“What the ever living fuck am I watching?”

Hell-A Film by Full Sensory ScanThat’s really about all I can say about Hell from Full Sensory Scan. I was looking for sci-fi videos on FetishMovies.com and I stumbled into this odd, odd oddity. At no point in viewing Hell did I feel like I had any grasp on what was happening. Not a fucking clue.

From the film’s description: “Prepare yourself to witness BDSM on a scale so monumental that you will not believe your eyes.” Could someone please point me to the monumentally scaled BDSM? I’m really struggling with locating it. However, I did find the price tag in this soulless wank scene:

I wonder if she was planning on returning those boots after the scene wrapped. Also, I think this woman has a great body, but that odd green-screening makes her ass look really flat. Check the 00:19 mark again if you didn’t catch it.

Mind you, this is the beginning of the film! I have no idea who this sexy cat woman is, but I do know that she gets abducted shortly after climaxing. Is that when you’re most vulnerable to the aliens? Is that why they take us in our sleep and steal our eggs and sperm? Anyway, weird goes to weirder at the same time as the 1993 special effects creep in:

Then some other dated graphics happen and suddenly we’re watching a different woman halfheartedly squirm under what looks like the warming lamps at KFC. This is easily my favorite clip from Hell for two reasons. I’ll see if you can guess what they are after you watch this madness:

OK, what did you guess? If you noticed that an off camera voice tells the model to “keep your hands up” at 00:16 and you can’t figure out what THAT THING is, you’ve nailed it! Seriously, what the fuck is that thing that dances on her tits? This must be the monumentally bizarre BDSM moment. It has to be. That dead octopus thing is scaring me from here. Just kidding, but gross. And that robot…?

The last clip I have for you just further cements why Hell is listed in the WTF category.

There’s plenty more weird where this came from, don’t worry. Go watch all of Hell over at FetishMovies.com. Hit me up on Twitter @fetishmovieblog to let me know what you think.