Impact play is the act of striking another person with your hand or implement.  It can be satisfying for folks on both ends of the spectrum, but safety comes first no matter what.  Why let anything get in the way of a fun and pleasurable time?

Know Where To Hit/ Not To Hit – Fatty and muscley spots on the body are ideal targets during impact pSafe Impact Playlay.  The butt, thighs, upper back (not the spine) are ideal for getting whacked.  Kidneys, throat, spine (including the tailbone), head, wrists and hands are all places you want to avoid.  It is a good idea to stay away from areas that surround vital organs and bones with very little muscle or fat covering them.  The area where the ass and thigh meet is an ideal target – it is padded and is super sensitive.

Establish A Scale Of Pain – You definitely want to make sure that you’re both on the same page with this one.  We are all unique little snowflakes that perceive pain at different levels.  Give it a test run and start slow.  Your 3 might be their 9.  Find out what the limits are and work your way up to them.

Find The Right Type Of Implement – There are a variety of implements that can be used and how to pick exactly which one goes far beyond the information given here.  I’m just here to help you get started.  It is always good to test the waters and find out what type of impact you enjoy the most.  Thin implements, like canes, give more of a sting, while implements with a wide surface, like paddles, give thuddy sensations.

Establish A Safe Word And Aftercare Plan Before Playing – No matter how excited you are to get started, establish a safe word and/or a safe signal (in case your mouth is going to be occupied by someone or something).  You need to be able to call action to a halt if necessary.  Also, let you partner know what you’ll need or how you’d like to be taken care of once playtime is over.  You may be too exhausted to really get your point across afterwards.  Plus, a nice seamless transition makes for more satisfying play.

Again, these are basic tips to get you started or to remind you to play safe!  We’ll get more in depth at a later date.  Enjoy!

Stefani 001

I received several responses to my last blog on the topic of nipple bondage.  Some fans of nipple play hadn’t even heard of nipple bondage.  Well, it’s alive and well, especially in the MILF B&D genre.  Doesn’t it seem that milfs are more prone to having those long, hard nipple erections that are SO ideal for nipple bondage?  Maybe it’s from more years of having their hard nipples tugged on, pinched, bitten, nipple clamped, etc.  But for whatever reason, the majority of my best nipple slaves are milfs.

Stefani 002

Today, I’m sharing a few pix of one of my absolute BEST nipple slaves, Stefani Weaver.  Stefani’s appeared in at least 5 or 6 of my productions over the years.  These were taken during the production, Rick Savage MILF Nipple Play, which can be seen here on my studio.  We shot this intense bondage video in Stefani’s own personal dungeon, which she had built in the basement of her house in Pennsylvania.

Nipple Nooses 003

So what makes Stefani possibly my best nipple slave?  Well, long hard nipple erections are a good start.  But her affinity for processing pain as pleasure enables me to perpetrate levels of perversity upon her nipples that other slaves….simply couldn’t handle.  In the approximately 320 bdsm productions I’ve put out since I first began shooting bondage videos, I can only recall 2, possibly three slaves who could handle the large-size, steel vice grips as nipple clamps. Read the rest of this entry »

I was talking to a longtime fan of bondage videos and he remarked on seeing one of my movies, “I didn’t enjoy it. The girl obviously wasn’t into it.” My mind kinda froze for a moment. The girl he spoke of was one of my best slaves, Naughty Nikki. A woman whose love of pain us almost unmatched by any of my submissives. Nikki is a true masochist and she absolutely loves having her big boobs bound as tightly as I can possibly tie them. And then she loves receiving pain to those big, natural tits.

