Hot damn and hell yeah! It’s Friday and you know what that means: Free fetish clips! I absolutely live to provoke you filthy perverts into a sweaty frenzy, and I’m here with another round of previews to make you wince and drool.

I came across Fetishly Insane while I was searching for a clip of current superstar DJ and  former porn performer Sofia Valentine. I did find an excellent clip of her giving a double BJ to two latex-masked men, but I really had to share this clip. For one, men are meant to serve women, and two, I really love this modern chair and would love to get licked on it:

I know I’m not alone in either of those beliefs! For more lascivious latex clips from Fetishly Insane, click right here.

Then again, I’m not entirely opposed to seeing the tables turned-especially when America’s male porn sweetheart James Deen is the Dom.

There is something so gorgeously filthy about I get that sheepish feeling I felt as a teenager, like I’m not really supposed to be watching this. And that’s why I love it. Sneak a few more peeks over here to catch more of Public Disgrace – Featuring James Deen And Madeleine Mei.

And finally, I present to you All Time Biggest Transsexual Cocks #6, a transsexual title that doesn’t employ that dreaded word “tranny.” Now, I have very mixed feelings about calling trans* a fetish, but that’s a longer post for another day, and I’m going to rope in a few performers to help me crack that nut. However, since I do love stockings and spankings, I thought this clip made the fetish cut nonetheless. Get his ass, girl!

Now that you’ve had a look, go have an eyeful of the All Time Biggest Transsexual Cocks #6  clips just over here.

Have a great weekend and do something filthy!