Congratulations to Deviant KadeFetish Star of the Week for February 1, 2013!

Deviant Kade is one dirty, adventurous dog, and I would love to congratulate him on his work with a heavy double-handed smack on his ass. Delving into various kinky situations with obvious delight, this gentleman is one to watch as he obeys the women he serves.

I provided some clips so you can see what I see.




First, for the foot fetishistists, you’ll like Deviant Kade in Mean Foot Worship:

Secondly, not only does he serve a woman well, Deviant Kade makes a pretty one too. See him as “Polly Amorous” here, in Academy For Sissies #3 – Shaving & Stripping, Being A Well-Groomed Sexy Sissy Slut:

And my personal favorite, from Her Pleasure, His Pain 2:

For more information on Deviant Kade, you can check out his personal webpage and his puppy play blog.

As always, don’t forget to check out more of Deviant Kade’s fetish videos at!


Dee Viant

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Without further ado, here is part two of our interview co-owner of Severe Society Films, performer, and director, Jimmy Broadway.

10. Are you submissive in all aspects of your life or do you have a switch that turns off when the camera stops rolling?
For me it’s always been about balance in my life. Working as a producer or director, you’re the boss, all the pressure is on you, so you need the release of being able to give up control in some areas.

11. If you had to pick just one fetish to indulge in for the rest of your life, what would it be?
That’s hard because a lot of them you just sort of get in a mood for. For example, I have no desire to cross-dress every day, but there are times when it’s great to put on something tight and silky, but if I had to pick one, it would have to be CBT (cock and ball torture).Jimmy Broadway Getting Pegged

12. Have you ever worked with anyone that had a hard time being dominant over you?
Quite often. We can usually find a way to work it out. A lot of times it just comes down to them realizing that I am getting pleasure from it, once they accept that it gets easier for them.

13. What is the most humiliating experience you have ever had?
Long ago, walking into a store and buying lingerie for myself to wear.

14. We also see you in a lot of footjob movies. Tell us what it is that you love about feet.
For me, it’s not so much about the feet themselves, it’s about the pleasure I can give a woman through massaging, caressing, licking and sucking her feet.

15. What is your limit? What line won’t you cross?
Everything has to be between consenting adults- no children and no animals. I don’t do shit/scat play, anything that will intentionally cause a permanent injury or mark, I can’t take a full kick to the balls, and because I spend so much time on my feet, bastinado is very difficult for me. Beyond that everything else is a matter of negotiation and degree.

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We were lucky enough to catch an interview with Jimmy Broadway.  He directs for and is co-owner of Severe Society Films and you’ve seen him in countless cuckold movies and just plain being submissive.  I was really excited about this opportunity as I’ve always been impressed by his level of commitment to his roles.  Plus, Severe Society puts out some really great content.  Jimmy answered twenty questions in total, but today I am only posting the first half.  You’ll have to come back next week read more about Jimmy Broadway.

1.    Did you have experience as a sub before entering the adult business in 2005?
I first began exploring BDSM and fetish late in high school, through a stack of magazines that I found in my father’s business partner’s office. In the pre-WWW Jimmy Broadwaydays I discovered dial-in message boards, where I learned a) that there were people out there with the same feelings that I had and b) there were a whole lot of fetishes that I hadn’t heard of that sounded really cool. This led to me starting a series of “real life” sessions with a professional dominatrix in 1992 and then to me discovering the Los Angeles fetish community shortly after that, so somewhere in there I officially qualified as a “lifestyle” player.

2.    We see you in a lot of cuckold movies.  What do you think makes for an exceptional cuckold porno?
More so than a regular B/B/G scene, the key to the cuckold genre is selling the relationships, as the whole fetish is about the dynamic between the wife, the husband and the bull. If I can’t convince the viewer that the girl is really my significant other, then it just becomes another threesome where one guy isn’t getting any.

3.    What is the experience like for you?
I’m assuming your talking about the experience of working in a cuckold movie. For me, it’s about opening up something inside the actress that I am working with, bringing her into the fetish world and helping her to discover a whole new part of her sexuality that she may not have know existed.

4.    As a director, what is your favorite type of movie to work on?  Why?
My favorite projects to direct are the ones where I can give the viewer something that they’ve never seen before. For example, a few weeks ago I shot a scene where a guy jogged on a treadmill while a woman fucked him in the ass with a strap-on. Once we figured out that we could actually make it work, I knew it would be one of those scenes where the viewer would have to rewind and watch it again, just to make sure they really saw what they thought they were seeing. I like scenes like this because they show people that sex is something that should have no boundaries, that if you and a consenting adult partner can envision it, you should go for it.
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Chelsea Pfeiffer is currently our featured star, but she is far more than just a performer. She is a spanking video producer and co-owner of Chelsea Entertainment with her husband. Realizing her love of spanking as an adult, Chelsea specializes in girl-spanks-girl entertainment. You’ll see Mrs. Pfeiffer using a variety of implements on her female bottoms including her hand, paddle, hair brush and lots more. In these free clips we get to watch her spank the naughty behinds of Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Elizabeth, and January Seraph. You don’t really get to see January as a bottom anymore, but we have her right here looking great and getting spanked by Chelseas Pfeiffer!

Enjoy these free spanking clips!

The Amelia-Jane Rutherford Stories

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Star of the Week: Mason Moore

So one of the perks of working with porn is being able to check out all the amazing photos and videos of some of the most amazing porn stars around and periodically give them the title of Star of the Week!

This week I checked out Mason Moore, who’s main specialty has been mainstream movies but has stared in quite a few choice fetish movies such as Fetish Fuck Dolls 4 by Evil Angel, and thus a large majority of why she’s the Star of the Week!

