Hooray for Monday! I know, it’s Wednesday now, but I watch fetish films and live tweet my reviews on Mondays. Somehow, I didn’t pop this one up this past Monday, so here it is.

To be perfectly candid, I have no past with damsel in distress videos. For all of the bizarre, freak-nasty shit I’m into, damsels in distress never came across my radar. I mean, I like the idea of tying guys to train tracks and watching them sweat it out, but I didn’t realize that fantasy was essentially what damsels in distress are. I only became more curious about the genre after watching ladies literally twist and contort in restraints during my trip to Munich, Germany for BoundCon. Most of the models I met remained clothed while they were confined in rope. So, in effort to be better informed and knowledgeable about all things uncommonly arousing, I spent my Monday afternoon my American Damsels‘s Costume Party Peril.

Unlike most of the videos I watch, Costume Party Peril actually has a plot-a very campy and fun one. A rich, British heiress (Goldie Blair) hires a beautiful bodyguard (Alexis Taylor) and her assistant to make sure nothing shady happens at a costumed fundraiser event. Of course, even at a 5-person costume party, a case of mistaken identity ensues involving an evil American heiress imposter, played by Amber Michaels.

I do sincerely love watching victims squirm around, particularly when they’re being taunted by a Dom, or, in this place, a free person:



Here’s another highlight from Costume Party Peril: The Wedgie Pick. The Farmer’s Daughter, the assistant bodyguard, does this in seeming self-defense when the bad guys enter. Not surprisingly, this is not a technique you’ll learn in any personal defense class.

The next clip is absolute camp and really made me bust out in laughter. You have the heroes of the film bound together and insulting one another through their gags. All of the other words throughout the film are totally muffled, but there’s no mystery here. I mean, what other phrase sounds so clearly like “redneck?”

And finally, before the big rescue, is the big argument between all of the good girls.

I enjoyed watching the Costume Party Peril, but I am still getting to know about this bondage sub-genre. I would love to hear from people who enjoy DiD. What do you like? What makes for good DiD? Tell me!

And for those of you on Twitter out there, you can read my live tweets about Costume Party Peril using with hastag #CPP. (Sorry-I didn’t consider when I was tweeting that CPP means a host of other things, particularly C Plus Plus. Argh.)