I can’t believe I am just posting this now. You probably already know since I’m late on my game, but for those of you who missed it, fetish dynamo Julie Simone is competing for the title of Miss Rubber World 2013.

Since its inception in 2006, Miss Rubber World has attracted a global variety of pro-Dommes, performers, latex fetishists, fashion designers, fetish models, and rubber lovers who vie for the title each year. Julie entered the 2013 competition at the urging of German rubber & latex fetish sensation, Kylie Marilyn. According to Julie, “Kylie Marilyn, the current Miss Rubber World, heavily recruited me for this year’s competition as Kylie wanted to be sure there were real rubberists in the competition.” Julie continued, saying “For me, latex isn’t about fashion, it’s about the feeling and headspace one goes into when wearing it.”

Additionally, Julie is going in armed for battle. She’s paired up with 2011 Miss Rubber World runner-up, Lydia Lael, and her latex fashion design business, Vengeance Designs, to help clinch the Miss Rubber World title. Julie will be modeling several pieces by Vengeance Designs during the competition.

The New York Rubber Ball festivities kick off on April 5th 2013, and the Miss Rubber World competition will take place Saturday, April 6th. Tickets are available now. For sponsorship information, contestant registration, venue details, previous Miss Rubber World video footage and more, check out www.NYRubberBall.com.

You can find out much more about the multi-talented Julie at www.juliesimone.com.

And, of course, you can watch any of Julie’s films on FetishMovies.com by stopping by her star page and by reviewing her oeuvre at Julie Simone Productions.



Dee Viant on Google +

DomConLA, brought to you by Fetishmovies.com, is a fetish fan’s dream destination, and you’ll want to bring your favorite toys – and a pet or two. You’ll find something to tickle your fetish fancy, no matter what that fancy may be. With a full schedule of events, DomConLA will keep you busy.

Where and when is this happening?

The event is in Los Angeles, California. It’s specific location is at the the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel LAX, Los Angeles Airport, 5711 West Century  Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045. The dates are May 16-20 2012.

Are there any special events someone should see?

The events are so cool and so numerous that we can’t cover them all here. If you want a complete lineup, we suggest you check out the DomConLA website for more details. Here’s a short sample of what you can enjoy there:

Classes and Workshops are located in The Plaza Ballrom Classrooms and are accesable from inside The DomCon Exhibitor Hall. Classes and Workshops are open to all Attendees throughout the day. Informal demos will also be occurring all day in many of the booths on the Convention Floor. The DomCon Play Party. Held at one of L.A.’s most prestigious Dungeons, the 7000 square foot Sanctuary Studios just minutes from DomCon at The Los Angeles Hilton LAX. The DomCon Fetish Ball – A Night of Decadent Delight, Fetish Fantasy & Play Party.

What is DomConLA?

DomConLA is a convergence of fetish practitioners from around the world. It was a People’s Choice Event of the year for 2011. In 2012, it looks to repeat last year’s success, bringing in some of the biggest names in the Fetish World.

Irene Boss

Who will be there?

The convention will feature many luminaries in the fetish world, including Mistresses from around the United States and many other parts of the world. The event is hosted by the renowned Mistress Cyan, and features a guest appearance by the also famous Irene Boss. DomConLA is a practical “Who’s Who” of the fetish world.

Tickets are still available and you’ll want to make sure to check out the DomConLA website for ticketing details. So pack up your ropes and gear, and when you’re back home, let us know how your trip went!

We are only a few days away from BoundCon IX, sponsored by Fetishmovies.com, and this is a great chance for fetish and bondage fans from around the world to see the world’s best in action.This year’s event will be held at Feringapark Hotel in Unterföhring (Munich), Germany. The show will have many demonstrations and a main stage that will keep everyone entertained.

Scheduled to perform are: Lew Rubens, Claire Adams, Drea Morgan, Fayth, JJ Plush, Jim Hunter, GG, Carissa Montgomery, Vesta, Dutch Dame, Bob von Ropemarks, Maestro BD, Dr. Fatso, Dragonrope, Alexia Valentine, Yvette Costeau, Katarina Blade and many others. Also, the exceptional Japanese Bondage Artist Kinoko Hajime will be starring at this year’s show.