In Best of Cuckold Fantasies POV 5, Mason Moore show’s she can not only please but also tease! She not only sucks abut gets fucked hard while you’re left holding your cock in your hands and whimpering as you’ve just gotten Cuckolded by this brunette tattooed beauty! At one point she winds up squirting link a gusher, which also leads us to another large niche of videos she stars in! To paraphrase GWAR, Is she a gusher or what? In Hit Me With Your Best Squirt and American Squirter, we watch her cum like crazy! Hell, there’s nothing better than a good female orgasm after watching her get pounded, right?

In Big Tit Oil Orgy and bumping and grinding continues as she appears covered in oil and getting fucked by both guys and gals (yes, everyone invited to this orgy!). I swear, there’s nothing like seeing an amazingly beautiful woman covered in oil and getting fucked hard. Its a magical thing, really, when you think about it. All the oil and lube and cum and squirts and, yes, even spit (ew, spit!) combining into one concoction of pure orgasmic glory and fun!

Of course, if you want to see Mason Moore stretched to her limits, you’ve gotta watch I Love Big Toys #23! She takes on one of the biggest dildos on the planet like a champ, and enjoys the fuck out of it as much as (in)humanly possible! Seriously, you wonder how much cock she really can take on if she really put her mind to it!

Finally, we get to Fetish Fuck Dolls 4, and oh how does Mason Moore makes a wonderful sex toy! We see her strapped to a rather intimidating modified electric chair as she takes on male pornstar Jake Malone and his massive cock, and boy is he not gentle! He teases her fine pussy like crazy, only to then make her give him a blowjob as she’s left to play with herself! Oh, what a cruel thing to do to this bountiful beauty! After all that teasing he thrust his throbbing manhood right into her cunt, only to tease her some more in another cruel bit of passion! We spend the rest of her scene having Jake have his way with his bound (and periodically gagged) play thing. Don’t worry, Mason gets a nice yummy treat in the end of cum!

With that, Mason Moore is our Star of the Week!

Star of the Week: Irene Boss

So one of the perks of working with porn is being able to check out all the amazing photos and videos of some of the most amazing porn stars around and periodically give them the title of Star of the Week!

This week I checked out the work of none other than Irene Boss, professional dominatrix, director, and entrepreneur. Being in the business of pain for pleasure since 1994, she is an expert in the fields Female Domination and extreme bondage. Using both her female charm and a host of outfits that range from classic dominatrix to her nearly signature East German uniform, she’s crafted films using not actors, but her real lifestyle slaves! Her studio,, has over 150 titles to its name while Irene herself has over 130 films of sheer dominating passion!

Irene’s roll in the films is primarily as the tormenter of the slave, much like she is in real life. Watching her films, you can always be sure that she will be the one doing any of the fucking in the films, not the other way around! I decided to watch a bit of Just Between Girls, where she and fellow mistress Louise D play with her latest toy Angela. They then proceed to spank her, submit her to nipple torture while she’s blindfolded while Irene stimulates her pussy with a Hitachi Magic Wand, the largest and most powerful vibrators known to woman! Sometimes its the simple things in life that do it for you.

Also, one thing that has always been a turn-on for me about her films is her voice. She just has a classic voice that you don’t hear enough of. Its strong and authoritative, yet still distinctly feminine without losing any of its charm. Normally I crank up some metal while watching porn, but in Irene’s case I turn off the music and turn up her!

Irene is a very dominating domme, and watching her perform is nothing short of a treat!

Star of the Week: Anastasia Pierce

So one of the perks of working with porn is being able to check out all the amazing photos and videos of some of the most amazing porn stars around, and this time I decided to check out Anastasia Pierce.

I decided to check out Fetish Instinct first because the box cover was interesting. Hey, what’s not to be fascinated about with a woman covered head-to-toe with clothes pins? After checking out the film, its a lot like performance art. You’re left puzzling if Anastasia is in horrible pain or if its balanced in just the perfect way just like if you did acupuncture. I mean, they’re all over her arms and legs, and she has some directly on her nipples and pussy… or, and her fingers and eyes. For me, the sexiest and more stimulating part was when she pulled them all off, one by one. She looked almost like a lost angel pulling off her feathers. Plus the industrial soundtrack made the entire scene better!

Next up is Submission 2, and its a fairly-classic fetish film. After Anastasia displeases her mistress, she has her mouth-gag removed and replaced with a hood and then another one with a mouth gag as well! She’s then forced to perform for her mistress and dress her. There is a ton of latex and rubber masks, I love the red body suit Mistress Jean Bardot wore, there was a nice use of restraints, and I really enjoyed it!

Finally, I watched Maximum Kink, which actually was a 2011 AVN Award Nominee for Best BDSM video! Anastasia didn’t star in it, but she did direct… and she is a phenomenal director! Working with the incredibly kinky Jewell Marceau and Rubberdoll, she’s crafted a film that’s both amazing and engrossing. The camera work is just astounding! There are scenes that take place in a room filled with light, the lone inhabitants are two women willing to perform bizarre acts of lust and desire on each other. Then you have scenes that take on uniform fetish with women dressed in skin-tight latex uniforms performing breast play and spanking torment! The film is a non-stop sensual dream of almost every fetish possible, and when it was over it felt like waking from a wonderful dream.!

Anastasia Pierce is simply a master of Fetish! Her films are filled with intrigue and sensuality, capable of sweeping you away to a land you never thought possible that only existed in your wildest fantasies and imagination! Check out the rest of her films on our site!