It’s Sci-Fi Friday here at! While I’m not really a big sci-fi follower in my straight life, I’m all over sci-fi porn. I’m not sure how much of this is actual fodder for a wank, but I’m too excited to keep these unique clips to myself. I’m not judging, just processing.

The first clip might actually be one of the most memorably hilarious moments I’ve found in the last year of watching fetish porn. From Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainments Space Girls! spanking video, I present Amber Pixie Wells and Ashley Fires:

There is much more spanking fun in Space Girls! than this clip would tell you. Go check out the full film here on or see a few more clips from the gallery through this link.

For a slightly more horror-tinged latex-laced fetish film, The Asylum from GwenMedia balances just the right amount of sexiness and fetish-filled desire with eeriness.

However, due to an awesome cast comprised of , , Eve Ellis, and Charlotte Kelly, The Asylum is far more fun than unsettling. Click on the title for the full film, or take a few more peeks at the clips here.

And don’t forgot to check back on Monday for a tribute to the ultimate in bizarre sci-fi fetish films. It’s a little gem called Hell, as in “what the hell am I watching?”



Summertime in the city is a special type of agony. You live in an old building without central air, the grit from the briefest walk outside sticks to your sweaty skin, and the odor of stale piss dominates your nostrils for three months. Yet, a good beach day can right the wrongs of city summer. And sorry to all of you who are landlocked, but I’m going to the beach tomorrow and I can’t fucking wait. I’ll be eating crabs and drinking beer on the Atlantic. So, in honor of summer weekends and day drinking, here are some vacation-style kink clips to whet your appetite this weekend.

First up is a clip of some outdoor doggy-style latex fucking from Inflagranti Film Berlin‘s Fetish-Zone: Latex – Rubber Summer Sex:

As someone with a latex allergy, I can’t honestly say that I have a latex fetish. However, latex’s squeak during sex scenes is still an added plus for me. For more from Fetish-Zone: Latex – Rubber Summer Sex, you can watch them right here.

Next up is a sultry 3 lady scene from Kinky Vacations by Anastasia Pierce Productions. This one has been on my To Watch list for a while now, and this feels just about right to take in now that it’s July.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the time I spent watching the different sequences in Kinky Vacations. Anastasia Pierce is known for consistently producing excellent quality work, and this one is no exception. AND, as if she wanted to speak directly to my deviance, there is a really fun tickle scene later in the film between Zoey Holloway and her. A clip from that scene is included in the the Kinky Vacations gallery, linked here.

Lastly, I’ve a clip of Mistress Amrita spanking her sub on a secluded beach in Amrita’s Vacation Slave. That hunk of driftwood is probably not the most comfortable spanking bench-and that’s why I love this clip.

For more clips from Amrita’s Vacation Slave, you will find them right here.


Star of the Week: Anastasia Pierce

So one of the perks of working with porn is being able to check out all the amazing photos and videos of some of the most amazing porn stars around, and this time I decided to check out Anastasia Pierce.

I decided to check out Fetish Instinct first because the box cover was interesting. Hey, what’s not to be fascinated about with a woman covered head-to-toe with clothes pins? After checking out the film, its a lot like performance art. You’re left puzzling if Anastasia is in horrible pain or if its balanced in just the perfect way just like if you did acupuncture. I mean, they’re all over her arms and legs, and she has some directly on her nipples and pussy… or, and her fingers and eyes. For me, the sexiest and more stimulating part was when she pulled them all off, one by one. She looked almost like a lost angel pulling off her feathers. Plus the industrial soundtrack made the entire scene better!

Next up is Submission 2, and its a fairly-classic fetish film. After Anastasia displeases her mistress, she has her mouth-gag removed and replaced with a hood and then another one with a mouth gag as well! She’s then forced to perform for her mistress and dress her. There is a ton of latex and rubber masks, I love the red body suit Mistress Jean Bardot wore, there was a nice use of restraints, and I really enjoyed it!

Finally, I watched Maximum Kink, which actually was a 2011 AVN Award Nominee for Best BDSM video! Anastasia didn’t star in it, but she did direct… and she is a phenomenal director! Working with the incredibly kinky Jewell Marceau and Rubberdoll, she’s crafted a film that’s both amazing and engrossing. The camera work is just astounding! There are scenes that take place in a room filled with light, the lone inhabitants are two women willing to perform bizarre acts of lust and desire on each other. Then you have scenes that take on uniform fetish with women dressed in skin-tight latex uniforms performing breast play and spanking torment! The film is a non-stop sensual dream of almost every fetish possible, and when it was over it felt like waking from a wonderful dream.!

Anastasia Pierce is simply a master of Fetish! Her films are filled with intrigue and sensuality, capable of sweeping you away to a land you never thought possible that only existed in your wildest fantasies and imagination! Check out the rest of her films on our site!