The show will have many points of interest for bondage fans. Among them are:

BoundCon IX will feature approximately 100 exhibitors from the international FetishScene. You can meet International fetish stars and top models. They will have a VIP-area with a grand buffet and a perfect view of the main stage. You can also enjoy a shopping Sunday with a special reduced entry-fee.

The show will take place May 11 – 13. You can find all of the details at the BoundCon IX website. We hope you get the chance to attend the show and let us know how it went!

We now have a full report about the Barcelona Fetish Weekend that was sponsored by Fetishmovies.com, from the team at Eros Arts. It appears that the weekend was a great time for everyone who attended. That’s just what we expected.

Here’s a sample of the review (you can find it all here at Eros Arts):

This is the second year of this specially planned weekend for all fetish enthusiasts.  I don’t want to get into a comparison of the two events although I would like to say that I thought Christian and Erica did an exceptional job last year, but this year just blew it away. I can’t even imagine where to begin assembling such a weekend as this.  Their format as far as dance club Friday, Cabaret club Saturday and Kinky Bus tour Sunday remained the same as last year.

Fun For Everyone
Friday, April 13, The Main Event, Bondage Bash at EiTwo. Bus transportation from the hosting hotel was provided to the club in a few different time options. This was a nice feature since the club was quite a drive from the hotel. I was on the first bus where everyone seemed to be ready for the evening with good cheer. I kind of feel like I’m back on a school bus on that first day of school in eager anticipation of what the day will bring. Such is my feeling on the way to the club. Some people are enjoying conversation, others are just sitting with smiles at the thoughts of the evening ahead.”

Read the full review at Eros Arts.

Make your plans to attend next year so that you can get tickets before they sell out, which, judging from reports, should happen again.

The first reports have come in about Barcelona Fetish Weekend that was sponsored by Fetishmovies.com. As expected, the people who went had an awesome time, and thoroughly enjoyed the events there. Eros Arts has a great gallery of photos from the weekend to give you a feel for how fun it was.

They also took this photo for Fetishmovies.com:

If you get the chance to go next year, take it. You have a full 12 months to save up for it, and it will be money well spent. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

Rubber Catwoman

Re-posted from AVN.com

Announcement made at recent ceremony presented by FetishMovies.com

NEW YORK— International fetish model Kylie Marilyn was crowned Miss Rubber World 2012 in front of a crowd of rubber worshipers. The event was part of New York Rubber Ball, presented by FetishMovies.com.

“For the first time, this award goes across the ocean and I’m proud to represent it in Europe,” Marilyn said. “Thank you so much to Brigitte More for an awesome dress. That was a huge factor in our win. Thank you so much to Chiyo Nakamura and all the awesome latex designers and labels who helped us. I hope to bring many kinksters and fetishists to New York next year for an even better show.”

Marilyn’s duties as Miss Rubber World 2012 will be to promote the rubber fetish community, and act as a representative of the community at events. With the title, tiara and sash, comes more than $8,000 worth of rubber merchandise and accessories from sponsors such as The Baroness, Kink Engineering, Lady Oops, Dawnamatrix Designs, Lovely Latex, Anatomic Bomb and FetishMovies.com.

Marilyn’s victory was not easily won. Competing with her for the title were nine rivals, including designers, models, and dominatrixes. Most, like Marilyn, had extensive connections in the fetish community and had elaborate stage shows for the talent competition. Lydia Lael, first runner up in the competition, won more than $4,000 in prizes, and third place winner Sophia Larou took home more than $2,000 in latex swag.

“Shae Fatale definitely deserved to win,” said contestant Queen Titania.

“She had the coolest, most creative outfits. Although Austin White kind of deserved to win for walking around in ballet boots like it was nothing. Regardless, I had a lot of fun last night and met some very cool people.”

One of Marylin’s first duties as Miss Rubber World 2012 will be to represent the title and the rubber community at Fetish Evolution Weekend, April 6-8, in Germany.

Learn more at NYRubberBall.com.

Barcelona Fetish Weekend

April 12-15 2012

The Fetish Weekend in Barcelona is coming around again, and our shadowy overlords at FetishMovies.com are once again the sponsors. Last year was badass, with Zoey Holloway and Michael Diamond covering it for us. Zoey Holloway did a great write-up and Michael Diamond brought back some banging pictures and videos.

