“What the ever living fuck am I watching?”

Hell-A Film by Full Sensory ScanThat’s really about all I can say about Hell from Full Sensory Scan. I was looking for sci-fi videos on FetishMovies.com and I stumbled into this odd, odd oddity. At no point in viewing Hell did I feel like I had any grasp on what was happening. Not a fucking clue.

From the film’s description: “Prepare yourself to witness BDSM on a scale so monumental that you will not believe your eyes.” Could someone please point me to the monumentally scaled BDSM? I’m really struggling with locating it. However, I did find the price tag in this soulless wank scene:

I wonder if she was planning on returning those boots after the scene wrapped. Also, I think this woman has a great body, but that odd green-screening makes her ass look really flat. Check the 00:19 mark again if you didn’t catch it.

Mind you, this is the beginning of the film! I have no idea who this sexy cat woman is, but I do know that she gets abducted shortly after climaxing. Is that when you’re most vulnerable to the aliens? Is that why they take us in our sleep and steal our eggs and sperm? Anyway, weird goes to weirder at the same time as the 1993 special effects creep in:

Then some other dated graphics happen and suddenly we’re watching a different woman halfheartedly squirm under what looks like the warming lamps at KFC. This is easily my favorite clip from Hell for two reasons. I’ll see if you can guess what they are after you watch this madness:

OK, what did you guess? If you noticed that an off camera voice tells the model to “keep your hands up” at 00:16 and you can’t figure out what THAT THING is, you’ve nailed it! Seriously, what the fuck is that thing that dances on her tits? This must be the monumentally bizarre BDSM moment. It has to be. That dead octopus thing is scaring me from here. Just kidding, but gross. And that robot…?

The last clip I have for you just further cements why Hell is listed in the WTF category.

There’s plenty more weird where this came from, don’t worry. Go watch all of Hell over at FetishMovies.com. Hit me up on Twitter @fetishmovieblog to let me know what you think.



Hooray for Monday! I know, it’s Wednesday now, but I watch fetish films and live tweet my reviews on Mondays. Somehow, I didn’t pop this one up this past Monday, so here it is.

To be perfectly candid, I have no past with damsel in distress videos. For all of the bizarre, freak-nasty shit I’m into, damsels in distress never came across my radar. I mean, I like the idea of tying guys to train tracks and watching them sweat it out, but I didn’t realize that fantasy was essentially what damsels in distress are. I only became more curious about the genre after watching ladies literally twist and contort in restraints during my trip to Munich, Germany for BoundCon. Most of the models I met remained clothed while they were confined in rope. So, in effort to be better informed and knowledgeable about all things uncommonly arousing, I spent my Monday afternoon my American Damsels‘s Costume Party Peril.

Unlike most of the videos I watch, Costume Party Peril actually has a plot-a very campy and fun one. A rich, British heiress (Goldie Blair) hires a beautiful bodyguard (Alexis Taylor) and her assistant to make sure nothing shady happens at a costumed fundraiser event. Of course, even at a 5-person costume party, a case of mistaken identity ensues involving an evil American heiress imposter, played by Amber Michaels.

I do sincerely love watching victims squirm around, particularly when they’re being taunted by a Dom, or, in this place, a free person:



Here’s another highlight from Costume Party Peril: The Wedgie Pick. The Farmer’s Daughter, the assistant bodyguard, does this in seeming self-defense when the bad guys enter. Not surprisingly, this is not a technique you’ll learn in any personal defense class.

The next clip is absolute camp and really made me bust out in laughter. You have the heroes of the film bound together and insulting one another through their gags. All of the other words throughout the film are totally muffled, but there’s no mystery here. I mean, what other phrase sounds so clearly like “redneck?”

And finally, before the big rescue, is the big argument between all of the good girls.

I enjoyed watching the Costume Party Peril, but I am still getting to know about this bondage sub-genre. I would love to hear from people who enjoy DiD. What do you like? What makes for good DiD? Tell me!

And for those of you on Twitter out there, you can read my live tweets about Costume Party Peril using with hastag #CPP. (Sorry-I didn’t consider when I was tweeting that CPP means a host of other things, particularly C Plus Plus. Argh.)



I’ve been so busy working for a porn site that I really haven’t had a lot of time to relax and watch a porn, let alone tell you about it. However, what fun is working in porn if you’re not going to enjoy it? So, upon recommendation from a latex fetish friend of mine, I spent some time with Sebastian Solo‘s Proud and Perverted, Volume 1.

