It’s Sci-Fi Friday here at! While I’m not really a big sci-fi follower in my straight life, I’m all over sci-fi porn. I’m not sure how much of this is actual fodder for a wank, but I’m too excited to keep these unique clips to myself. I’m not judging, just processing.

The first clip might actually be one of the most memorably hilarious moments I’ve found in the last year of watching fetish porn. From Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainments Space Girls! spanking video, I present Amber Pixie Wells and Ashley Fires:

There is much more spanking fun in Space Girls! than this clip would tell you. Go check out the full film here on or see a few more clips from the gallery through this link.

For a slightly more horror-tinged latex-laced fetish film, The Asylum from GwenMedia balances just the right amount of sexiness and fetish-filled desire with eeriness.

However, due to an awesome cast comprised of , , Eve Ellis, and Charlotte Kelly, The Asylum is far more fun than unsettling. Click on the title for the full film, or take a few more peeks at the clips here.

And don’t forgot to check back on Monday for a tribute to the ultimate in bizarre sci-fi fetish films. It’s a little gem called Hell, as in “what the hell am I watching?”



Summertime in the city is a special type of agony. You live in an old building without central air, the grit from the briefest walk outside sticks to your sweaty skin, and the odor of stale piss dominates your nostrils for three months. Yet, a good beach day can right the wrongs of city summer. And sorry to all of you who are landlocked, but I’m going to the beach tomorrow and I can’t fucking wait. I’ll be eating crabs and drinking beer on the Atlantic. So, in honor of summer weekends and day drinking, here are some vacation-style kink clips to whet your appetite this weekend.

First up is a clip of some outdoor doggy-style latex fucking from Inflagranti Film Berlin‘s Fetish-Zone: Latex – Rubber Summer Sex:

As someone with a latex allergy, I can’t honestly say that I have a latex fetish. However, latex’s squeak during sex scenes is still an added plus for me. For more from Fetish-Zone: Latex – Rubber Summer Sex, you can watch them right here.

Next up is a sultry 3 lady scene from Kinky Vacations by Anastasia Pierce Productions. This one has been on my To Watch list for a while now, and this feels just about right to take in now that it’s July.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the time I spent watching the different sequences in Kinky Vacations. Anastasia Pierce is known for consistently producing excellent quality work, and this one is no exception. AND, as if she wanted to speak directly to my deviance, there is a really fun tickle scene later in the film between Zoey Holloway and her. A clip from that scene is included in the the Kinky Vacations gallery, linked here.

Lastly, I’ve a clip of Mistress Amrita spanking her sub on a secluded beach in Amrita’s Vacation Slave. That hunk of driftwood is probably not the most comfortable spanking bench-and that’s why I love this clip.

For more clips from Amrita’s Vacation Slave, you will find them right here.


Welcome to another new, regular feature on the FetishMovies blog. This is the inaugural post for Thank You, Mistress, where free fetish clips will be posted every Friday. I’m one of the few people in the world who get paid to watch fetish and porn films, and I wanted to impose my taste on you. Bear in mind, this is not a democracy; there is a reason it’s called Thank You, Mistress.

First up, I finally got to check out the Julie Simone Productions predicament bondage film, The Art Project. Julie restrains Bella Vendetta in a variety of unusual positions that escalate as the film progresses:

More previews for The Art Project live here.

In addition to The Art Project, Julie Simone also has another new film that will resonate with any Mistress or Master who is sick to death of a bossy slave who just wants to live in their own fantasy land all damn day. Fuck You, Pay Me: Training a Do Me Slave is what happens when CD Cindy has to play Mistress Julie’s way. Here’s a peek of what happens to “poor” CD Cindy:

For more, you will find the other clips for Fuck You Pay Me right here.

And finally, I spent some time with Gothic Media‘s Latex Therapy Part 2. Here’s a loving moment between Mistress Gemini, Jezebelle Bond, and a riding crop:

There’s plenty more lascivious latex play here, on the free preview page for Latex Therapy Part 2.



With only a few weeks to go before the New York Rubber Ball weekend kicks off and the Miss Rubber World Competition begins, the prize pool for Miss Rubber World has now reached over ten thousand dollars worth of rubber fetish wear and accessories.

“The prizes are amazing!” said fetish model Psylocke, the Swedish competitor. “I’ve never been to an American fetish party so this will be very interesting for me to see!”

When crowned Miss Rubber World 2013, the winner will receive over $5,000 of latex gear from sponsors such as Cocolate Latex, The Baroness, Cinched Tight Corsets, Dawnamatrix, Kink Engineering, and

The second and third place winners will also take home thousands of dollars worth of slippery rubber prizes provided by sponsors such as Demask, AM Statik, Fetisso, and Lust Designs.