Naughty Nikki tied up Naughty Nikki all wrapped up Naughty Nikki's titties
Naughty Nikki taking it like a champ Naughty Nikki is really loving it Naughty Nikki, bound up to some device
Nikki is tied up Naughty Nikki is all tied up Naughty Nikki is getting it rough

It dawned on me. Like so many guys who’ve watched bondage videos and porn videos for years, and might not have any in-the-flesh experience with a real submissive or a real slave, he’s been taken in, conditioned by the phony moans and groans that porn directors, then bondage video directors forced on us over the years. As many of you know, I worked in vanilla porn for several years before I began working in and directing S&M and bondage videos. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen two people, vanilla or S&M, truly blissfully enjoying their scene when the director calls out, “Gotta hear it doll. Gotta hear more noise.” So the actress begins making all these silly, phony moans and groans. ARGH. When I’m watching hot erotica, the heat evaporates when I here those phony noises. Somebody might as well have scraped their fingernails across the chalkboard.

Ok, here’s a tip for any of you who’ve never actually had their sadistic hands on a living, breathing submissive woman. Not all slaves enjoy pain the same way. Especially when you’re dealing with intense pain. For someone like Nikki, serious pain sends her into an almost meditative state where she’s flying in a world of bliss. If she had to make phony “OW” noises, she probably could not endure those immense waves of pain because she couldn’t focus or relax enough because of the demand to “act.”

Actually, with Nikki, sometimes I have to tell her to “Knock it off.” She has such an extreme desire to please her master, that she will sometimes make the phony “ow” noises because she’s seen lots of adult videos, bondage videos and thinks that’s what the director in me wants her to do. Which is absolutely not the case. Naughty Nikki is a true, diehard masochist. When I shoot her, I want her to love the pain as deeply as she knows how. I’ve always striven to give my viewers something real, not something fake.

The images I’m sharing today are from the movie, Rick Savage Tit Play, which can be found on my studio. As you can see, Nikki’s big natural tits were on the receiving end of some intense tit torture and extreme rope bondage.

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Aiden Starr

I received an email from a fan of porn star Aiden Starr. He had read an interview with Aiden, in which she said that she made her first adult movie, a bondage video, with Rick Savage, and he wondered if I could tell him the name. It’s a bit hard to find Aiden’s first movie with me on the internet if you’re doing a search by “Aiden Starr,” because that wasn’t the name she used in all of the bondage videos that she made with me. When a then 19-Year-old Aiden came to me and asked to be in one of my movies, she used the name Annabelle. She made another 8 or 9 movies for me but used the name Lolita. She decided she wanted to devote herself to a career in adult films so she moved to L.A. But the talented young switch was heartbroken when she found out that none of the adult film companies would let her use her stage name “Lolita.” Apparently, due to the Vladimir Nabokov novel by the same name, in which the main character and sex object of the book is significantly under the age of 18, the name Lolita had now been unofficially blacklisted by the adult industry. So, Lolita changed her name to Aiden Starr, and she has now gone on to become a genuine superstar in the world of porn and bondage videos.

Back to the topic of Aiden’s first movie for me. You can find her first movie, in which she’s submissive, on my studio under the title The Submission & Bondage of Aiden Starr, which of course, was not the original title. Aiden also worked for me in several movies where her dominant nature shone through. I’m sharing some pics in this blog from the movie, Rick Savage FemDom: Submit to Thy Mistress 2. As her career grew, Aiden decided to only work as a top when she appeared in bondage videos; and she is truly a brilliant dominatrix. In these photos, she’s dominating “super slave,” Slave Kali, who has also appeared in several of my femdom videos. This movie features a wide array of corporal action including paddling, caning, nipple torture, dildo training, CBT, scratching and whatever crossed minxy Aiden’s mind.

Aiden Starr dominating Aiden's shelf Aiden Starr and Slave Kali
Bound, bag over his head Aiden Starr whips her slave Mistress Aiden and slave
Aiden spanking Aiden strikes a tempting pose Pegging

Just a few notes on Aiden’s physical attributes. She’s 4’10” and has such perfectly round, firm boobs that most people assume she’s had a boob job. But, absolutely not! I can testify to their naturalness. I know. I’ve squeezed them several times.