This video features lots of fucking. Don’t roll your eyes at me. You know what I mean-a lot of fetish films feature  sex, pegging, queening, intense ass play, and the whole list, but many really don’t consistently feature go-for-broke pounding. P&P #1 definitely isn’t short in the orifice plunging department. Fingers, cocks, strap-ons–you name it and it’s getting crammed somewhere. There’s also a blowjob scene that I could watch over and over again. It’s two ladies on one (pierced) cock-nothing unusual as far as porn goes-but the latex adds another element in its ability to obscure the wearer’s identity. Oh, just have a look for yourself and tell me this doesn’t look like fun:

Sofia Valentine‘s sub sequence “Sins of Sofia” is also totally hot.  Shot with one camera and key light in a dim dungeon, you’ll get the feeling you got when you first watched porn, that “I’m not supposed to be doing this” creeping feeling that slides up your back and makes you sweat before you turn away to see if anyone is watching you misbehave.  Sophia is barely covered by a pink latex sheath that her male and female dominants repeatedly pop against her flesh among their more intense antics. Fuck fucking, intense vibrator stimulation, and ass ass ass play. There is also lots of light face and tit-slapping here, two things of which I am a big fan. Overall, I simply love the contrast between lily-skinned Sofia and her hooded, dark-suited captors, Master Nastyfucker and Madame Adore. I might be in a minority here, but you tell me:

The final 17 minute sequence “Self Adore-ation” features Madame Adore playing alone on a latex-covered bed in latex clothing with various toys, including the legendary Symbian. With a latex allergy, I don’t yet know the sensation of being cloaked in rubber. However, I still enjoy watching others wear it. And this scene is captivating to watch. Madame Adore’s eyes are huge with arousal as she peers at the camera through her layered red hoods, inviting us in the watch her more closely. Gentle electronic music plays over the scene, and creates a mesmerizing environment that is additionally punctuated with Adore’s muffled gasps and sighs of delight. In contrast to the previous two sequences of Proud & Perverted #1, Self Adore-ation is no less arousing, but it is sumptuously elegant. I mean, I hate that damn discussion about art vs. porn, but I feel like this could be shown as video art in Soho. And if it ever is, I want to be a fly on that wall so I can watch the boners pop.

So that’s that. I finally watched some new (to me) fetish porn and got totally hot while working. Proud and Perverted Volume 1 gets my full pervert endorsement. There really is way too much in this film to list everything that will catch your eye, so you should just watch it for yourself. As in right now, motherfucker!

Grab a towel and make your own mess with Sebastian Solo’s Proud and Perverted Volume 1 on FetishMovies.com.



Stay tuned for more reviews here on FetishMovies Blog.

I love this video so much, I don’t even know where to begin. Electrical Debauchery Diabolique simply delights me to my core. Domina Irene Boss torments her sub, he winces, and she the cuts loose with a sonorous, gleeful laugh. CBT, stockings, a metal dental gag, electro play, violet wands-there is nothing I don’t love here. It’s like Irene Boss set a Dee Viant trap and I fell right in.

Seriously, friends, my face muscles are fatigued from smiling and laughing during my review of Diabolique. The last time my face hurt this much from enjoying a film, it was 2005 and I was in a San Francisco movie theater watching Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Hearing that sub plead for mercy (or simply more sensation) through the gag is heavenly. Irene Boss so clearly into what she’s doing. I know that sounds silly-of course, she is!-but I don’t care much for videos that are highly stylized and feature middle-of-the-road playing. That isn’t fake laughter coupled with a forced smile coming from Irene Boss. It’s genuine. Furthermore, the Domina’s play style appeals to me because I don’t really identify with the icy, unhappy FemDom stereotype. Play is fun, and it gets me off to see people having fun. I love the part around 32 minutes when the Boss teases the restrained sub’s stocking-covered legs with her own, and threatens to make him look at Dian Hanson’s Leg Show magazine while she canes him. As a caning lover, I wish this footage were part of EDD. Clearly, her sub wasn’t the only one getting teased then.

My only complaint about Electrical Debauchery Diabolique is that I wanted more closeups of the action. Overall, the video quality and sound are perfectly fine, but I like to get very close when it comes to pleasurable agony. I wanted to see the sweat beading up on this grimacing, twitching sub. That’s my one letdown. I’ll live.

I’ve watched this video several times, and sometimes I listen to it in the background while I’m doing other tasks. What a relaxing soundtrack to busy days! Frankly, I love Irene Boss’s style and I love her jovial domination. Simply, Domina Irene Boss is a woman after my own heart and I’m happy to turn you on to her if you aren’t already a fan. Have a look below to get a taste of what delights me so deeply:

Now that I’ve got you where I want you, go watch Electrical Debauchery Diabolique on FetishMovies.com now!



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