If there’s one thing that really fries my ass about living in Philadelphia, it’s the pervasive rudeness exhibited by my fellow city dwellers. In porn, we often get to explore our deepest fantasies. And I’m so happy to find a video that touches my fantasy of hearing someone say “thank you.” Mistress Persephone deserves such enthusiasm, don’t you think?

I’ll have some more clips for you later today. In the meantime, you can certainly check out every whack Mistress Persephone lays on her slave in Syren Hairbrush Scenes.

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I love this video so much, I don’t even know where to begin. Electrical Debauchery Diabolique simply delights me to my core. Domina Irene Boss torments her sub, he winces, and she the cuts loose with a sonorous, gleeful laugh. CBT, stockings, a metal dental gag, electro play, violet wands-there is nothing I don’t love here. It’s like Irene Boss set a Dee Viant trap and I fell right in.

Seriously, friends, my face muscles are fatigued from smiling and laughing during my review of Diabolique. The last time my face hurt this much from enjoying a film, it was 2005 and I was in a San Francisco movie theater watching Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Hearing that sub plead for mercy (or simply more sensation) through the gag is heavenly. Irene Boss so clearly into what she’s doing. I know that sounds silly-of course, she is!-but I don’t care much for videos that are highly stylized and feature middle-of-the-road playing. That isn’t fake laughter coupled with a forced smile coming from Irene Boss. It’s genuine. Furthermore, the Domina’s play style appeals to me because I don’t really identify with the icy, unhappy FemDom stereotype. Play is fun, and it gets me off to see people having fun. I love the part around 32 minutes when the Boss teases the restrained sub’s stocking-covered legs with her own, and threatens to make him look at Dian Hanson’s Leg Show magazine while she canes him. As a caning lover, I wish this footage were part of EDD. Clearly, her sub wasn’t the only one getting teased then.

My only complaint about Electrical Debauchery Diabolique is that I wanted more closeups of the action. Overall, the video quality and sound are perfectly fine, but I like to get very close when it comes to pleasurable agony. I wanted to see the sweat beading up on this grimacing, twitching sub. That’s my one letdown. I’ll live.

I’ve watched this video several times, and sometimes I listen to it in the background while I’m doing other tasks. What a relaxing soundtrack to busy days! Frankly, I love Irene Boss’s style and I love her jovial domination. Simply, Domina Irene Boss is a woman after my own heart and I’m happy to turn you on to her if you aren’t already a fan. Have a look below to get a taste of what delights me so deeply:

Now that I’ve got you where I want you, go watch Electrical Debauchery Diabolique on FetishMovies.com now!



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Aiden Starr

I received an email from a fan of porn star Aiden Starr. He had read an interview with Aiden, in which she said that she made her first adult movie, a bondage video, with Rick Savage, and he wondered if I could tell him the name. It’s a bit hard to find Aiden’s first movie with me on the internet if you’re doing a search by “Aiden Starr,” because that wasn’t the name she used in all of the bondage videos that she made with me. When a then 19-Year-old Aiden came to me and asked to be in one of my movies, she used the name Annabelle. She made another 8 or 9 movies for me but used the name Lolita. She decided she wanted to devote herself to a career in adult films so she moved to L.A. But the talented young switch was heartbroken when she found out that none of the adult film companies would let her use her stage name “Lolita.” Apparently, due to the Vladimir Nabokov novel by the same name, in which the main character and sex object of the book is significantly under the age of 18, the name Lolita had now been unofficially blacklisted by the adult industry. So, Lolita changed her name to Aiden Starr, and she has now gone on to become a genuine superstar in the world of porn and bondage videos.

Back to the topic of Aiden’s first movie for me. You can find her first movie, in which she’s submissive, on my studio under the title The Submission & Bondage of Aiden Starr, which of course, was not the original title. Aiden also worked for me in several movies where her dominant nature shone through. I’m sharing some pics in this blog from the movie, Rick Savage FemDom: Submit to Thy Mistress 2. As her career grew, Aiden decided to only work as a top when she appeared in bondage videos; and she is truly a brilliant dominatrix. In these photos, she’s dominating “super slave,” Slave Kali, who has also appeared in several of my femdom videos. This movie features a wide array of corporal action including paddling, caning, nipple torture, dildo training, CBT, scratching and whatever crossed minxy Aiden’s mind.

Aiden Starr dominating Aiden's shelf Aiden Starr and Slave Kali
Bound, bag over his head Aiden Starr whips her slave Mistress Aiden and slave
Aiden spanking Aiden strikes a tempting pose Pegging

Just a few notes on Aiden’s physical attributes. She’s 4’10” and has such perfectly round, firm boobs that most people assume she’s had a boob job. But, absolutely not! I can testify to their naturalness. I know. I’ve squeezed them several times.

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Ava and slave

From time to time I’m asked if I have a favorite movie or favorite lady that I’ve worked with. Having directed somewhere over 300 bondage videos, I find it impossible to point to one as being a favorite. Working as a master in front of the camera I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to top many wonderful slaves. As a director, remaining behind the camera, it might surprise many of my viewers to find out that some of my favorite movies have been femdom. This has nothing to do with my personal preferences. I kneel… to no one. But as a director, I appreciate beauty wherever I find it. And there’s just something beautiful about absolute surrender, about the power transfer from one person to another. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a woman surrendering to a man or a man surrendering to a woman.

Male slaves are paid much less than female slaves when they work in a video. So, you never have a case of someone doing it just for the money when it comes to femdom. The men who submit to a dominatrix in my movies, do it because they love it. Period. That means, the action is always real. Nothing’s ever faked. Often, before any corporal action occurs, I’ll notice a male slave literally trembling with excitement, just to kneel before a beautiful dom, knowing that he is now her property. She can do with him as she pleases.

In my studio here on Fetishmovies.com the majority of movies consist of a woman submitting to me. But, I’m estimating that I have 10 to 12 femdom bondage videos and every one of them is exciting to watch. In this post I’m sharing some photos from a movie called Rick Savage Femdom: Submit To Thy Mistress. I found this one to be especially magical because I have a real life couple, David and Ava, exploring femdom for the first time in the lives, in front of my camera. In their relationship at home, David has always been the dominant one, but he’s expressed to Ava that he’s fantasized about her dominating him. And they decided that by exploring this dynamic in front of my camera, it would force them to take things quite seriously. In a way, it would force them to shed their normal roles and be free to explore the feeling of a man submitting to a woman.

Mistress Ava Mistress Ava and slave Ava bends him over
A little cbt for you CBT mistress

The result? It was sheer magic. I’ll use the word “charming” to describe how I saw the energy between them as this tape began. But trust me. The energy really began to move. The cropping, spanking, paddling, worship, the cbt (cock & ball torture,) – all the action was good. One of the more fun things for me was just watching their expressions as we explored the different dungeon rooms and S&M furniture. We filmed at a fully equipped dungeon, The Royal Castle, in Philadelphia, and both Ava and David were amazed to see all the toys and furniture that was at their disposal.

I gave Ava, who’s 6’3″, a sexy black latex outfit to wear and I could see she really got off on it. I could tell it made her feel dominant and sexy. This is truly a beautiful video.