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Elizabeth aka Misha Manx

I got an email from a bondage fan in Toronto who wondered if any of my bondage subjects were from Canada. To be honest, when you’ve directed well over 300 movies, you lose track of where everyone’s from. Off the top of my head, I had no difficulty remembering the names Giselle and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has done some modeling under the name Misha Manx, so that name might be more familiar to some. Today I’m sharing some pics of Elizabeth because she was one of my favorite submissives that I’ve ever worked with, and in my humble opinion, she was simply a drop-dead gorgeous Canadian MILF. You might look at her photos and doubt that she’s of sufficient age to merit the “MILF” status. But, at the time of our shoot, she had two kids and one of them was a teenager. And that’s where I draw my “MILF” line. If you’re old enough to have a kid who’s a teenager, than you’re old enough to be a MILF (which, for those of you who’ve been living in a cave for the past 20 years, stands for “mother I’d like to fuck.”) And tell me… is there any red blooded man or lesbian out there who wouldn’t just love to fuck Elizabeth?

A few years ago, Elizabeth was in Philadelphia to work as a “guest slave” at the dungeon of my pal, Wolfman. I paid Wolf a visit and shot Elizabeth for my bondage video, Rick Savage MILF Bondage 4, which you can see here on my studio on These photos were taken on that shoot. We did some rope bondage, a fair amount of spanking, paddling, pussy torture that included a pussy spanking that left my beautiful MILF’s pussy dripping wet. But, if a viewer has a fetish for stockings, garters and sexy lingerie, they should definitely check out this title. When I saw what a svelte body Elizabeth had and WOW, what a set of gams, I decided to deck her out in a few different sexy lingerie outfits and of course… the stockings and garters. And oh (Canada,) newsflash! Last word on Elizabeth from about a year ago, she was still working as an “exotic dancer” in various Canadian cities.

Pretty Canadian MILF Cute Canadian Ass in stockings Elizabeth tied up
Elizabeth tied to a chair Elizabeth in some nice gear Elizabeth looking cute in a ballgag
Elizabeth enjoying it Elizabeth on the couch Master Rick tortures the vag

As for that other beautiful Canadian, Giselle, she can be seen here on my FetishMovies studio in:

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Mayhem bound

I guess an alternate title to this blog post could be “The Mistress Has a Master in the Closet.”

I remember saying many, many years ago that “Everything is a question of balance.” Then, a band called The Moody Blues came out with an album with virtually the same title. So saying, it might surprise many dominant men to find out that many mistresses, who only appear to be dominant in their public life, have a secret home life, where they have a partner, male or female, who dominates them, or is their outright master. You could say that this phenomenon simply falls under the category of being a “switch,” but I think there’s a lot more to it than that.

Some people, but definitely not all, need a semblance of balance in their lives. Hence the reason why you find so many men whose jobs put them in a position of power, who secretly go and pay to be dominated by a mistress. And it has way less to do with a love of pain, than it does with that need for “balance.” I’ve had conversations with several men who fit this category, one an elected public official. And to a man, they tell me how all day long, they carry such responsibility, dictating to others how they want everything to be done. Then at night, they slip away to a dominatrix where they become the slave. They become the obedient one who does what they’re told. At that point, they surrender power. Now, they no longer have the burden, the responsibility of making all the decisions. They talk of the relaxation, the bliss of just surrendering to the physical senses and just doing what they’re told.

Rick Savage and Mayhem Mayhem loving it Squeezing boobie

Of course, this same dynamic can exist with women of power, who, at the end of the day want to surrender their responsibilities and just be the slave. So, there are countless pro doms who fall under this category. By day, they dominate. At night, the master dictates their existence. Years ago, I knew of one especially wicked and rather famous New York dominatrix. By day, she would brutally beat the men who came to see her. By night, in her private life, she was kept in a small cage by her master, virtually 24/7. And she loved and worshiped him for many years.

Russian dom booty Mayhem with a bit Mayhem tied down

The beautiful Russian Mistress Mayhem isn’t exactly the best example of what I speak of, because if you went to her dungeon you could pay to have her walk all over you in her high heels, piss on you, whatever. But you could also pay to spank her and torture her in many, many ways. Most of her clients were submissive men, but once a day on the average, a dominant guy would come in and give her a good workout. And… she loved it.

