Porn and Fetish Star Cheryl Dynasty in Rick Savage Japanese Schoolgirl Medical Fetish Scene

Cheryl Dynasty

My bondage video path has only crossed once with Asian porn star, Cheryl Dynasty, but that crossing created some memorable footage.  She was visiting New York City for a few days and she got to telling me how porn had enabled her to act out some of her favorite fantasies.  I asked, “Are there any you haven’t had the chance to explore yet?”  She said, “Sure, plenty.  In one of them, I go to a perverted doctor for a complete examination and he does all kinds of sick and disgusting things to me.”  I told her, “I know just the guy to play the doctor role.  Me.”  We decided to kill 2 fetishes with one stone by having her wear her Japanese schoolgirl outfit on her visit to see the evil Dr. Savage.  I’m sharing some images here from that shoot.  You can see the video footage on my studio,, here on  The title is Rick Savage Japanese Schoolgirl Medical Fetish Scene.

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I recently received an email from a viewer who seemed almost desperate to find out if I had any more movies featuring  lovely, 19-year-old Slave Corrine.  Sadly, the answer is no.  Corrine made 2 movies for me, both of which can be seen on my studio here on 19-year-old Bondage & Discipline and Rick Savage Medical Fetish Scene 2 (which also features Aiden Starr.) Read the rest of this entry »


A viewer from Alaska wrote asking me if I had any more movies featuring the lovely, super submissive, Zoe.  He’d already watched both Zoe titles on my studio here on and confessed to a serious infatuation.  Quite understandable.  Zoe has truly been one of my favorite slaves.

Zoe on the gurney

I had a similar request last week from a viewer who wanted more Corrine movies.  Unfortunately for that guy, Corrine only made 2 bondage videos in her brief career and he’d already watched both of them on my studio. Read the rest of this entry »

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Doctor Rick begins his exam

I’ve always enjoyed making “medical scene” videos, and I guess the desire or fantasy goes back to being a little kid and always wanting to “play doctor” with Linda, the girl next door. The fantasy traveled with me into my teenage days where I found out what the word “gynecologist” meant. I’ll never forget the first time I went to see the doctor and I saw the stirrups on the exam table and realized what they were for. Boy did my fantasy machine crank up the first time I saw those stirrups.

So, imagine my delight when in the early days of my career making bondage videos, when I came to possess my first doctor’s exam table fully equipment with these stirrups. It was the old fashioned kind, the ones where the stirrups weren’t collapsible. And it didn’t cost me a penny, as I found it on the front lawn of a small doctor’s practice. I guess the doc had bought himself a newer model because this one had been put out, to be taken away with the trash.

It was heavy as hell, but I managed to get it in the back of my pickup. Then with the help of a friend, I managed to get it up the one flight of steps to my apartment where I sanitized it with alcohol. I was so overjoyed to own such a table, that at first, I kept it in my apartment so I could play with my girlfriends. But eventually, my business sense dictated that I relocate the table to a dungeon I shared with a photographer in Brooklyn. Now, after all those years of fantasies, I got to play doctor and get paid for it, so to speak.

In the past I’ve mentioned that one of the problems I have with our BDSM scene is that many or most people who identify with being in “the scene,” tend to have one set of rules, regulations and definitions as to how to engage in S&M. And all too often there’s a rigid sense of political correctness, rather than just two people following their dreams and fantasies, and having fun doing what they want to do. So, in regards to medical scenes, for some folks, it’s not a medical scene unless it involves “invasive procedures,” like high colonics (enemas) or the insertion of a catheter.

Dr. Rick checks for lumpsNikki's breasts glow a deep purple.A full physical in Dr. Rick's practise

When I began making bondage videos, the distributors discouraged such acts of penetration due to the vagueness of obscenity laws in many states. Besides, the focus of my bondage videos had always been rope bondage or some form of restraint, and corporal punishment. So that’s the route I take in my medical scene videos. The settings usually look exactly like an actual doctor’s exam room and my “patients” find themselves tied to gyno tables, gurneys, antique dental chairs, i.v. stands and just about anything else one might find in a doctor’s exam room. And the “examination” can go many different ways.

One patient complained of insomnia, so Doctor Savage told her that the “energy paths” in her body were all blocked up. Thus, she could not expend the proper amount of energy during the daytime. Thus, when she tried to go to sleep at night, she had too much pent up energy. My treatment involved radical stimulation of her breasts, nipples, buttocks and pussy so that we could unclog those “energy paths.” I’m fairly sure you won’t find this medical treatment listed in any medical journals, so I guess you could say that I practice alternative medicine.

Another patient complained to me that she had difficulty attaining orgasm. As you might imagine, good old Dr. Rick came up with a few “procedures” to assist the pretty young lady with her problem.

Bear claws on the buttocks have been proven to cure hangnails.Nikki, vagina covered in clothespinsNikki, covered in hot wax and clothespins

Over the years I’ve found it necessary to use electricity, candle wax, nipple suction cups, caning and all sorts of devious means to diagnose and treat my patients. But one of my favorite things to do when I’m playing doctor, is the breast examination. Anyone who’s familiar with my breast bondage and tit torture movies knows that my favorite form of tit torture is barehanded tit torture. Well, what better way to enjoy this kind of devious action than the execution of a deep, penetrating, painful breast exam. Harkening to the fantasies of my youth?

In any event, I’ve been fortunate to have many slaves- er- I mean patients, over the years who have good-sized, natural boobs that I deemed were in need of this type of breast exam. Patients like Vivien, Naughty Nikki, Corrine, Zoe, Juliette, Alexa and many others. Of course, with a good-sized set of natural breasts, a sound tit-spanking often becomes part of the exam. After all, a doctor must test for resiliency.

One final thing I’ll mention is that a doctor’s exam and the natural relationship between doctor and patient is the perfect set-up for an S&M scene due to the built in dominance and submission we find between doctors and patients. The doctor tells a lady to take off her clothes – she takes off her clothes. The doctor tells the patient to sit on the table and spread her legs – she spreads her legs. Ah, the possibilities are endless.

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