I’ve been so busy working for a porn site that I really haven’t had a lot of time to relax and watch a porn, let alone tell you about it. However, what fun is working in porn if you’re not going to enjoy it? So, upon recommendation from a latex fetish friend of mine, I spent some time with Sebastian Solo‘s Proud and Perverted, Volume 1.

This video features lots of fucking. Don’t roll your eyes at me. You know what I mean-a lot of fetish films feature  sex, pegging, queening, intense ass play, and the whole list, but many really don’t consistently feature go-for-broke pounding. P&P #1 definitely isn’t short in the orifice plunging department. Fingers, cocks, strap-ons–you name it and it’s getting crammed somewhere. There’s also a blowjob scene that I could watch over and over again. It’s two ladies on one (pierced) cock-nothing unusual as far as porn goes-but the latex adds another element in its ability to obscure the wearer’s identity. Oh, just have a look for yourself and tell me this doesn’t look like fun:

Sofia Valentine‘s sub sequence “Sins of Sofia” is also totally hot.  Shot with one camera and key light in a dim dungeon, you’ll get the feeling you got when you first watched porn, that “I’m not supposed to be doing this” creeping feeling that slides up your back and makes you sweat before you turn away to see if anyone is watching you misbehave.  Sophia is barely covered by a pink latex sheath that her male and female dominants repeatedly pop against her flesh among their more intense antics. Fuck fucking, intense vibrator stimulation, and ass ass ass play. There is also lots of light face and tit-slapping here, two things of which I am a big fan. Overall, I simply love the contrast between lily-skinned Sofia and her hooded, dark-suited captors, Master Nastyfucker and Madame Adore. I might be in a minority here, but you tell me:

The final 17 minute sequence “Self Adore-ation” features Madame Adore playing alone on a latex-covered bed in latex clothing with various toys, including the legendary Symbian. With a latex allergy, I don’t yet know the sensation of being cloaked in rubber. However, I still enjoy watching others wear it. And this scene is captivating to watch. Madame Adore’s eyes are huge with arousal as she peers at the camera through her layered red hoods, inviting us in the watch her more closely. Gentle electronic music plays over the scene, and creates a mesmerizing environment that is additionally punctuated with Adore’s muffled gasps and sighs of delight. In contrast to the previous two sequences of Proud & Perverted #1, Self Adore-ation is no less arousing, but it is sumptuously elegant. I mean, I hate that damn discussion about art vs. porn, but I feel like this could be shown as video art in Soho. And if it ever is, I want to be a fly on that wall so I can watch the boners pop.

So that’s that. I finally watched some new (to me) fetish porn and got totally hot while working. Proud and Perverted Volume 1 gets my full pervert endorsement. There really is way too much in this film to list everything that will catch your eye, so you should just watch it for yourself. As in right now, motherfucker!

Grab a towel and make your own mess with Sebastian Solo’s Proud and Perverted Volume 1 on FetishMovies.com.



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Hey friends and perverts,
You probably already know that the annual Adult Video News Awards are tomorrow night, Saturday, January 19th, but a reminder can’t really hurt, can it? Hosted by porn starlets Asa Akira and Jesse Jane, the awards are known as the “porn Oscars.” You can find the entire list of 2013 AVN nominees here, but I’ve cut to the chase and done the dirty work of listing the fetish awards nominees right here.

