Vanity aka VaniityDid y’all hear? There is a very unsubstantiated rumor going around that Justin Bieber hooked up with transsexual porn juggernaut Vanity. I don’t even care about most celebrity output, but I’m all over bad celebrity gossip, and this bullshit tickles me pink. It also makes me green with jealousy. Vanity won Best Transsexual Performer of the Year at the 2013 AVN Awards! The talking maws on YouTube seem to think that Justin’s supposed dalliance makes him gay. I’m not even going to break that down to explain what may make or not make a person gay because I don’t have time to tackle that. I do have time to tackle the more important issue here: Justin Bieber might have tapped the ass of infamy and you didn’t. Pass the tissues-you’re going to need them one way or another.

Here are a few highlights from a few Vanity flicks to support my position:

Seriously, Vanity is the epitome of sexy. Her sensuality and fierceness transcends what most mortals could dream of. You’d have to be something heavenly to draw attention away from that janky suburban townhouse set in the above clip from Vanity Superstar. Am I wrong?

Of course, I’m not wrong. If your nipples aren’t getting a bit tight and your skin isn’t getting a little flushed at the sight of Vanity, you must be a fucking corpse. She’s what Mick Jagger means when he sings “She could make a dead man come.” Hell, even pegging and TS film veteran Christian XXX looks willing to drop dead for her in that clip from Transsexual Activity 2. ( I actually had to stop watching this video at work because I was getting too hot.)

I’m not here to debate any rumors, but I’m just saying that if people were going around saying that I hooked up with Vanity, I’d work that hell out of that one. And if I hadn’t hooked up with her, the rumors would simply light a fire under my ass to go about doing so. I’m very anti-warbling while sucking cock/big clit, but for Vanity, I’d probably do my best to give Roxy Jezel a run for her money in that department.

As your friend in pornoland, I’d be happy to curate a longer Vanity show for you, and to keep speculating about just what (or who) may have gone down between Vanity and JB. However, I’ll just leave the fun to you. If you want more Vanity, you can stop by her personal web site, Club You can also follow @Vaniity on Twitter.



Happy Halloween, all of you freak-nasty perverts! What could be better treat for you than some free fetish clips from two awesome Halloween-themed porn movies? Just because I’ve been a bit of an absentee mistress due to work travel lately doesn’t mean I don’t think about you in my spare time.

Oddly enough, there aren’t too many Halloween fetish movies out there. However, spanking fans surely know about Tricky Treat from Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment. This Halloween flick features Chelsea and fellow spanking superstar Clare Fonda as friends who think each other’s costumes are too slutty to wear out. (Halloween costumes are never too sexy or revealing. Never.) In 2013, I don’t know if there are enough available spankos to dish it out to everyone in a “too sexy” costume. But it’s awfully fun to think about the possibilities when you see Jeannie paddling a wayward nurse, isn’t it?

There’s plenty more of Clare and Chelsea’s spanking and joking to go around in Tricky Treat. Go to the clip gallery right here for more.

And, because I want to fatten you up on treats, here’s another one for you. This clip is from a Halloween party hosted by, part of the empire of perversion. Officially titled , you can find plenty of action here to satisfy your hunger for diabolical public fetish and fuck action. Sarah Jane Ceylon made an appearance at the party and had an orgasm without asking permission from Princess Donna. Luckily, I won’t make you guess what happened:

I really had a hard time choosing only a handful of clips for this one. Go watch the whole kink and sex spectacle here. I’ve a few more clips to whet your appetite in the online gallery too. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween, you filthy freaks!



It’s been so long since I posted some free fetish clips for you. I’ve been swimming in kink lately, and as much as I love it, I don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about you. I’m about to head to Folsom Street Fair to work the GayHotMovies and FetishMovies tent with dear Otter. We’ll be right on Folsom, between 8th and 9th, but closer to 8th. Whip master and artist Sir Nik Satanas will be performing and Jimmy Durano will be there to meet fans. You’ll need to bring a napkin, you filthy droolers. THEN, come to our Pegboy after party at Driftwood.

