It’s Sci-Fi Friday here at! While I’m not really a big sci-fi follower in my straight life, I’m all over sci-fi porn. I’m not sure how much of this is actual fodder for a wank, but I’m too excited to keep these unique clips to myself. I’m not judging, just processing.

The first clip might actually be one of the most memorably hilarious moments I’ve found in the last year of watching fetish porn. From Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainments Space Girls! spanking video, I present Amber Pixie Wells and Ashley Fires:

There is much more spanking fun in Space Girls! than this clip would tell you. Go check out the full film here on or see a few more clips from the gallery through this link.

For a slightly more horror-tinged latex-laced fetish film, The Asylum from GwenMedia balances just the right amount of sexiness and fetish-filled desire with eeriness.

However, due to an awesome cast comprised of , , Eve Ellis, and Charlotte Kelly, The Asylum is far more fun than unsettling. Click on the title for the full film, or take a few more peeks at the clips here.

And don’t forgot to check back on Monday for a tribute to the ultimate in bizarre sci-fi fetish films. It’s a little gem called Hell, as in “what the hell am I watching?”



Happy Halloween, all of you freak-nasty perverts! What could be better treat for you than some free fetish clips from two awesome Halloween-themed porn movies? Just because I’ve been a bit of an absentee mistress due to work travel lately doesn’t mean I don’t think about you in my spare time.

Oddly enough, there aren’t too many Halloween fetish movies out there. However, spanking fans surely know about Tricky Treat from Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment. This Halloween flick features Chelsea and fellow spanking superstar Clare Fonda as friends who think each other’s costumes are too slutty to wear out. (Halloween costumes are never too sexy or revealing. Never.) In 2013, I don’t know if there are enough available spankos to dish it out to everyone in a “too sexy” costume. But it’s awfully fun to think about the possibilities when you see Jeannie paddling a wayward nurse, isn’t it?

There’s plenty more of Clare and Chelsea’s spanking and joking to go around in Tricky Treat. Go to the clip gallery right here for more.

And, because I want to fatten you up on treats, here’s another one for you. This clip is from a Halloween party hosted by, part of the empire of perversion. Officially titled , you can find plenty of action here to satisfy your hunger for diabolical public fetish and fuck action. Sarah Jane Ceylon made an appearance at the party and had an orgasm without asking permission from Princess Donna. Luckily, I won’t make you guess what happened:

I really had a hard time choosing only a handful of clips for this one. Go watch the whole kink and sex spectacle here. I’ve a few more clips to whet your appetite in the online gallery too. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween, you filthy freaks!



If there’s one thing that really fries my ass about living in Philadelphia, it’s the pervasive rudeness exhibited by my fellow city dwellers. In porn, we often get to explore our deepest fantasies. And I’m so happy to find a video that touches my fantasy of hearing someone say “thank you.” Mistress Persephone deserves such enthusiasm, don’t you think?

I’ll have some more clips for you later today. In the meantime, you can certainly check out every whack Mistress Persephone lays on her slave in Syren Hairbrush Scenes.

Enjoy! XOXO OTK,


On Tuesday, I gave you the first half of my interview with the beloved and talented Kelly Payne. Call the gap between postings tease and denial, with a reward for the patient. Read on to find out more about Kelly’s spanking love and history.

Have you ever had an inexperienced person come to you for a spanking lesson that couldn’t handle it?

I have dealt with novices many times. I haven’t had anyone not be able to handle it. The sessions are tailored around them. I know how to push limits without pushing too far. So maybe I have been lucky. I did have a girl show up once to do a video and she lied and told me she was into spanking and I could tell after the 3rd smack she was not,  so we just stopped the shoot and that’s it. I do not wish to spank someone who does not truly enjoy it and get off on it. I also understand everyone’s limits are different.

You have a fantastic fashion sensibility, and you wear lovely vintage or vintage-style lingerie. How does your background in fashion fit in to your work now?