Best BDSM Release

Ashley Loves Julie, Julie Simone/Pure Play

, Anastasia Pierce/Pulse

Bound Rubber Dolls, Julie Simone/Pure Play

Boy Toy 3: Tease & Denial, Crowned Jewell/Pulse

The Devil’s Workshop: Payback’s A Bitch, Severe Society/Bon-Vue

, Julie Simone/Pure Play

Femdom Fatale Vol. 2: Sadistic Seduction, Julie Simone/Pure Play

Girlfriends 5, Crowned Jewell/Pulse

, Mike Hunt/Juicy

Julie’s Pincushion, Julie Simone/Pure Play

, Mike Hunt/Juicy

, Anastasia Pierce/Pulse

, Bizarre Video/Pulse

Rubber Bordello, Snakeoil/Bon-Vue/Juicy

Vicious, Anastasia Pierce/Pulse


Best Fem-Dom Strap-On Release

His Booty Is My Duty, LéWood/Exquisite

Miss Teen Strap America 2, Joey Silvera/Evil Angel

Pegging 5: A Strap On Love Story, Devil’s Film

Pound My Man Ass, LéWood/Exquisite

Strap Attack 16, Joey Silvera/Evil Angel

Strap For Teacher, Joey Silvera/Evil Angel

Strap-On Family Values, Severe Society/Bon-Vue

The Violation of My Husband’s Ass, White Ghetto Films


Best Foot/Leg Fetish Release

Asphyxia Heels The World, BurningAngel/Vouyer

Belladonna’s Foot Soldiers 3: Don’t Tread on Me, Belladonna/Evil Angel

Chicks With Hot Feet, AMK Empire/Exile

ATK Co-Eds With Sexy Feet Vol. 2 , ATK/Kick Ass

Fantasy Footjobs 10, Kick Ass Pictures

Foot Fetish Daily #9, Kick Ass Pictures

Foot Fetish Sluts Vol. 1, Julie Simone/Pure Play

High Heels And Panties Volume 2, Digital Sin

Laid in Lingerie, Third Degree Films

Legs, Third Degree Films

Nylons 9 , Third Degree Films

Put Your Feet On My Meat 5, White Ghetto Films


Best Fetish Manufacturer

A.L. Enterprises

California Exotic Novelties

Doc Johnson



Icon Brands

Kookie Intl.


Perfect Fit Brand

Pipedream Products


Spartacus Leathers



XR Brands

So, friends, tell me who you want to see take home an AVN award. Send replies to me on Facebook or on Twitter, @FetishMovieBlog.

FetishMovies.com has plenty of fetish titles to help you scratch every itch you have. Go on and explore your deepest desires.



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Naughty Nikki

In my post of April 9 (A True Big-Tit Masochist) I talked about one of my top breast bondage models, the inimitable Naughty Nikki and shared some images from one of the titles, Rick Savage Tit Play, that can be found here on my RickSavage.com studio on Fetishmovies.com.

Since then I’ve gotten several responses from fans of the amazing Nikki, she of the big-natural-made-for-bondage breasts.  Boobs, tits, hooters, fun bags, sweater puppies, sweater stuffers, chest balloons, chesticles, Golden Winnebagoes as I once heard Steve Martin refer to them… no matter what ya call ’em, Nikki’s got a big, soft, pliable set of them that were simply put on this earth to be tied up.

Couple that with her truly submissive nature and the fact that she’s a dedicated, devoted pain slut, and you come up with one of the best breast bondage models in the history of bondage videos.  Because of these qualities and attributes, Nikki has developed a following of seriously dedicated, devoted fans.

One might even call them… obsessed.  To satisfy the hunger and demands of Nikki’s legions of fans, today I’m sharing some images from another of her boob bondage epics, Rick Savage Tit Play 5, which can also be found on my Fetishmovies.com studio.

As you can see, we REALLY gave Nikki’s tits an excruciating workout this time around.  Large zippers on each boob, my homemade heavy duty breast press, VERY strict rope bondage, compression bondage, barehanded tit torture AND some creative tit play with several sturdy rubber bands created a kind of “deformed boob art.”

And in the end, as always, Nikki was one happy lady.  The last thing out of her mouth is usually something like, “Do we have to stop now?”

Got a question for Rick?  Just send it to Ricksavage99@gmail.com.

I recently received an email from a viewer who had watched several of the milf bondage titles on my ricksavage.com studio here on fetishmovies.com.  He told me that after watching blonde MILF Karina in one movie….he was smitten.

He asked me if I’d shot any other bondage videos featuring Karina.  Sadly, no.  If memory serves me, and often it doesn’t, Karina was an executive secretary.  At the time I filmed her in the medical room of my NY dungeon, she had recently become divorced.  Maybe she just wanted to spread her wings and explore her newfound freedom, or maybe she decided to stick it to her ex by making some adult videos.  In either case, I was happy that she wanted to explore submission, bondage and S&M with me.

A true MILF – she had two teenage daughters – Karina had a great smile, told me that she loved being spanked and was open to anything.  I asked about breast bondage, hot candle wax.  She said that only once had she had candle wax dripped on her body and she loved it.  She confessed to having fantasized about having her big tits tied up, but no one had ever obliged her dreams.

I told her that wouldn’t be a problem for me.  Karina seemed determined to please her new master.  She took extremely sturdy clothespins on her big boobs for quite a long time.  And her full figured round bottom took a bun brightening hard spanking and paddling.  I mummified her in colorful plastic wrap leaving those big milf tits of hers exposed for further tit torture.  I doused those hefter hooters in different colors of hot candle wax.  And….it was quite a site.

When all was said and done, Karina told me that she’d had a great time, but with her job and her two daughers, she was concerned about moonlighting in the world of bondage videos.  She decided not to make another.

If you want to enjoy Karina in the one and only bondage video she ever made, then check out the title, “Rick Savage MILF Fetish Tit Play” on my studio here on fetishmovies.com.
Got a question for Rick?  Just send it to Ricksavage99@gmail.com.

