Porn and Fetish Star Cheryl Dynasty in Rick Savage Japanese Schoolgirl Medical Fetish Scene

Cheryl Dynasty

My bondage video path has only crossed once with Asian porn star, Cheryl Dynasty, but that crossing created some memorable footage.  She was visiting New York City for a few days and she got to telling me how porn had enabled her to act out some of her favorite fantasies.  I asked, “Are there any you haven’t had the chance to explore yet?”  She said, “Sure, plenty.  In one of them, I go to a perverted doctor for a complete examination and he does all kinds of sick and disgusting things to me.”  I told her, “I know just the guy to play the doctor role.  Me.”  We decided to kill 2 fetishes with one stone by having her wear her Japanese schoolgirl outfit on her visit to see the evil Dr. Savage.  I’m sharing some images here from that shoot.  You can see the video footage on my studio,, here on  The title is Rick Savage Japanese Schoolgirl Medical Fetish Scene.

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A viewer watched Bondage & Discipline of a Big-Titted 18-Year-Old, on my studio here on  The movie features young Kitty Rodriguez and her marvelous, big natural tits. Read the rest of this entry »


I recently received an email from a viewer who seemed almost desperate to find out if I had any more movies featuring  lovely, 19-year-old Slave Corrine.  Sadly, the answer is no.  Corrine made 2 movies for me, both of which can be seen on my studio here on 19-year-old Bondage & Discipline and Rick Savage Medical Fetish Scene 2 (which also features Aiden Starr.) Read the rest of this entry »

As many viewers know, I had a long standing relationship with the pro NY dungeon, The Den of Iniquity. Over the years I used many of their Doms and subs in my movies. Any time they’d hire a new girl, I’d invariably get a call.

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Thank you, tumblr, for always supplying us with fun/dirty/funny/ridiculous pictures.  This is definitely one of my favorites.  It is called 50 Shades Of Ginger.  Despite the name I love the photo and I’m totally in the holiday spirit now!  Thanks,!

Gingerbread Dungeon

Voting Is Sexy
Because voting is sexy.

Rick's Favorite Play Thing - Mayhem

I’ve always viewed the world as a place having a lot more shades of grey than just black or white.  In the S&M world, there are those who insist that S&M is NOT about sex, and there are those who are sexually aroused by S&M play, whether they’re on the top or bottom.

Mayhem's Nipple

Having worked professionally in bondage videos, I don’t so much ascribe to an either/or standpoint on the sex versus no sex.  I dance in a shade somewhere in between, with a strong leaning towards the direction where bdsm play is a sexual turn on.

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A viewer from Alaska wrote asking me if I had any more movies featuring the lovely, super submissive, Zoe.  He’d already watched both Zoe titles on my studio here on and confessed to a serious infatuation.  Quite understandable.  Zoe has truly been one of my favorite slaves.

Zoe on the gurney

I had a similar request last week from a viewer who wanted more Corrine movies.  Unfortunately for that guy, Corrine only made 2 bondage videos in her brief career and he’d already watched both of them on my studio. Read the rest of this entry »

Stefani 001

I received several responses to my last blog on the topic of nipple bondage.  Some fans of nipple play hadn’t even heard of nipple bondage.  Well, it’s alive and well, especially in the MILF B&D genre.  Doesn’t it seem that milfs are more prone to having those long, hard nipple erections that are SO ideal for nipple bondage?  Maybe it’s from more years of having their hard nipples tugged on, pinched, bitten, nipple clamped, etc.  But for whatever reason, the majority of my best nipple slaves are milfs.

Stefani 002

Today, I’m sharing a few pix of one of my absolute BEST nipple slaves, Stefani Weaver.  Stefani’s appeared in at least 5 or 6 of my productions over the years.  These were taken during the production, Rick Savage MILF Nipple Play, which can be seen here on my studio.  We shot this intense bondage video in Stefani’s own personal dungeon, which she had built in the basement of her house in Pennsylvania.

Nipple Nooses 003

So what makes Stefani possibly my best nipple slave?  Well, long hard nipple erections are a good start.  But her affinity for processing pain as pleasure enables me to perpetrate levels of perversity upon her nipples that other slaves….simply couldn’t handle.  In the approximately 320 bdsm productions I’ve put out since I first began shooting bondage videos, I can only recall 2, possibly three slaves who could handle the large-size, steel vice grips as nipple clamps. Read the rest of this entry »

Nipple Bondage - Rick Savage
It’s not something we see often.  I know that when I’m presented with a nice set hard, pencil-eraser nipples, the first type of nipple discipline that comes to mind is nipple bondage.  I find it both beautiful and exciting to look at.  And many slaves will tell you, the sensation is quite different from that of nipple clamps.
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