My imagination has been out of control lately. My mind is usually down deep in the gutter, but lately, it’s been working overtime. Not only have I been scheming on my own plans, I’ve been trying to draw my own map of kink development since my early days of being a teenage vampire aficionado. I’ve been poking around in buried memories, forgotten zines, and out of print books trying to stitch together my own story of how I got so perverted. I’m not trying to navel-gaze in front of y’all, but I do want to see who remembers some of these moments in pop culture and mainstream media.

I loved Six Feet Under and I was knocked out by handsome Justin Theroux’s brief appearance in it. Not only is this guy foxy as hell, but his kinky character is stubbornly lodged in my head and fantasies. I wish I had this issue to handle on a regular basis:

This clip is from Season Four and aired in summer of 2004. I was 23 and so not out about my interests when I watched this episode with my mom, and I’m sure I tried not to look excited when this scene played. 9 years later, while I’m not terrified of my perversions, I do still get flushed and hot over this scene. I only wish Justin Theroux had spent more of his acting career getting tied up in his briefs. If he ever wants to revisit this trope, I’d be happy to facilitate that in the privacy of my own home. With my own cameras. And Jen A. can come over to watch too.

I just cracked up in the middle of the office watching this part of Gate Crashers & Kaddy’s Tickling:

I’m not sure if it’s staged or not, but I don’t care. My day is fucking made.

Go ahead and watch the rest over at



We asked our friends on FetLife to tell us what their favorite kinky song titles were and we got an amazing response!  The replies just keep coming so the playlist will probably continue to get updated for quite a while.  You’ll find great tunes like Stinkfist, Lola, Darling Nikki, and one of my personal favorites, Fuck The Pain Away by Peaches.  Sorry about the corny unofficial video below.  Just enjoy the song.

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to this fantastic kinky playlist!