“There is an inherently sexual quality to latex clothing,” said sponsor Klawdya Rothschild of Klawtex. “It so resembles the texture of skin and is sleek and shiny. Latex is versatile enough to take the most subdued thing to the extreme, like a spotlight emanating out from your own body that radiates sensuality.”

Running for the title of Miss Rubber World 2013 are latex fanatics from around the world, such as adult video star and producer Julie Simone, Dominatrix Queen Titania designer Madria of Madria Latex, and Val Vampyre, organizer of Fetish Factory in Florida. At this time, four spots are still open for the competition.

“I’ve heard nothing but nice things about the entire Miss Rubber World team, said Val Vampyre. “I literally want to come into that room and have a drink with everyone there.”

New York Rubber Ball kicks off with the event launch party presented by Fixe Magazine, Thursday, April 4th at One on One on East 1st Street in New York City. The ball reaches its peak with the 2013 Miss Rubber World competition Saturday, April 6th at the Union Square Ballroom on 27 Union Square West. There’s too much rubber madness to mention here. Latex lovers can find a full schedule, see pics of past events, and even enlist to compete in Miss Rubber World at

For broadcast rights and to sponsor the event, contact Dana Windsor

I’ve been so busy working for a porn site that I really haven’t had a lot of time to relax and watch a porn, let alone tell you about it. However, what fun is working in porn if you’re not going to enjoy it? So, upon recommendation from a latex fetish friend of mine, I spent some time with Sebastian Solo‘s Proud and Perverted, Volume 1.

This video features lots of fucking. Don’t roll your eyes at me. You know what I mean-a lot of fetish films feature  sex, pegging, queening, intense ass play, and the whole list, but many really don’t consistently feature go-for-broke pounding. P&P #1 definitely isn’t short in the orifice plunging department. Fingers, cocks, strap-ons–you name it and it’s getting crammed somewhere. There’s also a blowjob scene that I could watch over and over again. It’s two ladies on one (pierced) cock-nothing unusual as far as porn goes-but the latex adds another element in its ability to obscure the wearer’s identity. Oh, just have a look for yourself and tell me this doesn’t look like fun:

Sofia Valentine‘s sub sequence “Sins of Sofia” is also totally hot.  Shot with one camera and key light in a dim dungeon, you’ll get the feeling you got when you first watched porn, that “I’m not supposed to be doing this” creeping feeling that slides up your back and makes you sweat before you turn away to see if anyone is watching you misbehave.  Sophia is barely covered by a pink latex sheath that her male and female dominants repeatedly pop against her flesh among their more intense antics. Fuck fucking, intense vibrator stimulation, and ass ass ass play. There is also lots of light face and tit-slapping here, two things of which I am a big fan. Overall, I simply love the contrast between lily-skinned Sofia and her hooded, dark-suited captors, Master Nastyfucker and Madame Adore. I might be in a minority here, but you tell me:

The final 17 minute sequence “Self Adore-ation” features Madame Adore playing alone on a latex-covered bed in latex clothing with various toys, including the legendary Symbian. With a latex allergy, I don’t yet know the sensation of being cloaked in rubber. However, I still enjoy watching others wear it. And this scene is captivating to watch. Madame Adore’s eyes are huge with arousal as she peers at the camera through her layered red hoods, inviting us in the watch her more closely. Gentle electronic music plays over the scene, and creates a mesmerizing environment that is additionally punctuated with Adore’s muffled gasps and sighs of delight. In contrast to the previous two sequences of Proud & Perverted #1, Self Adore-ation is no less arousing, but it is sumptuously elegant. I mean, I hate that damn discussion about art vs. porn, but I feel like this could be shown as video art in Soho. And if it ever is, I want to be a fly on that wall so I can watch the boners pop.

So that’s that. I finally watched some new (to me) fetish porn and got totally hot while working. Proud and Perverted Volume 1 gets my full pervert endorsement. There really is way too much in this film to list everything that will catch your eye, so you should just watch it for yourself. As in right now, motherfucker!

Grab a towel and make your own mess with Sebastian Solo’s Proud and Perverted Volume 1 on



Stay tuned for more reviews here on FetishMovies Blog.

I can’t believe I am just posting this now. You probably already know since I’m late on my game, but for those of you who missed it, fetish dynamo Julie Simone is competing for the title of Miss Rubber World 2013.