It does most definitely play a part when producing videos and doing photos. The vintage lingerie-I have always had a feeling for and have collected old corsets since I was a teenager. I still have the first corset I ever wore. I figured if I had a love for these things there were probably others who appreciated it too. I am not sure my fashion background gave me this liking for vintage lingerie, but when it comes to putting things together color sense, hair, makeup, shoes, silhouette, and purchasing the items, my fashion background has definitely helped me. I also have had a shoe fetish since I was a kid.

How do you deal with burnout?

I try to pace myself. People do not realize how much physically goes into spanking someone for an hour and emotionally as well. I give so much of myself in session. If I feel like I am getting burnt out I usually go for a walk to the zoo. That keeps things simple. I love my work so its hard to leave it. If I feel I am really getting closed in, I travel, I go away. I still work but a different surrounding seems to break the monotony when I feel drained or burnt out. I also get reflexology and like spa days.

What do you find most rewarding about your career?

There are so many things I find rewarding but the best and most rewarding feeling is when you make someone feel so good that they leave with a smile from ear to ear. Helping others release stress. I know that feeling so when I am able to take someone else’s stress away and give them something they have always wanted that is what makes me want to continue.



Tell me about your ideal ass for spanking.

Ideal ass…I like a big butt, a bubble butt that sticks out. Not too hard. But it’s not always about the butt.

 What reactions do you like to get from a spankee during a session? In other words, how do you tell when they are getting what they want or need from your actions?

There are different ways of being able to tell. And everyone is different. So it’s not just one reaction. But sometimes it’s a moan or plea or cry. If you can get someone to cry, this is the ultimate, I think for a spanko and spankee.

How would you describe your fetish discovery process? I feel like sometimes our fetishes or kinks hum in the background of our lives for a while before we notice how present they are in us. Once you “broke the seal” on your interests, how did you go about exploring your interests more deeply?

I knew when I was a teenager. The discovery process took a while and I am still discovering every day. My spanking fetish was always present in me. I knew it was sexual when I was like 18 when I had my first orgasm but until I acted on it all I did was buy magazines and videos. It wasn’t until I entered into this business that I was able to explore my fetishes. Until then, it was all in my mind. I have met so many wonderful people and real spanking fetishists I am not sure I would have been able to explore as deeply if I had not entered the into the fetish business.

 Do you have anything else you’d like the audience to know?

Yes, I would like to thank you all for being fans and supporting me. That spanking is harmless between consenting adults and a fetish they should not be ashamed of. If anyone wants to talk or has any questions please feel free to e-mail me anytime at







Thank you to and for this fun interview.

As an extra treat for you readers and fellow pervs, here’s a clip of The Audition, the latest addition to Kelly’s films on

Be sure to have a look at Kelly Payne’s myriad fetish films at and at


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Kelly Payne is a multi-talented fetish maven with a firm hand and a firm business motto to match-“If I don’t get off on it, I don’t sell it!” As a genuine spanking fetishist who turned a personal interest into a career, Kelly truly loves spanking and sharing her interest with like-minded individuals through her films and her website. She has starred in and directed her own films, at The Kelly Payne Collection, and also directed The Family Chronicles series for Kelly was generous enough to answer my questions about her life in front of and away from the camera. This is the first half of our interview. Check in with on Thursday for more of Kelly’s thoughtful responses and delightful photos.

We read that you are a spanking “traditionalist.” Can you tell us about what that means?

I am into traditional spanking which means I am into real over the knee spanking scenarios in a traditional setting. I specialize in all sorts of domestic discipline scenarios. I am not a Mistress in leather with a dungeon. I am skilled in many areas but my main fetish and what I enjoy is over the knee bare bottom spanking.

When you were giving live spanking lessons, what were some frequently requested role play scenarios?

I get all sorts of requests but some of the more popular ones are boyfriend/girlfriend, stepmother/stepson, landlord/tenant, peeping neighbor, aunt/nephew, nurse/naughty patient.

What is your favorite scenario?

I really don’t have a favorite. What makes the scene work and what makes it good are the participants, so it’s hard to say on scenario alone.

What made you decide to turn your love of spanking into your profession?

