extreme, starring the always extremely hot and talented Lolly Badcock! Hurry hurry hurry to the Greatest Sex Show on Earth! Witness Lolly Badcock get fucked in the ass and swallow loads of cum! Watch in erotic joy as hot blondes like Emma Louise Morgan are subjected to some of the most hardcore sex ever seen! Corsets and leather abounds as scenes revolve around the elegant art of bondage.

The entire movie climaxes with an orgy scene that will truly leave you wanting more and glad that you have more minutes to see it again! This sex circus extravaganza is none like you’ve ever seen before! They’re wild and ready to have you come enjoy the show!

Watch Sex Circus Extreme on now!