Mayhem's vagina Mayhem's vag Mayhem bound

I used Mayhem a few times in my bondage movies. Sometimes I’d hire her to top other beautiful women. Sometimes, she’d play the bottom. As she did in my movie, Rick Savage Bondage & Submission 4, which you can find here on my studio. To me, Mayhem is a stunningly beautiful woman. And I truly loved torturing her beautiful natural tits. Not humongous tits, but definitely big enough that you could get a nice handful. And as many of my followers know, bare handed tit torture is my favorite kind of tit torture. In this video, I gave my lovely slave a hellacious tit spanking and spent plenty of time squeezing deeply into her breast flesh with my bare hands. Of course, that’s not all we did. Fans of ass punishment and pussy torture will not come away from this experience disappointed. Check it out, and enjoy.

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Lynda enjoys it

Thinking back over the years, undoubtedly, the longest, pencil-eraser type nipples I’ve ever had the joy of tormenting, always seemed to be found on the body of a MILF. Often, I’d come across nipples so long and erect, you could actually perform bondage, just on the nipple itself (using twine as opposed to rope, of course.) In a previous post I shared some shots of a former personal slave of mine, Rosalyn.

I received several comments on the beautiful images of Rosalyn’s nipples, bound in twine, with baggies filled with water attached to the twine. Without a shred of humbleness, I’ll say that Rosalyn had magnificent nipples and those pictures were a thing of beauty (at least to fans of nipple torture.) Partly due to the response those photos brought, I decided to share a few shots of a woman with equally astounding nipples, a MILF named Lynda who hails from central Pennsylvania. A friend of mine with an apartment in Philly let’s me use it to shoot my bondage videos any time I’ve got a willing subject that lives closer to Philadelphia than NY. So Lynda made the long drive so that she could submit to me and I could spend a long afternoon focusing my perverse imagination on the demise of her long nipples. And as if her nipples weren’t long enough, I affixed suction tubes on them and seriously stretched them out. The view was just amazing. You can see the results of our afternoon’s endeavors in my studio in the title Rick Savage MILF Bondage 3.

Lovely MILF Lynda Lynda, her clothes asunder Lynda, clamped up
Lynda tied Lynda, bound in a red slip Lynda in a ball gag
Lynda's long nipples Lynda hooked up to the pumps A close up of Lynda's tortured nipple

Although most of my attentions focused on nipple torture that day, we also did some rope bondage and I tormented her pussy with a vibrator while she was bound to a chair with her legs held open. Yes, a fun time was had by all.

Any questions or comments for Rick, just send them to

A couple of posts ago, I focused on pussy torture and used some pictures of a model named Mia to depict various methods of pussy torture. Since then I’ve had a couple of guys email me, captivated to varying degrees with the lovely Mia. One guy wanted to know if I had more Mia movies. The pics I showed were from the title Rick Savage Pussy Play. That was actually the second movie I did with Mia. For her first bondage video, I filmed her “audition” for a job in a dungeon in Philadelphia owned by my pal, Wolfman. I was in Philly to shoot some movies and Wolf asked me if I would take new job applicant Mia out for a test drive. Let him know if she had the goods to work as a dungeon slave. Well, Mia and I seemed to connect. I could sense a little magnetism. That, coupled with her really wanting the dungeon gig, meant that the beautiful young med student really “bent over backwards” as I filmed her “audition.”

Something fun for me when I’m exploring a newcummer is to have them kneel, pull their panties down to their knees, place a hand firmly against their pussy (no masturbating permitted,) expose their breasts, close their eyes and tell me about an actual B&D event from their lives. I did this with Mia. After that I explored whether or not she could take a good spanking. One red ass later, I discovered that she could indeed, endure and enjoy a good spanking. To get to the bottom of my question, I also employed one of my favorite wooden paddles and a riding crop on her delectable, lily white ass. The result? Sheer crimson. I explored a few different rope bondage positions. One was simply some decorative breast bondage.