Since its inception in 2006, Miss Rubber World has attracted a global variety of pro-Dommes, performers, latex fetishists, fashion designers, fetish models, and rubber lovers who vie for the title each year. Julie entered the 2013 competition at the urging of German rubber & latex fetish sensation, Kylie Marilyn. According to Julie, “Kylie Marilyn, the current Miss Rubber World, heavily recruited me for this year’s competition as Kylie wanted to be sure there were real rubberists in the competition.” Julie continued, saying “For me, latex isn’t about fashion, it’s about the feeling and headspace one goes into when wearing it.”

Additionally, Julie is going in armed for battle. She’s paired up with 2011 Miss Rubber World runner-up, Lydia Lael, and her latex fashion design business, Vengeance Designs, to help clinch the Miss Rubber World title. Julie will be modeling several pieces by Vengeance Designs during the competition.

The New York Rubber Ball festivities kick off on April 5th 2013, and the Miss Rubber World competition will take place Saturday, April 6th. Tickets are available now. For sponsorship information, contestant registration, venue details, previous Miss Rubber World video footage and more, check out

You can find out much more about the multi-talented Julie at

And, of course, you can watch any of Julie’s films on by stopping by her star page and by reviewing her oeuvre at Julie Simone Productions.



Dee Viant on Google +

Rubber enthusiasts, rejoice!  Rubber Perversions 2 doesn’t just feature pretty girls in PVC waist cinchers.  Rather, Lady Ina and her slaves go full throttle with rubber catsuits, full face hoods, fucking machines, medical play and other bizarre acts.  Lady Ina also gets her rubber pussy  fucked with a transducer – the probe used during an internal ultrasound.  We get to watch on screen as the probe slides in and out.

Watch Lady Ina enjoy her fucking machine session in the free clip below:

Click here for more free clips.

Click here to pay-per-minute to watch all of Rubber Perversions 2.

We here at are big fans of Julie Simone and her work.  She is a dominatrix, model, performer, photographer, film maker, and award winning rigger (to name but a few).  Whether she is being dominant or submissive, she makes magic happen and takes us on a ride through our kinkiest fantasies.  As smart and talented as she is beautiful and sexy, we were lucky enough to get an interview with her.  Check out Julie’s site and her interview on HotMoviesForHer for more insight into her world.

Julie Simone by Peter Czernic

1. You “became familiar with the BDSM lifestyle through an accidental turn in the glamour modeling arena”.  Can you tell us a little more about what that accidental turn was?

I was doing fashion, fine art and glamour modeling at the time.  A photographer asked if we could do some bondage.  I didn’t know what it was so I said “sure!”.  He put some leather cuffs and handcuffs on me and I thought it was pretty easy, so I got online and booked a bunch of bondage work.  I quickly discovered it was way more involving than I thought it was, but I liked it.  I liked pushing myself physically, taking myself to the edge and sometimes past it.

2.  “Aside from wanting to make a living, it’s really important to me to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for women in the business. Being a performer myself I know how hard it can be.” What steps do you take to create that atmosphere for women?

I’ve had good and bad experiences as a performer.  I tried to ensure that my bad experiences especially regarding safety and respect were never encountered on my sets. I wanted to show women that BDSM can be fun!  You can look glamorous; you don’tJulie Simone Courtesty of RubberNecro have to worry about being taken advantage of once you’re in a compromising position.  When I was booking paid shoots with models, I always paid industry standard rates or higher.  I am happy to say no one has ever gotten hurt on one of my sets. Most of the models I’ve shot have worked with me several times and are proud of the work we’ve done together. Mutual respect is what it boils down to, really.   Working with the performers to create scenes they’re genuinely into and helping them fulfill their fantasies is really rewarding and makes for better films.

3.  Do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind the camera?  Why?

I like both. They’re both totally different experiences though equally intense.  Sometimes when I’m behind the camera, I’m jealous that I’m not the one getting to do whatever kinky scenario I’ve cooked up.  Sometimes when I’m performing, it’s hard to let go and not worry about the technical stuff.  The most frustrating part about being in front of the camera is when you do a great scene and it’s not captured well or correctly. It’s hard to find a cameraperson who can get inside your head.

4.  You mention latex as being one of the things you enjoy.  We know why we enjoy it; what is it about latex that you love?

I like the feeling on it, they way it can alter my mood when I put it on.  Some pieces, like a catsuit, make me feel more dominant and powerful, while other pieces like a hood, can make me feel more docile and submissive.  I also like feeling anonymous when I wear a hood, there’s something freeing about that.

5.  We have seen you as both a top and a bottom.  Do you prefer one over the other?  

I don’t.  It is harder for me to sub these days, because I now know when a top is fucking up, where before I didn’t know better. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. In general, I’m drawn to intense experiences. It doesn’t really matter to me how I get there or which role I play.