I think everyone I know and respect in the porn industry sweats over Nina Hartley. I know I do. Her Private Sessions series from Bizarre Video is unwaveringly sexy, no matter which installment you choose. With my thing for the slightest hint of a uniform, I love the prison-inmate roleplay scene between Claire Adams and Adrianna Nicole. A riding crop to the face and a twat slap? Yes, please:

This is just the tip of the riding crop. The full movie, Nina Hartley’s Private Sessions 19, which I double recommend, is available right here. And for you Bizarre Video fans, you’ll be thrilled to know that the studio is getting ready to release new titles again! Hot damn and hell yeah!

Speaking of things that thrill me, I became enamored with Nikki Delano for her small cock humiliation in the latest in the Mean Facesitters series from Meanbitch Productions.

While I don’t want my own face sat on, I love FemDom videos, especially when a guy gets to sniff, lick, and eat ass and pussy, but still has to endure his mistress’s abuse. Watch more noses get smashed in by beautiful butts in Mean Facesitters 7.

I have to go pack all of my leather and toys now. Say hi and offer up your ass to my paddles at Folsom!



Mistress Cyan of Sanctuary LAX

Los Angeles, CA – The ladies of Sanctuary LAX are ready to enslave the ears of Los Angeles and the internet with an appearance on the Intellectual Kink show at Leading the charge will be Mistress Cyan, the proprietrix of Sanctuary LAX and a long time leader in the Los Angeles BDSM community. Joining her will be Goddess Genesis, Mistress Ashley Reigns, and bondage superstar Ashley Renee.

Ashley Renee

Goddess Genesis

Mistress Ashley Reigns

Hosted by Insidious Muse and Service Slut, this internet radio talk show episode will revolve around the differences between professional domination and lifestyle BDSM. Also up for discussion will be the differences between porn and professional domination with regards to health and safety issues such as HIV and other STDs.

“It is a pleasure for us to be the guests of Insidious Muse,” said Mistress Cyan. “She has supported us and our events. This will be a lovely opportunity for us to return the favor. We encourage all our friends and supporters to listen and call in.”

The show will air live, Wednesday night at 9:00PM, PST (*Midnight for you East Coasters) on Listeners can call in to the show at 1-800-893-9562 or comment on the discussion through the very active Skid Row Studios chat room. Archives will later be made available at and

Sanctuary LAX is one of LA’s biggest, most legendary, BDSM play spaces, with a kick-ass staff of Dominants and submissives. Feature Mistresses at Sanctuary LAX have included Julie Simone, Jewell Marceau, and Paris Kennedy. This week, Mistress Miranda is visiting from the UK. The space is available for production and is well known for kinky events. For more information on the studio and the staff, go to


About Sanctuary LAX: Sanctuary LAX was formerly known as Passive Arts, and has been an essential part of the Southern California BDSM scene for well over 10 years. The studio is currently run by Mistress Cyan, a figure in the leather scene legendary for her activism and charity work. Sanctuary LAX is staffed by some of the most dedicated Dominants and submissives in the BDSM business. The space is available for video production and kinky events.

About Intellectual Kink and Skid Row Studios: Intellectual Kink is dedicated to deviant, yet clever discussion about sex and BDSM. Hosted by Insidious Muse and Service Slut, they tackle, bound, and molest a variety of sexual topics in a way that will respect you in the morning. While archives of Intellectual Kink can be found at, the show broadcasts live from Skid Row Studios every Wednesday night at 9:00PM. Intellectual Kink is part of a very eclectic line up at that includes comedy, sports, psychic advice and news.

You know why I don’t get into being humiliated? Because I have no fucking shame. I’d hate to really hurt someone and embarrass them, but me? I just don’t give a rat’s ass. If I did, would I let Evelyn at take this pre-product test photo of me? (I had already started to get changed when I decided a “pre” photo was needed.)

