It’s Sci-Fi Friday here at! While I’m not really a big sci-fi follower in my straight life, I’m all over sci-fi porn. I’m not sure how much of this is actual fodder for a wank, but I’m too excited to keep these unique clips to myself. I’m not judging, just processing.

The first clip might actually be one of the most memorably hilarious moments I’ve found in the last year of watching fetish porn. From Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainments Space Girls! spanking video, I present Amber Pixie Wells and Ashley Fires:

There is much more spanking fun in Space Girls! than this clip would tell you. Go check out the full film here on or see a few more clips from the gallery through this link.

For a slightly more horror-tinged latex-laced fetish film, The Asylum from GwenMedia balances just the right amount of sexiness and fetish-filled desire with eeriness.

However, due to an awesome cast comprised of , , Eve Ellis, and Charlotte Kelly, The Asylum is far more fun than unsettling. Click on the title for the full film, or take a few more peeks at the clips here.

And don’t forgot to check back on Monday for a tribute to the ultimate in bizarre sci-fi fetish films. It’s a little gem called Hell, as in “what the hell am I watching?”



Happy Halloween, all of you freak-nasty perverts! What could be better treat for you than some free fetish clips from two awesome Halloween-themed porn movies? Just because I’ve been a bit of an absentee mistress due to work travel lately doesn’t mean I don’t think about you in my spare time.

Oddly enough, there aren’t too many Halloween fetish movies out there. However, spanking fans surely know about Tricky Treat from Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment. This Halloween flick features Chelsea and fellow spanking superstar Clare Fonda as friends who think each other’s costumes are too slutty to wear out. (Halloween costumes are never too sexy or revealing. Never.) In 2013, I don’t know if there are enough available spankos to dish it out to everyone in a “too sexy” costume. But it’s awfully fun to think about the possibilities when you see Jeannie paddling a wayward nurse, isn’t it?

There’s plenty more of Clare and Chelsea’s spanking and joking to go around in Tricky Treat. Go to the clip gallery right here for more.

And, because I want to fatten you up on treats, here’s another one for you. This clip is from a Halloween party hosted by, part of the empire of perversion. Officially titled , you can find plenty of action here to satisfy your hunger for diabolical public fetish and fuck action. Sarah Jane Ceylon made an appearance at the party and had an orgasm without asking permission from Princess Donna. Luckily, I won’t make you guess what happened:

I really had a hard time choosing only a handful of clips for this one. Go watch the whole kink and sex spectacle here. I’ve a few more clips to whet your appetite in the online gallery too. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween, you filthy freaks!




Chelsea Pfeiffer is currently our featured star, but she is far more than just a performer. She is a spanking video producer and co-owner of Chelsea Entertainment with her husband. Realizing her love of spanking as an adult, Chelsea specializes in girl-spanks-girl entertainment. You’ll see Mrs. Pfeiffer using a variety of implements on her female bottoms including her hand, paddle, hair brush and lots more. In these free clips we get to watch her spank the naughty behinds of Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Elizabeth, and January Seraph. You don’t really get to see January as a bottom anymore, but we have her right here looking great and getting spanked by Chelseas Pfeiffer!

Enjoy these free spanking clips!

The Amelia-Jane Rutherford Stories

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