As for her pussy torture test, I first connected the wicked clover clamps to Mia’s totally shaved pussy lips, then added fishing weights to the clamps which, as S&M aficionados all know, causes clover clamps to bite harder. As she strained to take the pain of the clamps and weights, I pulled one of my favorite little, evil stunts. I lifted the weights with my hand, to take the pressure off, telling Mia I’d give her a short break. But within two seconds, I dropped the weights, informing her “Ok, break’s over.” Her reaction to the wave of pain that coursed through her body was so beautiful to watch, that I gave her a couple more “two second breaks.”

In continuing her pussy torture test, I used plenty of rope to bind her to a wooden bondage table with her legs splayed wide open. I first ravaged her pussy with a strong, industrial size bottle-brush, then affixed sturdy wooden clothespins to her bald beaver lips, taped the clothespins to the insides of her thighs and assaulted her clit with a vibrator. Somewhere in the mix, I gave her a good, bare-handed pussy spanking.

Mia was a real trooper to that point in her S&M audition, but the real test was about to come. I did some candle waxing, but what made this waxing such a harsh test was the fact that I used some candles that had a miserably high melting point. So, the wax would make her skin feel like it was on fire. To conduct the waxing I laid the totally naked and blindfolded Mia on her back on a wooden torture table that had a stocks on one end. Her head and hands were placed in the stocks and a spreader bar was put between her ankles. The sheer vulnerability of her naked, shaved pussy had lovely Mia feeling a bit of fear. Especially when the first drop of scorching wax landed but an inch from her honey hole. My candles served me well in testing her capacity for nipple torture as well, as I waxed, peeled off the wax, then re-waxed Mia’s tender nipples. As I pulled off her blindfold, tears streamed down Mia’s face, but she gave me a huge smile when I told her she’d passed her audition.

The first bondage video featuring Mia is one of my all-time favorites. Check it out on my studio. The title is Rick Savage Bondage & Submission.

Vivien - pain slut

In response to a previous blog post I received an email asking me what makes Vivien one of my favorite slaves for breast bondage and tit torture. Well, it’s pretty basic really. To start with – larger than average, soft, natural tits. Vivien has plenty to work with. And I’ve had plenty of submissives over the years that had plenty of breast flesh for me to work with. But, yes, Vivien and a handful of the other subbies are just very special to me. In Vivien’s case, there’s a few things that comes to mind.

1. That essential submissive nature. Vivien gives her body, her breasts to me and lets me know that they are now my property, that I can do with them as I please. I can tie them up any way I want and as tight as I want. I can squeeze them, tease them, torture them with candle wax, pierce them. Her tits are no longer her tits. They are now my property. They are my tits.

2. Pain is no object. Vivien appears to enjoy the most extreme “stimulation” I can perpetrate on her lovely natural boobs. She really likes having her breasts bound tightly in many different ways and likes the way that my perverted mind comes up with creative ways to torment them.

3. Vivien also takes pride in the work. Since beginning her career with me, Vivien has gone on to pose for many world-renowned fetish photographers. She enjoys the process of the creation, the surrendering of her body to the artist, allowing him to use her body as though it were the paint on the canvas. And she loves seeing the photos after the work is done.

Vivien is all that a man could ask for in a tit slave or breast bondage model. In this post, I’ll share some pictures of Vivien from the movie Rick Savage Breast Bondage, which is one of several breast bondage and tit torture movies on my studio. In this movie, I used 4 completely different types of breast bondage. I also hot waxed her hefty hooters while they were adorned with lots of sturdy clothespins. And how could I resist engaging in lots and lots of barehanded tit torture. My favorite kind of tit torture. When you have a set of big, luscious natural tits like Vivien’s, there’s nothing I’d rather do than dig into them with my bare hands.

Master Rick and Vivien Vivien restrained Vivien cuffed
Big brests in creative knots Breasts bound tight Master Rick inspects his work
Wax, clothespins, blindfolds Vivien's tits tied tight

Do I flog them? Sure. But I also do plenty of tit spanking. I mean, what would you rather use to strike a submissive lady’s boobs? An implement of some kind? Or your bare hand? It’s no contest for me. Vivien is welcome in my dungeon any day.