Well, I was married at the time. My ex-husband was not into spanking. I knew I was into spanking since I was a teenager, maybe younger. I was buying spanking magazines when I was like 13. When I was like 15 I bought leather handcuffs. I am not sure I knew why but I was always drawn to these sorts of things. So I knew a long time ago I was interested in spanking and kinky stuff. My husband was not into spanking and after about 5 years of marriage, I became sexually frustrated. I was going to answer this ad in the Village Voice from a man who needed to be spanked over the knee. I read that ad so many times and jerked off. So one day I told my husband I was going to answer it, but he was against it. He felt it may be dangerous. He mentioned I should do it in a professional setting. We had a friend who had a man-to-man massage parlor and had some cross dressing sessions. So I asked him if I could do spanking sessions there and he agreed. I ran one ad in this black and white news paper called S&M News. The response to the ad was overwhelming. I was so busy that the owner of the house opened up a professional dungeon which I ran with him for about 3 years. I was a freelance fashion designer at the time but slowly had no time for that profession anymore. I was so happy giving spankings and realized it could be profitable. What better way to make a living, I thought, doing something I truly understood and loved.


What is your favorite spanking implement?

I would say my hand, which I have been told hurts more than a paddle. The hand is the most intimate and I like the closeness and touching. But if my hand gets tired, and it does, I like a paddle. I enjoy implements that can be used over the knee. I also enjoy incorporating strapping with a belt or leather strap in the session.

Have you ever ventured down the paths of other fetishes besides spanking and medical play?

Yes, I have. While working with Fred, and after opening up the dungeon, we did all kinds of sessions. He went crazy and set up this ” fully equipped tower.” I taught myself a lot but we also hired professional Mistresses who taught me stuff. I have ventured farther than I had cared to go at times, but it was all an experience. After Fred’s, I worked with Janus Rainer, known as the “Queen of Bondage.” She had 36 magazines and a line of bondage videos. A forerunner for women in this business. There I learned everything. I was doing all sorts of sessions…suspension, bondage, foot, trampling, encasement, encumbering, deprivation, piercing, cross-dressing, breath play, human rugs, forced feminization, wrestling, and lots of fetish sessions that are not very popular. Like, I had a guy into sneezing and one that liked to be treated like a bird or one that like eggs broken on him. It’s been a 3 ring circus at times but it’s all good and I enjoyed experiencing them even though I do not understand them like I do spanking.

What other spanking pros do you admire, if any?

There are many women in the business, not all necessarily spanking fetishists, but a few I would mention are Miss Janus Rainer, Mistress Jacqueline-who was one of the first ladies I envied and followed before getting into the business, Miss Dana Specht, Mistress Julie Simone, and Mistress Irene Boss.

Even though you’re going to have to wait for the next installment of Kelly’s interview, here’s a a clip from The Judge’s Chamber 3, her most recently added film on

Be sure to have a look at Kelly Payne’s myriad fetish films at and at



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I’m going out watching Santa spank some naughty ass. 

Take a look at the entire free gallery from Christmas Thrashings here.

Watch the movie entire movie on


Chelsea Pfeiffer is currently our featured star, but she is far more than just a performer. She is a spanking video producer and co-owner of Chelsea Entertainment with her husband. Realizing her love of spanking as an adult, Chelsea specializes in girl-spanks-girl entertainment. You’ll see Mrs. Pfeiffer using a variety of implements on her female bottoms including her hand, paddle, hair brush and lots more. In these free clips we get to watch her spank the naughty behinds of Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Elizabeth, and January Seraph. You don’t really get to see January as a bottom anymore, but we have her right here looking great and getting spanked by Chelseas Pfeiffer!

Enjoy these free spanking clips!

The Amelia-Jane Rutherford Stories

Read the rest of this entry »

Impact play is the act of striking another person with your hand or implement.  It can be satisfying for folks on both ends of the spectrum, but safety comes first no matter what.  Why let anything get in the way of a fun and pleasurable time?

Know Where To Hit/ Not To Hit – Fatty and muscley spots on the body are ideal targets during impact pSafe Impact Playlay.  The butt, thighs, upper back (not the spine) are ideal for getting whacked.  Kidneys, throat, spine (including the tailbone), head, wrists and hands are all places you want to avoid.  It is a good idea to stay away from areas that surround vital organs and bones with very little muscle or fat covering them.  The area where the ass and thigh meet is an ideal target – it is padded and is super sensitive.

