Few things in fetish can match the raw sensuality of a talented Mistress who has a regimented agenda and a willing submissive on whom she can carry it out. Well crafted fetish movies that bring a scene like that to life are equally sensual. Imagine having the feeling that you can smell the leather, feel the sting of the paddle, or the crack of the crop, and you can sense the palpable tension as a submissive and his Mistress engage in an intense psychological drama, acted without a true script.

Domination – Volume 3 is an opportunity to observe just that kind of relationship. In it, Mistress Alexandra, a British Dom with a well honed skill set, takes slave Lucky from bondage to milking, with some buggery along the way. She is attentive to the viewer, so in some ways this is like a tantalizing walk through of a scene. However, that does not mean that the movie lacks action, nor does it feel slow as it unfolds.

Scene 1 features a careful session that begins with slave Lucky already snug in a spandex sleep sack. Mistress Alexandra intensifies the session by giving him the knotty business with a tighter wrap in rope. Not missing any details, she also makes sure that his cock and balls are framed appropraitely as well.

Scene 2 is none too delicate on the ass. The talented Mistress applies a paddle with authority. She also addresses her goal of incorporating some feminization by ensuring that the submissive man gets to wet his whistle with a vibrator. He has to suck hard, or else.

Scene 3 features some buggery. It’s hard to say for sure, but if someone were to rank how thorough a domination is, having anal play involved would be a necessary aspect of a high score. The Mistress gives the submissive a decent reaming in this one.

Scene 4 is the “icing on the cake,” in a figurative sense. It almost seems that it would have been better to let this movie end with an unfulfilled submissive. That said, if someone prefers to have a milking to finish off his fare, Mistress Alexandra performs a well executed one here. She walks the submissive through it word for word until she delicately wrecks his orgasm halfway through.

Check out the whole movie here on Fetishmovies.com to watch this Mistress work her craft in Domination – Volume 3.

The Wolfman and Dominique

Over the past 20 years, I’ve shot somewhere over 300 bondage videos, many of which can be seen on my studio, RickSavage.com, here on Fetishmovies.com.  From time to time I’m reminded what a gift it is, when I’m given the opportunity to film an S&M scene in which the participants are an actual couple, people who live in a dominant/submissive relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, many, many a time, I introduce complete strangers to each other on one of my sets, and I end up with a bondage video that just crackles with heat.  Ships passing in the night can make for exciting life interludes.  But with real life couples, it’s fascinating to observe the chemistry.

Sometimes chiding, sometimes teasing.  Sometimes a bit of mental pushing and shoving because the dominant, inspired by the camera, wants his submissive to stretch her limits, go where maybe she’s never been before.

He pushes, he teases, she resists.  The game is on.  Will he get his way?  I know, I know, in our fantasies the slave never shows us anything but total submission.

She will let her master perform an appendectomy without the aid of any anesthetic.  Well…in the real world, everything ain’t always the way we want it to be in our fantasies.

My friend, Wolfman, presides over the resplendent Philadelphia dungeon, The Royal Castle.  And on many occasions I’ve made the short trek down the pike from NY to shoot at his dungeon.  Besides being Lord of the Castle, Wolf has also been a top fetish photographer in the B&D world for many years.  One day, I asked him if he’d consider working in one of my videos with his personal slave, Dominique.

Although he’s spent a vast amount of time BEHIND the camera, Wolf rarely, if ever, steps in front of it.  He kicked the idea around for a day, then said yes.  I’m sharing with you here today, some images from that video, Bondage & Discipline in Wolfman’s Dungeon, which you can see here on my studio.  If you enjoy watching the chemistry, the love, the devotion that exists between real-life masters and slaves, then I suspect you’ll enjoy watching this movie.

If you’re in a real-life S&M relationship and would like to appear in a Rick Savage movie, just shoot an email to Ricksavage99@gmail.com