Got a question for Rick? Just send it to Your questions will remain strictly private.

Mia's labia contained

There are those for whom S&M is a purely spiritual journey and then there are those who sexualize their S&M. Those that get aroused from spanking a luscious female ass, from tying up a nice set of natural tits or from vigorously over-stimulating and/or torturing the female genitalia, henceforth referred to as pussy. (Or snapper, muffin, quim, cookie, biscuit, snatch, bald beaver, bearded clam, box, honey hole, cellar door, cunt, gash, crumpet, cooze, cockpit, fish tank, gate of heaven, lamp of love, oven, muff, twat, mouth-that-cannot-bite, etc.)

Where was I? Oh right, those for who S&M is purely spiritual and those that sexualize their S&M. I confess. I’m of the latter persuasion. I’ve rarely found much pleasure in torturing the soles of a woman’s feet, although I can get aroused by it. For me, the “critical triangle” would be tits, ass and… vertical smile. In previous blog posts, I’ve discussed breast bondage and nipple torture. Today I’ll just share a few pics and a few of my favorite methods for torturing that most sensitive part of the female anatomy.

Pussy wedgie Mia, cuffed Pussy clamps

A very convenient piece of furniture for enjoying pussy torture is, of course, a doctor’s gyno table. The feet can be easily tied into the stirrups and the torso and arms can be tied to the upper section of the exam table. One tip. Have some type of spreader bar handy because even though the feet are bound into the stirrups, your slave can still bring her knees together, inhibiting access. Hence, find a way to affix the spreader bar between the knees, preferably just above the knees because it’s less likely to get in the way. I realize most people don’t have gyno tables so fear not. It’s quite easy to torture a tantalizing pussy while your slave stands or you spread eagle her on your bed or kitchen table. With a little imagination, one can find an assortment of household furniture quite adequate for pussy torture. Bent over and tied to a stepladder? You can sit a slave in just about any chair that has arms, slide her musty muffin to the front edge of the chair, tie her legs over the arms and voila… she’s open for business.

Electrocuting her vagina Electric pussy torture Mia's open hole

In the attached pictures from Rick Savage Pussy Play (which can be seen here on my studio,) we feature the lovely slave Mia… and her pussy. Mia’s one of my favorite pain sponges. Seems like no matter what devious action I’ve perpetrated on her magnificent body, she’s loved it. In Rick Savage Pussy Torture, I sent her to the store before we began shooting. But before I sent her, I gave her a super “pussy wedgie” with her panties actually tied into position, hoisted into her slit. Just to make it a bit uncomfortable and make her think about her pussy with ever step while she walked to the store.

During the video I massaged her bald beaver with a harsh bottle-brush and affixed clover clamps to her shaved labia. Then, I affixed fairly heavy fishing weights to the clover clamps. As S&M aficionados all know, when you pull on clover clamps, they bite harder. I also did a fair amount of barehanded pussy torture, simply twisting, pinching pulling, pulling her pussy wide open as though I needed to park a car in there.

I find it’s fun to zap a naked and vulnerable pussy with electricity so I used my violet wand on Mia. I used a vibrator on her clit just to drive her crazy. Zippers are always fun, especially a labia zipper. So, I used sturdy wooden clothespins to make Mia’s zipper and of course suddenly yanked it off. She was pretty thrilled by that move. I finished by almost completely coating her open, shaved pussy with bright hot pink candle wax. And a good time was had by all.

Mia on the gyno table Hot wax on the vagina Close up of Mia's pussy

The joy of having a studio on is that I can share all my fun and excitement with so many people. I hope you enjoy Mia in Rick Savage Pussy Play. There’s many, many other bondage videos on my site that contain plenty of pussy torture. Another great title is Rick Savage Pussy Play 3 featuring Zoe.

Got a question for Rick? Just send it to Strict privacy guaranteed.