The Wolfman and Dominique

Over the past 20 years, I’ve shot somewhere over 300 bondage videos, many of which can be seen on my studio,, here on  From time to time I’m reminded what a gift it is, when I’m given the opportunity to film an S&M scene in which the participants are an actual couple, people who live in a dominant/submissive relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, many, many a time, I introduce complete strangers to each other on one of my sets, and I end up with a bondage video that just crackles with heat.  Ships passing in the night can make for exciting life interludes.  But with real life couples, it’s fascinating to observe the chemistry.

Sometimes chiding, sometimes teasing.  Sometimes a bit of mental pushing and shoving because the dominant, inspired by the camera, wants his submissive to stretch her limits, go where maybe she’s never been before.

He pushes, he teases, she resists.  The game is on.  Will he get his way?  I know, I know, in our fantasies the slave never shows us anything but total submission.

She will let her master perform an appendectomy without the aid of any anesthetic.  Well…in the real world, everything ain’t always the way we want it to be in our fantasies.

My friend, Wolfman, presides over the resplendent Philadelphia dungeon, The Royal Castle.  And on many occasions I’ve made the short trek down the pike from NY to shoot at his dungeon.  Besides being Lord of the Castle, Wolf has also been a top fetish photographer in the B&D world for many years.  One day, I asked him if he’d consider working in one of my videos with his personal slave, Dominique.

Although he’s spent a vast amount of time BEHIND the camera, Wolf rarely, if ever, steps in front of it.  He kicked the idea around for a day, then said yes.  I’m sharing with you here today, some images from that video, Bondage & Discipline in Wolfman’s Dungeon, which you can see here on my studio.  If you enjoy watching the chemistry, the love, the devotion that exists between real-life masters and slaves, then I suspect you’ll enjoy watching this movie.

If you’re in a real-life S&M relationship and would like to appear in a Rick Savage movie, just shoot an email to

Mistress Cristian

Over the years, one mantra frequently echoed by members of the official S&M community (yes there is one.  They’ve told me many times) is, “S&M is not about anger.”  Well…in it’s purest form, I’d have to say that subject’s open for debate.  Over the years I’ve shot well over 300 bondage videos, B&D videos, S&M videos, whatever you choose to call them.  And a high percentage of the persons that appear in my videos generally practice some form of S&M in their private life.  I’ve shot many people for whom S&M is a spiritual journey, devoid of anger it seems.

But, I’ve also detected a strong current of anger running through many tops, be they male or female.  And I’ve got to tell you, most of he time, the strongest currents of anger, emanate from the ladies who wield the whip.  I see anger.  Sometimes downright cruelty. A director wears many hats.  Rarely, but sometimes, one of my responsibilities is to step in if I feel things are going too far.  I’m not about shooting permanent physical or emotional damage.

One dom that I love to shoot is Mistress Cristian, a talented mistress and a wonderful person who was born in Canada but has long since relocated to the New York area.

She’s had pro dungeons in Long Island, Queens, Manhattan and even Jersey City, New Jersey.  Cristian is creative and skillful in the administration of corporal punishment and she accepts nothing less than complete submission from her male slaves.

But no matter how extreme her “arts,” she delivers without even the remotest hint of anger.  When Cris is in front of my camera, I’m capturing S&M at its essence.

She shows us that S&M can be a beautiful thing, even very loving.

Here, I’m sharing some images from the movie Rick Savage Femdom: Submission to Mistress, which can be scene in my studio here on

It’s hard for many of us to imagine that someone can inflict pain upon another person without there being at least a little anger involved.

But Mistress Cristian shows us that it can be done, and can be done with ease.  For me, Cris is simply poetry in motion.
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We now have a full report about the Barcelona Fetish Weekend that was sponsored by, from the team at Eros Arts. It appears that the weekend was a great time for everyone who attended. That’s just what we expected.

Here’s a sample of the review (you can find it all here at Eros Arts):

This is the second year of this specially planned weekend for all fetish enthusiasts.  I don’t want to get into a comparison of the two events although I would like to say that I thought Christian and Erica did an exceptional job last year, but this year just blew it away. I can’t even imagine where to begin assembling such a weekend as this.  Their format as far as dance club Friday, Cabaret club Saturday and Kinky Bus tour Sunday remained the same as last year.

Fun For Everyone
Friday, April 13, The Main Event, Bondage Bash at EiTwo. Bus transportation from the hosting hotel was provided to the club in a few different time options. This was a nice feature since the club was quite a drive from the hotel. I was on the first bus where everyone seemed to be ready for the evening with good cheer. I kind of feel like I’m back on a school bus on that first day of school in eager anticipation of what the day will bring. Such is my feeling on the way to the club. Some people are enjoying conversation, others are just sitting with smiles at the thoughts of the evening ahead.”

Read the full review at Eros Arts.

Make your plans to attend next year so that you can get tickets before they sell out, which, judging from reports, should happen again.

The first reports have come in about Barcelona Fetish Weekend that was sponsored by As expected, the people who went had an awesome time, and thoroughly enjoyed the events there. Eros Arts has a great gallery of photos from the weekend to give you a feel for how fun it was.

They also took this photo for

If you get the chance to go next year, take it. You have a full 12 months to save up for it, and it will be money well spent. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

Clothespin tit torture

BDSM Legend Rick Savage writes in to the Fetish Blog with reflections on finding a community, and on his favorite way to tie up a pair of tits.

I was visiting an old friend who owns a video store in Yonkers, New York. Due to the ease of viewing, and the huge variety on sites like and, let’s face it, a lot of video stores have gone out of business. But my friend Steve’s still around because he makes a science out of knowing what his customers like.