Yep.   18 is the legal age to vote, join the army or work in adult movies.  And when I get an innocent looking teen like the slender, redhead, Vicci, I insist on 2 pieces of government issued I.D.

She arrived to me all bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Well…maybe bushy tailed isn’t the best description because her sweet little pretty pussy was quite bald and hairless.

Her boyfriend seemed to think it was a good idea for her to make a bondage video with me.  And….I wasn’t about to complain.  Before we even rolled tape, I could sense her trembling with excitement.  That only increased when I commanded her to strip.

This 18-year-old was literally vibrating.  After some rope bondage rendered her firm young buns vulnerable to my devious whims, I gave her a barehanded spanking.  With the very first spank, her mouth fell open and her eyes lit up like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Her excitement was literally that tangible.  It’s always fun to get someone’s B&D virginity and bondage video virginity, but Vicci was exceptionally delightful and I was SO thankful that my camera was in position to catch it all, at that moment of the first spank to her tasty buns.  I warmed her up with the spanking, but with a pussy that cute, shaved and pretty, the main object for corporal punishment that day was Vicci’s cookie.

Pussy spanking, clothespins on inner pussy lips, sturdy forceps on outer pussy lips.  I clamped huge rat traps on those tender labia, then added several large fishing weights to the traps.

And of course, seeings how the pussy was the object of my demented actions on this day I just HAD to put teenage Vicci on the gyno table and tie her feet into the stirrups.

You can find the demise of Vicci and Vicci’s pussy in Rick Savage Pussy Play, 2 on my ricksavage studio on fetishmovies.com, along with a wide variety of other bondage videos.  Enjoy.


*Got a question for Rick, just shoot it to Ricksavage99@gmail.com.

Mayhem bound

I guess an alternate title to this blog post could be “The Mistress Has a Master in the Closet.”

I remember saying many, many years ago that “Everything is a question of balance.” Then, a band called The Moody Blues came out with an album with virtually the same title. So saying, it might surprise many dominant men to find out that many mistresses, who only appear to be dominant in their public life, have a secret home life, where they have a partner, male or female, who dominates them, or is their outright master. You could say that this phenomenon simply falls under the category of being a “switch,” but I think there’s a lot more to it than that.

Some people, but definitely not all, need a semblance of balance in their lives. Hence the reason why you find so many men whose jobs put them in a position of power, who secretly go and pay to be dominated by a mistress. And it has way less to do with a love of pain, than it does with that need for “balance.” I’ve had conversations with several men who fit this category, one an elected public official. And to a man, they tell me how all day long, they carry such responsibility, dictating to others how they want everything to be done. Then at night, they slip away to a dominatrix where they become the slave. They become the obedient one who does what they’re told. At that point, they surrender power. Now, they no longer have the burden, the responsibility of making all the decisions. They talk of the relaxation, the bliss of just surrendering to the physical senses and just doing what they’re told.

Rick Savage and Mayhem Mayhem loving it Squeezing boobie

Of course, this same dynamic can exist with women of power, who, at the end of the day want to surrender their responsibilities and just be the slave. So, there are countless pro doms who fall under this category. By day, they dominate. At night, the master dictates their existence. Years ago, I knew of one especially wicked and rather famous New York dominatrix. By day, she would brutally beat the men who came to see her. By night, in her private life, she was kept in a small cage by her master, virtually 24/7. And she loved and worshiped him for many years.

Russian dom booty Mayhem with a bit Mayhem tied down

The beautiful Russian Mistress Mayhem isn’t exactly the best example of what I speak of, because if you went to her dungeon you could pay to have her walk all over you in her high heels, piss on you, whatever. But you could also pay to spank her and torture her in many, many ways. Most of her clients were submissive men, but once a day on the average, a dominant guy would come in and give her a good workout. And… she loved it.

Mayhem's vagina Mayhem's vag Mayhem bound

I used Mayhem a few times in my bondage movies. Sometimes I’d hire her to top other beautiful women. Sometimes, she’d play the bottom. As she did in my movie, Rick Savage Bondage & Submission 4, which you can find here on my FetishMovies.com studio. To me, Mayhem is a stunningly beautiful woman. And I truly loved torturing her beautiful natural tits. Not humongous tits, but definitely big enough that you could get a nice handful. And as many of my followers know, bare handed tit torture is my favorite kind of tit torture. In this video, I gave my lovely slave a hellacious tit spanking and spent plenty of time squeezing deeply into her breast flesh with my bare hands. Of course, that’s not all we did. Fans of ass punishment and pussy torture will not come away from this experience disappointed. Check it out, and enjoy.

Got a question for Rick, just send it to Ricksavage99@gmail.com.