Yes, that’s a Bettie Page t-shirt, and yes, that’s the office bathroom. I’m just as sad as you are that is doesn’t have gilded ceilings, flattering lighting, and a a tampon machine. C’est la vie, fuck it. I just needed a place to change into and test the Midnight Prowler bodystocking by Pipedream Products. I had donned this garment before, but it was while hanging out in my house this summer without a functional air conditioner. (Come to think of it, I should actually wear it for a week next summer, soak it with sweat, and then sell the rank bodystocking on Ebanned.)

I have a “real” body, and I’m not a model by any means. Also, I’m not a lingerie wearer. I have tried and tried to love the stockings, the lace, the dainty panties, and it’s just not my thing. Instead of feeling sexy, I feel like I’m wearing an undersized, polyester Halloween costume from the dollar store, regardless of how amazing the actual lingerie is. In other words, super sexy clothing makes me feel ridiculous and self-conscious. Considering that, I really liked the idea of a opaque, hoodie bodystocking. From the image on Pipedream’s website, the bodystocking looks sleek and playful. Awesome. There’s not really a point to the hood, but Pipedream sells this style with the following copy from their website: Sneak up on your lover in the middle of the night in this sexy bodystocking. Scoop neck and crotchless, it has wide openings in all the right places! Were this item being marketed to men, I’d be a little worried about that message. For me, not so much. So, I requested the Midnight Prowler in size OS (original size) to see if I could possibly love a piece of lingerie.

This is the image that Pipedream uses to show the style of the Midnight Prowler:

The material looks somewhat sheer and the model’s boobs are definitely, albeit barely, encased within the bodystocking. This was not my experience. I found the bodystocking well-constructed, and very opaque. (I’m curvy and only 5 feet tall.) The nylon is somewhat thick, and therefore, it does hold the body jiggles in place. I had plenty of fabric and did not at all feel “choked” by a lack of give. However, the Midnight Prowler does not at all reign in my breasticles. Despite the amount of fabric I had to work with, I had to tug and stretch the collar of the Prowler just to get this much coverage:


It’s not like I was planning to go anywhere immediately in this catsuit, but I do like to have options for the odd occasion when I  dress up for a fetish party or neighborhood potluck. I was a little disappointed that my boobs just do not fit inside of the catsuit without using tape or additional covering. I like the tease of sexy clothing, the suggestion of what might be revealed, rather than the overt display of body parts. In short, the plunging neckline is quite low. The open crotch is fine and perfectly logical to me, if only from the perspective from a person who drinks a ton of coffee and pees all day long. However, I’m also a dutiful underwear wearer, so I would wear this with my underpants (fuck “panties” unless they’re on a crossdresser) on.

In short, I will wear the Midnight Prowler bodystocking. As you can see from the photos, I am smiling and feel at ease. Victory at last!


If you’re interested in going twinsies with me, you can order the Midnight Prowler online at And kudos to Pipedream for remembering that One Size does not always fit all sizes. You can also get the Midnight Prowler in Queen and Diva sizes too.



I’ve been quiet about the Ariel Castro case, and it’s not for lack of awareness of the case. It’s been on my mind a lot since the story broke in May. I was at DomCon LA when Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus were rescued. For those who don’t know, DomCon is an event that celebrates consensual adult behaviors that many people just don’t embrace. DomCon is a lively, playful event where you can indulge your fetish mind by buying porn, competing in The DomCon LA Pet Show and Awards, or taking a class called An Introduction to Psychological Warfare, to name a few options. And if you don’t understand it or don’t care for that kind of engagement, that’s fine. Part of consent means having your boundaries honored when you want or need to abstain from an activity or situation.

Ariel Castro’s case has fuck all to do with consent. Life in prison plus 1,000 years doesn’t seem like enough to me.

Where do I even begin to address my horror and disgust?

Is it because he said he’s not a monster, but a man with an addition to porn?

Maybe it’s because he claims that all of the sexual contact he had with Knight, Berry, and DeJesus was consensual, and that they weren’t virgins anyway.

It’s truly possible that my rage has something to do with the 92 pounds of rusted chain that were recovered from the rooms where Castro shackled his captives.

