I love this video so much, I don’t even know where to begin. Electrical Debauchery Diabolique simply delights me to my core. Domina Irene Boss torments her sub, he winces, and she the cuts loose with a sonorous, gleeful laugh. CBT, stockings, a metal dental gag, electro play, violet wands-there is nothing I don’t love here. It’s like Irene Boss set a Dee Viant trap and I fell right in.

Seriously, friends, my face muscles are fatigued from smiling and laughing during my review of Diabolique. The last time my face hurt this much from enjoying a film, it was 2005 and I was in a San Francisco movie theater watching Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Hearing that sub plead for mercy (or simply more sensation) through the gag is heavenly. Irene Boss so clearly into what she’s doing. I know that sounds silly-of course, she is!-but I don’t care much for videos that are highly stylized and feature middle-of-the-road playing. That isn’t fake laughter coupled with a forced smile coming from Irene Boss. It’s genuine. Furthermore, the Domina’s play style appeals to me because I don’t really identify with the icy, unhappy FemDom stereotype. Play is fun, and it gets me off to see people having fun. I love the part around 32 minutes when the Boss teases the restrained sub’s stocking-covered legs with her own, and threatens to make him look at Dian Hanson’s Leg Show magazine while she canes him. As a caning lover, I wish this footage were part of EDD. Clearly, her sub wasn’t the only one getting teased then.

My only complaint about Electrical Debauchery Diabolique is that I wanted more closeups of the action. Overall, the video quality and sound are perfectly fine, but I like to get very close when it comes to pleasurable agony. I wanted to see the sweat beading up on this grimacing, twitching sub. That’s my one letdown. I’ll live.

I’ve watched this video several times, and sometimes I listen to it in the background while I’m doing other tasks. What a relaxing soundtrack to busy days! Frankly, I love Irene Boss’s style and I love her jovial domination. Simply, Domina Irene Boss is a woman after my own heart and I’m happy to turn you on to her if you aren’t already a fan. Have a look below to get a taste of what delights me so deeply:

Now that I’ve got you where I want you, go watch Electrical Debauchery Diabolique on FetishMovies.com now!



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Mia's labia contained

There are those for whom S&M is a purely spiritual journey and then there are those who sexualize their S&M. Those that get aroused from spanking a luscious female ass, from tying up a nice set of natural tits or from vigorously over-stimulating and/or torturing the female genitalia, henceforth referred to as pussy. (Or snapper, muffin, quim, cookie, biscuit, snatch, bald beaver, bearded clam, box, honey hole, cellar door, cunt, gash, crumpet, cooze, cockpit, fish tank, gate of heaven, lamp of love, oven, muff, twat, mouth-that-cannot-bite, etc.)

Where was I? Oh right, those for who S&M is purely spiritual and those that sexualize their S&M. I confess. I’m of the latter persuasion. I’ve rarely found much pleasure in torturing the soles of a woman’s feet, although I can get aroused by it. For me, the “critical triangle” would be tits, ass and… vertical smile. In previous blog posts, I’ve discussed breast bondage and nipple torture. Today I’ll just share a few pics and a few of my favorite methods for torturing that most sensitive part of the female anatomy.

Pussy wedgie Mia, cuffed Pussy clamps

A very convenient piece of furniture for enjoying pussy torture is, of course, a doctor’s gyno table. The feet can be easily tied into the stirrups and the torso and arms can be tied to the upper section of the exam table. One tip. Have some type of spreader bar handy because even though the feet are bound into the stirrups, your slave can still bring her knees together, inhibiting access. Hence, find a way to affix the spreader bar between the knees, preferably just above the knees because it’s less likely to get in the way. I realize most people don’t have gyno tables so fear not. It’s quite easy to torture a tantalizing pussy while your slave stands or you spread eagle her on your bed or kitchen table. With a little imagination, one can find an assortment of household furniture quite adequate for pussy torture. Bent over and tied to a stepladder? You can sit a slave in just about any chair that has arms, slide her musty muffin to the front edge of the chair, tie her legs over the arms and voila… she’s open for business.

Electrocuting her vagina Electric pussy torture Mia's open hole

In the attached pictures from Rick Savage Pussy Play (which can be seen here on my studio,) we feature the lovely slave Mia… and her pussy. Mia’s one of my favorite pain sponges. Seems like no matter what devious action I’ve perpetrated on her magnificent body, she’s loved it. In Rick Savage Pussy Torture, I sent her to the store before we began shooting. But before I sent her, I gave her a super “pussy wedgie” with her panties actually tied into position, hoisted into her slit. Just to make it a bit uncomfortable and make her think about her pussy with ever step while she walked to the store.

During the video I massaged her bald beaver with a harsh bottle-brush and affixed clover clamps to her shaved labia. Then, I affixed fairly heavy fishing weights to the clover clamps. As S&M aficionados all know, when you pull on clover clamps, they bite harder. I also did a fair amount of barehanded pussy torture, simply twisting, pinching pulling, pulling her pussy wide open as though I needed to park a car in there.

I find it’s fun to zap a naked and vulnerable pussy with electricity so I used my violet wand on Mia. I used a vibrator on her clit just to drive her crazy. Zippers are always fun, especially a labia zipper. So, I used sturdy wooden clothespins to make Mia’s zipper and of course suddenly yanked it off. She was pretty thrilled by that move. I finished by almost completely coating her open, shaved pussy with bright hot pink candle wax. And a good time was had by all.

Mia on the gyno table Hot wax on the vagina Close up of Mia's pussy

The joy of having a studio on Fetishmovies.com is that I can share all my fun and excitement with so many people. I hope you enjoy Mia in Rick Savage Pussy Play. There’s many, many other bondage videos on my site that contain plenty of pussy torture. Another great title is Rick Savage Pussy Play 3 featuring Zoe.

Got a question for Rick? Just send it to RickSavage99@gmail.com. Strict privacy guaranteed.

Our sisters over at HotMoviesForHer.com are giving away a free Neon Wand this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving kinksters

Just visit this post announcing the contest and tell them why you’re thankful for your favorite sex toy, porno movie, or porn star. It’s limited to residents of the continental U.S. (Es tut mir leid meine Deutschen freunden y lo siento mis amigos del Venezuela.)

The Neon Wand is courtesy of Stockroom.com and goes for $150. I have personally electrocuted myself with this thing extensively and it’s pretty impressive. The crackling sound of the Neon Wand fills you with anticipation, then visible lighting arcs to your body for a thrilling unique sensation. It’s basically like hooking up with Nikola Tesla, except he’s being played by David Bowie.

HotMoviesForHer.com bloggist J.D. Bauchery describes it as “… Emperor Palpatine for your clit.”

Don’t miss out, kinksters. Comment, re-tweet, and be thankful for safe words.