Treacherous is coming-and I swear it will make you come too. If you have been following me on Twitter and on Facebook, you know I’ve been fiending for Severe Society Films’ latest film, Treacherous, for the last month. Let’s skip the talking and get to the trailer, ok?

Mistress Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway, the owners of Severe Society Films, have been working on this 4 hour long film for over a year, along with co-director Aiden Starr. While the main players in this film include Aiden, Tim Woodman, Caroline Pierce, Slut Bottom Chris, Nikki Darling, Jessie Parker, Mickey Mod, Charli Piper, Ruckus, Dana DeArmond, Kiki D’Aire, Jay Taylor, Maia Davis, Marcelo, Anna Valentina, and Megan Cox, along with both Mistress Dee and Jimmy, there are approximately 50 people who appear in Treacherous.

Stay tuned! This video will debut on tomorrow, Wednesday, September 10, 2014. You can only watch it online with us for the next month. Pencil in those 4 hours for Treacherous now.



I’m not doing a very good job with my porn reviews. I’ve been traveling so much lately that I just haven’t been watching porn. I’ve seen some hot play live and in my face, but I’ve truly been behind in my obligations to you viewers in guiding you to the finer fetish videos on the web. So, now that I’m staying put in Filthadelphia for a little while, I’ll be sure to give you a deep peek into one high-quality fetish video each Monday. You can read the review and check out clips here on the blog, and can also read my live tweets as I watch the movie. And what a way to celebrate a new tradition than to review Severe Society‘s Slut Bottom Chris Meets the Prostate Assassins!

Full disclosure: I love FemDom videos in general, especially when it comes to pegging. Want to win me over? Fuck a dude in his ass and show me documentation of the debauchery. There. I admit my bias. I simply love to watch a sub being put in their place, especially from the inside out.

And man, does Slut Bottom Chris know his place! I expect nothing but high quality and balls-out domination from Severe Society Films, and Prostate Assassins really does deliver the “extreme strap-on action” it promises. Watching this movie made my own ass hurt. However, I know better than to feel sorry for someone named Slut Bottom Chris.  You don’t get a name like that for nothing. It’s only fitting that Chris gets his asshole fitted out on camera by a bevy of commanding ladies, including Aiden Starr, Kiki D’aire, Eden Alexander, Caroline Pierce, Leena Sky, Sandy Skarsgard, Megan Coxxx, and, of course, Mistress D Severe.

One of the best things about Prostate Assassins is that there is no cutesy, anal soft-balling or namby-pamby “regular” dildos in the entire film. Every cock used to bang out Chris’s back is a hefty, stretch weapon. Just wearing one of these monsters in a harness is a workout alone.

Speaking of workouts, try to get this clip out of your head the next time you go to the gym:

I know deep pegging may not be everyone’s thing. Maybe the above clip just doesn’t sit well with you. So, here are a few more:

I’m a totally happy cunt who thoroughly enjoyed this offering from Severe Society. Even if you don’t want to watch this film, it’s worth putting it on and listening to the audio. I’m not going to wreck those surprises for you. You can pick up a few ideas from the #SBCMTPA hashtag on Twitter.


Dee Viant


We were lucky enough to catch an interview with Jimmy Broadway.  He directs for and is co-owner of Severe Society Films and you’ve seen him in countless cuckold movies and just plain being submissive.  I was really excited about this opportunity as I’ve always been impressed by his level of commitment to his roles.  Plus, Severe Society puts out some really great content.  Jimmy answered twenty questions in total, but today I am only posting the first half.  You’ll have to come back next week read more about Jimmy Broadway.

1.    Did you have experience as a sub before entering the adult business in 2005?
I first began exploring BDSM and fetish late in high school, through a stack of magazines that I found in my father’s business partner’s office. In the pre-WWW Jimmy Broadwaydays I discovered dial-in message boards, where I learned a) that there were people out there with the same feelings that I had and b) there were a whole lot of fetishes that I hadn’t heard of that sounded really cool. This led to me starting a series of “real life” sessions with a professional dominatrix in 1992 and then to me discovering the Los Angeles fetish community shortly after that, so somewhere in there I officially qualified as a “lifestyle” player.

2.    We see you in a lot of cuckold movies.  What do you think makes for an exceptional cuckold porno?
More so than a regular B/B/G scene, the key to the cuckold genre is selling the relationships, as the whole fetish is about the dynamic between the wife, the husband and the bull. If I can’t convince the viewer that the girl is really my significant other, then it just becomes another threesome where one guy isn’t getting any.

3.    What is the experience like for you?
I’m assuming your talking about the experience of working in a cuckold movie. For me, it’s about opening up something inside the actress that I am working with, bringing her into the fetish world and helping her to discover a whole new part of her sexuality that she may not have know existed.

4.    As a director, what is your favorite type of movie to work on?  Why?
My favorite projects to direct are the ones where I can give the viewer something that they’ve never seen before. For example, a few weeks ago I shot a scene where a guy jogged on a treadmill while a woman fucked him in the ass with a strap-on. Once we figured out that we could actually make it work, I knew it would be one of those scenes where the viewer would have to rewind and watch it again, just to make sure they really saw what they thought they were seeing. I like scenes like this because they show people that sex is something that should have no boundaries, that if you and a consenting adult partner can envision it, you should go for it.
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I could talk about these photos from Severe Society’s The Devil’s Workshop: Payback’s A Bitch, but they tell their own story. Enjoy Master Tim Woodman‘s handy work as Kiki Daire and her beautiful round ass stay cuffed to the St. Andrew’s Cross.

Click here to watch he Devil’s Workshop: Payback’s A Bitch on VOD.

Master Tim Woodman Whips Kiki A Handful Of Kiki DaireMaster Tim Woodman With Kiki In The Palm Of His Hand