6. We love your smoking fetish work.  What is the difference between a regular old smoker and someone with a fetish?  

Someone with a fetish will savor what other people take for granted.  It’s the same as being someone who eats, vs. being a foodie.  I notice so many elements of smoking most people don’t notice, from the way the person holds their cigarette, their hands, fingers and nails, the way they suck down the smoke, and how they expel it.

7. Do you watch porn when you’re not working?  Are there any particular genres you enjoy outside of the BDSM and Fetish realms?

Julie Simone Courtest of JulieSimone.comI don’t really watch porn. On the rare occasion that I do, I like gay male porn and straight porn with girls with giant boobs and big asses. I like watching women who look like women, not little boys.

8.  Who are some of your favorite performers?

Krissy Kage, I loved working with Gia Paloma when she was in the biz, Eden Alexander is a newish performer who has caught my eye, Sinnamon Love is always great, and Bella Vendetta is incredibly sexy when she’s tied up and being manipulated, I love the sounds she makes.

9. What is your top tip for those interested in getting into the lifestyle, but haven’t ventured down that path yet?

I got into it through shoots. For some reason, I always felt like I was in control and it was a safe environment in which to explore, but I don’t know that I’d recommend that others follow that route. Fetlife is a great place to learn more and make friends in the lifestyle. Going to classes and munches is a great introduction.

10.   Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?  

I just signed a new distribution deal with Pure Play Media, which is really exciting. I’m releasing 2 titles a month and am shooting all the time now. Upcoming events include me performing a new show, “Equestrian Sex” at Smack! NYC June 2nd and my short film “Skin’s 1st Suspension” which can be seen on the “Babes in Bondage 4” DVD will be playing at the Pop porn festival in Brazil June 1-3, I’m showing photography at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival June 23-24, and will be doing a solo show of my abstract paintings hosted by Darklady in Portland at the end of June.

Julie Simone by Jon White

Visit the Julie Simone Video On Demand page as well as the Julie Simone Productions page to see her work in front of and behind the camera on

Aiden Starr

I received an email from a fan of porn star Aiden Starr. He had read an interview with Aiden, in which she said that she made her first adult movie, a bondage video, with Rick Savage, and he wondered if I could tell him the name. It’s a bit hard to find Aiden’s first movie with me on the internet if you’re doing a search by “Aiden Starr,” because that wasn’t the name she used in all of the bondage videos that she made with me. When a then 19-Year-old Aiden came to me and asked to be in one of my movies, she used the name Annabelle. She made another 8 or 9 movies for me but used the name Lolita. She decided she wanted to devote herself to a career in adult films so she moved to L.A. But the talented young switch was heartbroken when she found out that none of the adult film companies would let her use her stage name “Lolita.” Apparently, due to the Vladimir Nabokov novel by the same name, in which the main character and sex object of the book is significantly under the age of 18, the name Lolita had now been unofficially blacklisted by the adult industry. So, Lolita changed her name to Aiden Starr, and she has now gone on to become a genuine superstar in the world of porn and bondage videos.

Back to the topic of Aiden’s first movie for me. You can find her first movie, in which she’s submissive, on my studio under the title The Submission & Bondage of Aiden Starr, which of course, was not the original title. Aiden also worked for me in several movies where her dominant nature shone through. I’m sharing some pics in this blog from the movie, Rick Savage FemDom: Submit to Thy Mistress 2. As her career grew, Aiden decided to only work as a top when she appeared in bondage videos; and she is truly a brilliant dominatrix. In these photos, she’s dominating “super slave,” Slave Kali, who has also appeared in several of my femdom videos. This movie features a wide array of corporal action including paddling, caning, nipple torture, dildo training, CBT, scratching and whatever crossed minxy Aiden’s mind.

Aiden Starr dominating Aiden's shelf Aiden Starr and Slave Kali
Bound, bag over his head Aiden Starr whips her slave Mistress Aiden and slave
Aiden spanking Aiden strikes a tempting pose Pegging

Just a few notes on Aiden’s physical attributes. She’s 4’10” and has such perfectly round, firm boobs that most people assume she’s had a boob job. But, absolutely not! I can testify to their naturalness. I know. I’ve squeezed them several times.

Got a question for Rick? Just shoot it to

Julie Simone just sent us these pictures: an important reminder that she is a merciless and beautiful dominatrix.

The Girl in the Red Dress This ain't dresage.  Julie Simone and Ashley Renee
Julie Simone smoking Julie Simone in a latex uniform Julie abducts another one

Check out these hot new titles from her studio Julie Simone Productions on

Julie Simone is a Dominatrix: The Director's Cut

Julie Simone is a Dominatrix

Vicious strap on bitches

Vicious Strap-On Bitches