Stay tuned for the pics and the videos for this year, which promises to be even better than last. This year, everyone must be wearing fetish gear of some kind. No fetish gear, no admittance. It promises to be a sold out space filled with kinksters from all over the globe. There’s going to be fetish furniture to play on- BYO toys and no cameras. All of this is going to be enforced by a lethal platoon of ‘Door Bitches’ who apparently have the authority to eject/enslave anyone at the party.

There’s a full slate of events, with parties, cabaret shows, and the second annual ‘kinky buss ride;’ a bus tour of Barcelona with everyone in their fetish gear. Check back in April for the coverage. Maybe we’ll even see you there!

New York, NY – The Miss Rubber World 2012
competition, presented by FetishMovies.com, currently has eight out of the ten contestant slots filled. The competition will be held during the New York Rubber Ball at the Affina Manhattan hotel on Saturday, March 24.

As of Monday, January 30, 2012, the value of the prize pool has surpassed $13,000, with the winning contestant to receive over seven thousand dollars worth of fetish oriented prizes.

“We’re really excited that the contestant slots are filling up so fast, as it bodes well for the overall turnout for the Ball,” said Dana, the event producer. “Miss Rubber World is an open competition, no auditions required, with the slots going on a first come first served basis. Once all ten slots are filled, additional entry forms will be held as alternates in case of cancellations, in the order in which they are received. We’re very thankful for all the prize sponsor support, helping us build something special for the worldwide rubber scene.”

The latest shiny sponsors include Purple Passion, Luxury Latex, Lady Oops latex couture, and the rubber design firm Kink Engineering, run by Miss Rubber World 2011, Archean, who will also be a judge in this year’s competition.

“I love to see a lot of effort go into the contestant’s fantasy play. You can always tell when something has been rehearsed really well,” said Archean. “It would be really awesome to see more inflatable latex. Last year I had some inflatable horns as part of my demon suit. I think there’s an untapped, exciting area of latex outfits right there, crazy inflatable items!”

Rubber fanatics can slide over to www.nyrubberball.com for delicious details. The site includes vibrant video, galleries galore, and of course, entry information for the Miss Rubber World pageant. The pageant is open to all female rubberists, 21 and older, regardless of size, orientation or experience and with no limit on age. Miss Rubber World is trans-inclusive.

Sponsorships and vendor spots are still available. For details, contact phelion@nuvox.net or call 917-684-6225 between 10AM-10PM EST.


About NY Rubber Ball / Miss Rubber World 2012 – New York Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World is a social event for the world rubber lifestyle, fetish and fantasy scene, a place for rubberists to get together and socialize, dance, play and shop with other rubberists from all over the world. It is also the home of the Miss Rubber World pageant, where contestants vie for a trove of prizes from many of the world’s rubber designers.

For press passes, contact Dana Windsor at phelion@nuvox.net or call 917-684-6225. NY Rubber Ball is on the web at www.nyrubberball.com, on Twitter @nyrubberball, and Facebook at thenyrubberball.

Carmen Rivera

HAMMERTEIL, an epic strap-on crafted by Carmen Rivera

Philadelphia, PA – Carmen Rivera, stunning dominatrix and international fetish model, is breaking out her giant strap-on for the FetishMovies.com booth at the 15th annual Venus Trade Fair in Berlin.

Carmen is also slated to perform her new police / authority themed fetish show throughout the weekend, and represent FetishMovies.com at the booth. She will be bringing her epic strap-on dildo “HAMMERTEIL,” a level 80 heavy rubber monster, 8 cm in diameter, that she designed and crafted herself. They will be available for sale, although Carmen warns novices to wield the massive dildo with extreme care. HAMMERTEIL features a reinforced mounting which, “gives it more stability, so that even hard pounding is possible!” As well as a replaceable ring for mounting smaller, less intimidating dildos.

Check out the full press release on the official Hot Movies Blog.

So I was searching the interwebs when I found this neat little video from 2006 of the Buckle Ball Fetish Fashion Show:

Its an awesome example of Latex being used in Fetish from an awesome show! We’re getting ready for the Cirque du Boudoir 5th Anniversary Show coming up on September 24th in Montreal, Quebec!

You can always check out more Latex and Rubber movies on FetishMovies.com!