I could talk about these photos from Severe Society’s The Devil’s Workshop: Payback’s A Bitch, but they tell their own story. Enjoy Master Tim Woodman‘s handy work as Kiki Daire and her beautiful round ass stay cuffed to the St. Andrew’s Cross.

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Master Tim Woodman Whips Kiki A Handful Of Kiki DaireMaster Tim Woodman With Kiki In The Palm Of His Hand

You know, HotMovies.com has a TON of amazing movies and stuff, and a while ago we created an info-graphic showing just how intense this site is! With over 160,000 movies, our expansion into mobile, and the best coders and designers in the business, we’re always growing!

HotMovies.com Infographic


There’s a lot more of these cautionary tales over at CollegeHumor.com. I know a certain ex-congressman who could have used this! (Right, Mr. Weiner?)

Happy Holidays from Fetish Movies!

.XXX Protestors

Source: Business Insider

Anyone out there dreaming of seeing someone posting Photoshopped images of famous people such as Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin appearing on their own .XXX domain will have to settle with doing it themselves.

The ICM Registry, who owns the .XXX domain itself, has taken the action of registering the names of countless famous people for itself before anyone else possibly could. In fact, “ICM claims they have locked 15,000 .xxx domains”, according to Gizmodo. Included in this list is everyone from President Obama and Lady Gaga and all the way down to, *shudder*, Osama Bin Laden and Rosanne Barr.

It should also be noted that The ICM Registry is also the company responsible for pushing upon ICANN the .XXX domain name. They, and THEY ALONE, own the domain! They, and they alone, are the only group of assholes people allowed to buy and sell this domain extension. So of course they get right of “first dibs”.

On the flip-side, this also will create a problem for anyone making legit porn parodies as well! On FetishMovies alone we have a few for Ugly Betty and even Super Mario Brothers! Are they covering series? Would ThisIsNotTheGongShow.XXX be banned as well? Will the world never get its awesomely well-deserved Aeon Flux porn parody and its domain because of this?!

Oh, but they haven’t forgotten about the companies! It turns out that they’ve bought a few of those as well! So if you have a company and you aren’t, say, Coca-Cola and you don’t want someone making a .XXX version of it, it’s going to cost you anywhere between $200 – $650.

Sadly, no word from disgraced and deposed former leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi about his plan on creating CondoleezzaRice.XXX using images in his now-found scrapbook.

So we’ve rolled out a new ad campaign here on FetishMovies.com with an emphasis not on all the content on the site, or the fact that its pay on demand, but on YOU! The idea is that you find yourself, that you find what you’re into, what your personal fetishes are and find what turns you on as a person!

You can only imagine how excited I was when I saw our newest and latest ad appear on the back of Marquis Magazine this month with the first ad of our campaign!!!

And, hey, if you’re in the magazine section of your local store and want to check out some porn and have a smart phone, scan the code on the back!