Video: A Shemale With An 8 Inch Dick Vs. 4 Naughty Girls
Watch This Video!
Studio: Alpha International
With small tits and a rock hard dick, this lucky tranny gets to show her goodies to four different chicks and hook up with them all! You’ll see naughty threesomes with strap-on action; there’s nothing like seeing a tranny fuck a girl while taking a strap-on from behind! You’ll also see strap-on sucking, girls giving blowjobs to the lucky she-male, and yummy cumshots!
Video: Jelly Belly Chicks 25
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Studio: Diablo Productions
There are some huge tits and ass on display in this international flick from the Netherlands! These girls are big all the way around - and big girls need love, too! Watch them as they get what they beg for and devour cock like it was their last meal! More cushion for the pushing offers more comfort.

Stars: Monika, Dana, Lena, Marcella, Lenny
Video: Cockmommie 4
Watch This Video!
Studio: BossDVD.com (Irene Boss)
Scene 1: "You can't clean that kind of dirty" It's Gonzo for sexy submissive violet in her first ever appearance on film. She is auditioning as a house girl today! We begin with a long look at her topless long legged physique decked out in rubber corset and collar, as she goes through the complete collection of MIB Productions BossDVD.Com films in the lobby of the Compound. Sha-wing! Watch as she bends over. Madame Nadine screams and summons her up the stairs. Walk behind her. She is verbally berated by Madame Nadine for not cleaning the bathrooms properly, and now much be punished. She exclaims "You can't clean that kind of dirty"! Face slapping and shoving ensue. A gum snapping Madame Nadine is not pleased with this performance so far. Somethings gotta give. The now panty-less slave girl is panty gagged on the Andrew's Cross. The muscular miscreants nipples are clamped and she is properly gagged. She is smeared with an irritating lube and tied with rough rope. Her nipples and breasts are bitten and smacked. Next an OTK bare bottom spanking scene with fingering and the girl is ordered to masturbate. The bitch is a sassy brat who like to talk back! Dildo gagged she is placed over the horse for a good pussy and bottom flogging/cropping/wooden spoon paddling. She auditions her self dildo masturbatory fuck abilities on a steel chair while undergoing tit play. Next she fucks Cock Mommie with her dildo gag. The sexual audition in the gothic dungeon now moves to the kitchen where a femmy apron-ed and oven mitted Violet provides domestic service to the crabby Mom of Cock with tea, cupcakes, sexual food play and sploshing. A naked Violet lays on the kitchen table while Cock Mommie makes a Sunday out of her with sprinkles leading up to oral sex, vaginal strap-on play and oral strap-on service with a squirting milk cock. What a dumpster slut! Both Ladies are gleeful in their performances.

Scene 2: "Painted Youth" Cock Mommie and Jillian are at head quarters down at the South Side Office. Dressed as a Gothic schoolgirl, Jillian is learning to speak properly while gagged. There are constant face slapping and corrections for getting things wrong as well as hair pulling. Speech restriction, gagging, and verbal humiliation. Jillian lies down on the kitchen counter for her "art lesson", which includes clothing ripping and destruction. Items that Cock Mommie paid for must be rescued, however. Messy paint is squirted all over the slutty school girl's body and outfit while she is gagged. She is rewarded at the end by being praised for being a good girl.

Scene 3: "After School Ass" It's time for lessons at the Compound again with Instructress Madame Nadine and pupil Jillian, who much crawl up the stairs bare assed, blindfolded and gagged in her ballet boots. She is placed on the pillory and her shirt is cut off to be flogged on the behind with a rubber implement, and leather paddle. She is moved to an Andrew's Cross for more paddling and trained in obedience with face slaps, erotic nipple play and pussy slaps.

Scene 4: "Go fuck yourself" Mommie Nadine is resting and reading in the Victorian Boudoir while house girl Jillian simpers about the room pestering her, begging her for instructions, so finally Mommie orders her to "go fuck herself", which she does on a chair. Oral strap-on play while Mommie observes and pulls her hair. Next Jillian does a sexy erotic dance for Mommie and fucks herself vaginally with the dildo. Madame Nadine in a selection of beautiful leather corsets. The Ladies in this Cock Mommie series are beautiful young firm bodied exotic dancers. The emphasis is on erotic lesbian BDSM, humiliation, strap-on and splosh play.

Stars: Violet, Jillian, Madame Nadine
Video: Stockings 8
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Studio: Lady Suspender
Foot worship, body adoration . . . eleven gorgeous, uninhibited amateurs, young and mature, in a girl-on-girl stockings extravaganza. Soundtrack and original vintage underwear (Lacy vintage underwear, slips, stockings, girdles, tight and bras) and enhance this hot stockings footage. Wonderful erotica filmed from a unique, hot and horny perspective.

Stars: Sally, Anna P., Jan (Female), Fae, Pearl, Satine