Establish A Scale Of Pain – You definitely want to make sure that you’re both on the same page with this one.  We are all unique little snowflakes that perceive pain at different levels.  Give it a test run and start slow.  Your 3 might be their 9.  Find out what the limits are and work your way up to them.

Find The Right Type Of Implement – There are a variety of implements that can be used and how to pick exactly which one goes far beyond the information given here.  I’m just here to help you get started.  It is always good to test the waters and find out what type of impact you enjoy the most.  Thin implements, like canes, give more of a sting, while implements with a wide surface, like paddles, give thuddy sensations.

Establish A Safe Word And Aftercare Plan Before Playing – No matter how excited you are to get started, establish a safe word and/or a safe signal (in case your mouth is going to be occupied by someone or something).  You need to be able to call action to a halt if necessary.  Also, let you partner know what you’ll need or how you’d like to be taken care of once playtime is over.  You may be too exhausted to really get your point across afterwards.  Plus, a nice seamless transition makes for more satisfying play.

Again, these are basic tips to get you started or to remind you to play safe!  We’ll get more in depth at a later date.  Enjoy!

Last Spankings Of The School Year

Yes, it is summer time, but the Last Spankings Of The School Year are still fresh in our minds. Sybil is very disrespectful and can’t seem to stop falling asleep in class. Mr. Simms teaches her a lesson and spanks her ass until it is glowing red and stinging. Pretty little Sybil takes her punishment and learns quite the valuable lesson from Mr. Simms’s palm and paddle.

Enjoy these two free fetish movie clips and click here for the full Last Spankings Of The School Year gallery.

Watch the Last Spankings Of The School Year now!

Elizabeth aka Misha Manx

I got an email from a bondage fan in Toronto who wondered if any of my bondage subjects were from Canada. To be honest, when you’ve directed well over 300 movies, you lose track of where everyone’s from. Off the top of my head, I had no difficulty remembering the names Giselle and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has done some modeling under the name Misha Manx, so that name might be more familiar to some. Today I’m sharing some pics of Elizabeth because she was one of my favorite submissives that I’ve ever worked with, and in my humble opinion, she was simply a drop-dead gorgeous Canadian MILF. You might look at her photos and doubt that she’s of sufficient age to merit the “MILF” status. But, at the time of our shoot, she had two kids and one of them was a teenager. And that’s where I draw my “MILF” line. If you’re old enough to have a kid who’s a teenager, than you’re old enough to be a MILF (which, for those of you who’ve been living in a cave for the past 20 years, stands for “mother I’d like to fuck.”) And tell me… is there any red blooded man or lesbian out there who wouldn’t just love to fuck Elizabeth?

A few years ago, Elizabeth was in Philadelphia to work as a “guest slave” at the dungeon of my pal, Wolfman. I paid Wolf a visit and shot Elizabeth for my bondage video, Rick Savage MILF Bondage 4, which you can see here on my studio on These photos were taken on that shoot. We did some rope bondage, a fair amount of spanking, paddling, pussy torture that included a pussy spanking that left my beautiful MILF’s pussy dripping wet. But, if a viewer has a fetish for stockings, garters and sexy lingerie, they should definitely check out this title. When I saw what a svelte body Elizabeth had and WOW, what a set of gams, I decided to deck her out in a few different sexy lingerie outfits and of course… the stockings and garters. And oh (Canada,) newsflash! Last word on Elizabeth from about a year ago, she was still working as an “exotic dancer” in various Canadian cities.

Pretty Canadian MILF Cute Canadian Ass in stockings Elizabeth tied up
Elizabeth tied to a chair Elizabeth in some nice gear Elizabeth looking cute in a ballgag
Elizabeth enjoying it Elizabeth on the couch Master Rick tortures the vag

As for that other beautiful Canadian, Giselle, she can be seen here on my FetishMovies studio in:

Got a question for Rick, just shoot it to