Or maybe it’s because this miserable, and admittedly sick, son of a bitch kidnapped three girls who he repeatedly raped, threatened, assaulted, and terrorized for a decade got away with it for so long, only to ask for forgiveness from them today for his actions. According to the New York Times piece released after Castro’s sentencing, he believes he has been unfairly characterized:

“These people are trying to paint me as a monster,” Mr. Castro said. “I’m not a monster. I’m sick.”

He apologized to the victims, and said that he was not a violent person and blamed his actions on addiction to pornography.

Earlier testimony from law enforcement officers on Thursday painted a picture of Mr. Castro as calculating, remorseless and sadistic, a man who kidnapped the three women, repeatedly beating and raping them, and often keeping them chained to a pole in the basement of his house.

Joshua Barr of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation testified that Mr. Castro had a gun in the home and 92 pounds of chains that were used to restrain the women. Prosecutors also offered photographs from the home showing an elaborate system of alarms on the doors and a motorcycle helmet that Mr. Castro forced the women to wear when he raped them. Mr. Castro also made the women play Russian roulette and threatened them with a gun.”

Ariel Castro admits that he needed help-but he never got any. He didn’t seem to look for someone who might consent to extreme roleplay. No, he repeatedly violated these women and stole a decade from their lives. There is not a single element of this story that is OK. The Cleveland kidnapping case is so extreme that one of the only positive comments I’ve heard is “at least they’re all still alive.”

I might be into some bizarre and painful shit, but this is not the kind of person I am, and it’s not the kind of person who I would have found at DomCon nor any other respected fetish event. We might restrain one another in basements, we might stage elaborate kidnapping fantasies, we might engage in usual-and to some, disturbing-sexual practices, but the bottom line of our world is consent. There’s a reason we call it “play.” We encourage aftercare when a scene ends. In short, we don’t take by force and let people suffer through and after our play.

And yet, there is an upside in this nightmare in that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight are moving on. I cannot possibly estimate what it will take to truly overcome this ordeal, but these women are incredibly resilient. Rather than use any more words of my own, I leave you with theirs:



My mind was blown apart by an article the August 1995 issue of Spin magazine. The Internet was growing, and finding information about alternative sexual practices was still largely an effort of sniffing out and digging through tangible publications. I’d comb through Factsheet Five, the now long-defunct “zine to zines,” and thumb through the erotic photography and culture books in the basement of Tower Records on South St. for clues about fringe sexuality. I wanted to know about porn, about S/M (before I knew about “BDSM”), learn how to become a dominatrix, and discover how to modify my own body for additional pleasure while embracing methods of nontraditional beauty.

In other words, I sought the maps to the other worlds that were flickering in the distance of my mind. At 14, I knew that I had some peculiar interests, but I no idea where to go to deal with them-except to books and magazines.

And then that infamous 1995 issue of Spin, with a soaked Michael Stipe commanding the cover, appeared in my parents’ mailbox.

I don’t recall reading any of the music articles, but I read and re-read “Scar Lovers: Sex in the USA, Part One” by Eurydice in various sittings, repeatedly feeling washed over in arousal and horror. The idea of cutting a design into someone’s flesh seemed barbaric-and beautiful. I longed to find a BDSM club where I could explore cutting, blood play, and public punishment. I dreamed of getting Raelyn Gallina‘s work imprinted in my flesh. In contrast, I feared what these desires made me, particularly if it meant I might be socializing with people who are known for “going out in costume and dragging 15-year-old kids into the bathroom and raping them, ordering them to blow each other, that sort of thing,” as one of Eurydice’s subjects boasted.

While a recent read of the article still resonates with me, it does so much differently. Rather than fearing this odd world, I came to embrace it.  It took several stops and starts to finally feel comfortable with my kinky interests, but I can laugh at parts of the article now while still tapping into my initial reaction of primal desire.

I’m curious what other people think, and especially what impressions you get from “Scar Lovers.” Use Disqus to leave a comment now, or e-mail me at dee [at]