“Will you restrain me and punch my balls through post-orgasm torture, please, Mistress? Like, keeping rubbing my cock with a silk scarf and also punching my balls? Please?”

I met Mr. CBT at a play party in Philly this past summer. I wasn’t expecting to pick anyone up, let alone a grimy, little pain pig. I’d been to this party before, and had been nonplussed the other two times I went. However, I’d hit a point where I felt like I’d outgrown my current skill set, and was ready for a new challenge. My friend Victoria Veil and I happened to meet “Magnum” and his friend Ed at the party. Magnum and Ed were possibly the two most vanilla-looking people I’ve ever met at a fetish event. I judged them to be tourists looking for “wild girls.”

I was wrong. Ed was a mannerly visitor to the kinky side, and Magnum was a something-fucking-else down-dog sub dressed in nondescript clothes. He pulled me aside and quietly said that no one, including Ed, knew he was “into this stuff.” Read the rest of this entry »