We were catching up on old times (Steve worked for me a few times when I was shooting my hit series Rick Savage’s Streets of New York) when a customer named George came in and recognized me. He told me he was a big fan of breast bondage and that he really liked the rope work he’s seen me do with many of my bustier models. I asked George if he’d ever tied up a nice pair of natural tits. He kind of sighed, and said, “No, I wish. I’ve never had a woman who would let me tie her up. How do you find women who are into that?”

I wondered for an instant how often I’ve been asked that question. How do I find a play partner? Not as often as I used to. As bondage and fetishism pops up more and more in mainstream movies and TV, I guess there’s a lot more people who’ve explored what was once a taboo subject. So, there are people out there. But I sympathized with George. There are so many guys (and gals) who fantasize in the BDSM realm but have no luck finding a partner with whom they can “play,” as the SM folks call it.

I told him, “Well, most big cities seem to have organizations or “munches,” where BDSM folks can gather. New York City is home to the oldest and largest S&M organization in the country, The Eulenspiegel Society ( and another very large organization called Dom Sub Friends ( Dom Sub refers to themselves as a bdsm education/support group. Both Eulenspiegel and Dom Sub host demos, lectures, munches and parties.

Several years ago, Eulenspiegel legally changed their name to TES, so you can look them up under Eulenspiegel or TES. They started about 30, 35 years ago, just as a casual group of people who had similar kinky interests. But, as the membership grew, you might say it became like a “support” group. A place where people could talk to other people who had the same interests and therefore not think of themselves as being fucked up, or as being just a bunch of perverts. As membership grew, they started having various people give presentations. Basically these were like workshops on “how to do” BDSM. And I think there’s always been a focus on safety.

I mean let’s face it: people start perpetrating trauma to each other’s body, even if they’re careful, there’s always the possibility that someone can get hurt. The motto of all these S&M organizations used to be the same just about everywhere you went. “Safe, Sane and Consensual.” In recent years, some organizations have updated their motto because even S&M practitioners realize that some of the bizarre stuff they get into is just NOT going to be considered sane by a lot of people. And, if truth be told, they’ll tell you that some of the more intense things they do to each other, cannot exactly be considered “safe,” either. There’s still an emphasis on the word consensual, so at least if you’re going to try something that has “risk” involved, like “breath play,” for example, you can get educated on the subject and mutually “consent” to try it.

The thing is, if you’re going to play in the S&M arena, it’s important to understand what you’re doing, understand the risks involved. I myself, never, NEVER indulge in “breath play.” But, that’s just me. Different strokes for different folks. I don’t have the statistics in front of me, but I’ve read that there are at least 250 deaths a year in the U.S. from “breath play.” That’s where one person deprives another person of the ability to breathe. When a person engages in this action solo, by themselves, it’s often referred to as auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Look, even simple breast bondage has its dangers. So I strongly suggest you look into an educational support group like TES or Dom Sub Friends. Their great places to meet people and great places to learn about what you’re doing. And how to play safely is just a small portion of what you can learn at groups like these. Besides simply learning “how to do” things, you can also learn how to enhance, or prolong the pain that your submissive is enjoying.

Ball gag and candle wax

I told George, “Like any social situation, the harder you try to find a partner, the harder it is to actually hook up.” I suggested he go to the meetings, learn about BDSM, meet people, exchange ideas, get to know people, let them get to know you. When I first went to Eulenspiegel, I wasn’t searching for a partner. I was just curious. I figured maybe I’d find people who might want to appear in one of my movies. Then after going to presentations over a period of months, an attractive woman I’d seen there several times named Rosalyn was introduced to me. Turned out we lived not far from each other in Yonkers. One weekend we decided to get together to go to a few garage sales. The afternoon ended up with her handcuffed to my bed.

So I recommended Eulenspiegel and Dom Sub friends to George. But if you don’t live in NY and would like to find an SM organization near you, a fantastic website is a place called Caryl’s page. Its This is not a XXX site. There are no movies or pictures to be seen. It’s simply the most comprehensive list of large and small BDSM groups that I’ve ever come across. It even has a list of munches.

Oh, by the way, that attractive woman I met at TES and developed a relationship with? We actually made one movie together. You can see it here on my studio, Rick Savage. The title of the movie is Rick Savage MILF Bondage.

I also talked to George about breast bondage. Check my next post in a few days for a talk about breast bondage, some tips on how to do it, some of my favorite models, etc. In the mean time, you can check out some of my breast bondage and tit torture on my studio. Just a few of the good titles to check out would be:


  1. Rick Savage Tit Torture
  2. Rick Savage Big Tit Bondage & Submission
  3. Rick Savage Breast Bondage & Tit Torture, 1 thru 5
  4. 19-Year-Old Breast Bondage & Tit Torture
  5. Latina Breast Bondage & Tit Torture

It’s not often that you can involve things like whips, chains, and ball-gags with the wholesome majority’s ideal of “community”, but is attempting to do just that.

Peter Acworth, owner of, purchased the abandoned National Guard Armory in the Mission District of San Francisco in 2006 in order to convert it into his successful fetish studio. Needless to say, he was met with heated opposition from the surrounding public. Since then, Mr. Acworth and have performed the miracle of winning public support with kindness. Since obtaining the massive structure, and continuing with’s line of successful fetish videos, Acworth has donated tens of thousands of dollars to nonprofits working to help Mission youth. As if this wasn’t enough, now he also wants to use a large section of his complex to host community gatherings.

The 38,000 square foot “Drill Center” portion of the original National Guard Armory has been used for parking during the last 5 years, but had been used to host sporting events and community gatherings during it’s hay-day. Acworth has expressed ideas for the space such as community banquets, film festivals, farmers markets and youth sports events, but intends to let the surrounding family community have input before solidifying plans for the space.

“We want to resurrect this space as a place of assembly,” said Acworth.

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